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  1. Ok...well...Im looking at the Minelab safari with the Frequencies >> 1.5kHz to 100kHz multipleand the MXT 300 with 15kHz single does anyone think or know of the advantages of the multiple Frequencies V.S. Single Frequency ??
  2. Thanks a bunch guys.....I think my gold nugget hopes are more of a dream than reality....lol....but I guess the explorer in us is what makes us all seek out the treasures we do with the detector or gold pan
  3. Thanks.....I guess Im not sure about the whole gold prospecting. I have had a Goldbug 2.......Never found a speck of gold here in wisconsin(which isnt unusual) Its not very common to our area. I have found tiny specks while sluicing....but as far as nuggets??!!....Im not sure if there are any here. BUT what I did find with the gold bug...was a few peices of float copper. the only problem was...It seemed that I couldnt really find any deeper than about 4-5". In my area of the woodlands....the topsoil is pretty thick in most areas...... I guess Im looking for a detector that would pick up any
  4. What is the best all around metal detector for gold nuggets, float copper and coil/relic hunting for around $1000.00....a Simultaneous multiple frequency ? or ? What brand. for depth? .Any opinions and depth storys are welcome...please help..thanks
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