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  1. Massive piece of ribbon gold ! Amazing find !!!
  2. I have a Placer and a Lode consecutive mining claims for sale in Arizona. They cover in total , about 3100 feet of gold bearing ( continual ) creek bed suitable for dry washing. Please contact me Via PM if interested. Serous inquiries only please. Adam
  3. 2 grams a day is totally doable in the right spot for dry washing. Didnt you buy a claim, and you havent found one gram on it yet?
  4. I hear ya man. Yesterday I climbed over a barbed wire fence. I got to the top with one leg over each side, achieving that perfect balance. I sat there for a minute to think about the predicament I was in. Looking down at the 1-1/2 foot fall was more than my mind could take. Not something I`d want to experience again. I`m glad you highlighted the dangers of this hobby.
  5. Looking at the photo, yes those appear to be Schorl Tourmaline crystals
  6. Its Goethite after pyrite. I remember there being a post about this a long time ago. The specimens posted are just heavily weathered, they had sharp crystal faces at one time.
  7. 7.1 Grams of Stunning gold for sale. $430.00 Cash only, local pick up. Location: Prescott Area, AZ PM me for details
  8. If you guys are talking about the Yarnell mine just on the left as you head down Yarnell hill, it is very active.
  9. No Terry, You can PM me for Information regarding access
  10. Legit lode Gold mine for sale. Unique opportunity for the right person. Please contact me via PM for details. Serious inquiries only . Adam
  11. Hey , its to bad no one has responded to your post. You are in a perfect position ( being in Wittmann) for some great gold prospecting ! Welcome to the forum and I look forward to your future posts.....Even if no one else seems to care.
  12. Heck yeah you could! I know a guy that likes to video other peoples private nugget hunting areas without them knowing, then put them up on YouTube Maybe I should do that too
  13. Whats a part 107 license, and why does it matter? And BTW Bill when I click an add link , it doesent open a new window , rather it closes yours and jumps to the linked page.
  14. News Flash! You are not allowed to say Black Powder anymore
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