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  1. I dont see an issue with this video. The guy is in a really rich spot.
  2. adam

    GPX4500 on the way!

    Congratulations !
  3. I do not understand why everyone is such a non believer.
  4. You should put it on your mantle. Stunning world class specimen !
  5. adam


    Still one L- Long sleeve left
  6. adam

    Thanks for the shirt ADAM

    Thanks again Mitchel....Have fun in Australia !
  7. adam

    Thanks for the shirt ADAM

    Your welcome Bill. Thank you for the purchase !
  8. adam


    Just take it to a pawn shop and let them shoot it with their laser thingy...They will tell you what it is.
  9. adam

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    Heck yeah man !!
  10. I`m starting to question this whole thread altogether. The sample you posted does not match the host stone you provided pictures of.......
  11. HI Tom, I do not own a short wave lamp, but sure wish I did. Maybe someday I can pick up a portable one. Thats a great question. Wickenburg area has alot of fluorescents. Look up the purple passion mine
  12. Location? Originally purchased from ?
  13. Mrs. Boulder dash, boulder dash, and I all entered a mine tunnel and located a seam of Wulfenite .. Cerussite was abundant as well but few defined crystals were found. I`m definitely heading back to dig on the seam with propper tools. Field of view is about one inch.