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  1. As luke stated above. It is also my personal opinion and not a shot against Chris. If everyone was talking about a Eureka Gold, then the value would go up. If he was selling a GM 1000 for $ 400, then it likely would have been sold already.
  2. No, its not reasonable. I see several detectors up for sale that the sellers are asking way to much.
  3. Looks like a 4/10'er ......Nice piece !
  4. You kids better start charging your detector batteries
  5. The movie will not play , but I went and got popcorn and everything
  6. You guys could have gone at the same time! Great pics Tom, I haven`t been up to that mill thingy before I could have told you a secret only I know about the main road going in there.
  7. Check the OP`s Post Date .... SOLD
  8. Yes, it actually is your imagination on both counts
  9. Item has sold. Thank you
  10. Item is no longer available.
  11. Hi Frank, Mt. Union in the Bradshaw Mts. Not near Mohave County area.
  12. Very good condition. 5 bucks shipped. PayPal only , PM me for details
  13. Thats a meteorite for sure! You can see the melted rock from when it was on fire as it entered the atmosphere. Good thing there wasnt any trees to catch on fire in camel country.
  14. 119 pages cover is in not so great condition but the pages are good. 7 bucks shipped PayPal only, PM me for details
  15. What a huge undertaking . Hope you find what you are looking for. No doubt, you earned it. !
  16. Nice to see a field trip report! Well done on the gold
  17. Your description is perfect for a Diamond. Its likely a Diamond and not a meteorite.
  18. It is whatever you want it to be. Cherish and protect your priceless treasure for eternity .
  19. Great photo`s !! What amazing fun your having
  20. 12 feet of snow, all the roads are closed forever. Buckeye is much nicer
  21. What an amazing day !! Well done kids
  22. Pretty sure the SWPMA out of southern California also have claims in the immediate area. La Cholla And Oro Fino Placers
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