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  1. For reference I took some pink traffic paint and sprayed this gray rock. Then I rolled it around in some dirt.
  2. Dang Guys , thats a great day !!! Way to go
  3. No , not quite certain. But bright pink minerals similar to that color are not all that common. Cobaltoan ? calcite, Smithsonite, fluorite, Rhodo , all come to mind but I have doubts.
  4. A rock with hot pink survey paint sprayed on it.
  5. Very Nice Guys , Well done !
  6. Very nice Gold and great picture !! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Nice gold guys, but once again, ...Boulder dash is the creator of the D-11 , not me .... Well done on the new video !
  8. Well done fellers ....!! Theres a season?? You mean I didnt have to detect this summer ?!
  9. Wow dude ! Great haul of nugsters ! Nice work
  10. You need a D-11 Cat Bulldozer for that area in the picture. You could literally push every bit of material into a pile and dry wash it for the rest of your life.
  11. Nice chunk of millings /asphalt you got there ! You should put it on display at the Tucson Gem Show next year. Dont worry , they have armed guards to protect it .
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