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  1. Hey Frank ! I hit a patch of yours the other day in Mohave....Why didnt you leave me anything ? !
  2. Gosh Tom , 9 grams in one day is certainly EPIC ! Super happy for you !!
  3. Who cares .....Im still finding gold with old tech.
  4. Very Nice Tom !! Glad to see your pops getting around
  5. Shoe Goo for boots works very , very well for coil repairs. Otherwise, I`d say you got your moneys worth out of it.
  6. If you are new to dry washing, or a seasoned dry washer , I would shy away from that joke of a contraption. Its not " dustless" I assure you! Find a Keene 140 or 151 . Much simpler of a design, lighter weight, easier to set up etc. I guarantee, there is nothing special about the 160 except the high price, and the two machines I mentioned will do just as good at recovery ( if not better ) when running properly.
  7. About 8 ....The small ones 1/4 inch & under are more common, but the last boulder I was working on , had bigger garnets.
  8. I collected at this locality recently, and found a few ok specimens. There is some debate as to the chemical makeup of the garnets from here. Some say Spessartine and others list it as Almandine. Either way , they are so blood red that they appear to be black. My collecting was limited to using a sledge hammer on the Rhyolite, attempting to expose vugs with Garnets perched inside. The garnets all have attachment points and no free floaters were found. If you decide to collect here, be ware that the road is very rough in spots, and a 4x4 is highly recommended. Heres a couple specimens I found. The largest garnet is 1cm in width.
  9. Massive piece of ribbon gold ! Amazing find !!!
  10. I have a Placer and a Lode consecutive mining claims for sale in Arizona. They cover in total , about 3100 feet of gold bearing ( continual ) creek bed suitable for dry washing. Please contact me Via PM if interested. Serous inquiries only please. Adam
  11. 2 grams a day is totally doable in the right spot for dry washing. Didnt you buy a claim, and you havent found one gram on it yet?
  12. I hear ya man. Yesterday I climbed over a barbed wire fence. I got to the top with one leg over each side, achieving that perfect balance. I sat there for a minute to think about the predicament I was in. Looking down at the 1-1/2 foot fall was more than my mind could take. Not something I`d want to experience again. I`m glad you highlighted the dangers of this hobby.
  13. Looking at the photo, yes those appear to be Schorl Tourmaline crystals
  14. Its Goethite after pyrite. I remember there being a post about this a long time ago. The specimens posted are just heavily weathered, they had sharp crystal faces at one time.
  15. 7.1 Grams of Stunning gold for sale. $430.00 Cash only, local pick up. Location: Prescott Area, AZ PM me for details
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