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  1. Recent find or from the past ? Nice dense nuggets!
  2. Is there going to be one !? Heres some gold from there in 2012
  3. Nice gold !! A new coil can sure boost your confidence `eh
  4. I`m pretty sure if you weigh the gold , and know how many lbs of rock you crushed to get that gold then do some math to it, and see if its worth it to you .
  5. In my opinion, There is nothing special about the agate that you posted. Its falsely labelled as something it is clearly not, nor exists, and has no value except in the eye of the beholder . Buyer beware ....
  6. Found near the source.....
  7. I see nothing having any value that you posted, sorry ....
  8. The third one , i`m stuck on. looks like the desert... Maybe a mine near Superior ?
  9. Yahoo Bill !! I`m thinking this is going to turn into a Kilo patch for you !
  10. I have an OHV Decal for my metal detector
  11. I use a Canon G7X for everything......
  12. Well done Shay & Mitchel !! Here`s a close up of my bigger piece.
  13. It was great to see all the new faces, meet so many people from the forum, and subscribers to my channel ! Here`s some gold found during the outing. Boulder dash`s above the dime, and mine below the dime ...
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