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  1. News Flash! You are not allowed to say Black Powder anymore
  2. Do not get lured into the idea you have to go and spend 800.00 on new coils to find gold. Your 11" & 14" mono will find gold if you get over the gold. You have to be over gold before you have any chance at finding it. As for your vlf`s .... The Fisher Gold Bug II and the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 are likely going to be your top choices for specimen gold ( i have not used the Whites 24K so I do not have an opinion on it, regarding specimens) The edge on specimen gold will go to the Fisher gold bug II .
  3. Out by Casa Grande Mountain I dumped two 5 gallon buckets of old self collected mineral specimens that I did not have room for any longer. Someday someone will find them, and will be confused as to where they came from.
  4. That gold is so sexy !! Thanks for sharing the awesome finds Dave !
  5. Yes, the Southwestern Prospectors & Miners Association ( http://www.spma-gold.org/pages/join.html ) is likely your best bet. They certainly did , and still may have several claims in the Potholes district. If I recall they used to have an outing there every November.....
  6. Ok , you caught on to my BS .....The worst though, is when that humidity kicks in around July....Then its game over for me
  7. Well luckily for the heat tollerant nugget hunters out there, you wont find me and my detector out in anything above 80 degrees.....
  8. In addition to the newly suggested " Political " topic, heck, lets add a few more other topics too. We could start a forum on Needle Work or Witchcraft , perhaps Childbirth & Parenting, maybe a Coffee Connoisseur , Beer Making forum. Bicycle Maintenance sounds pretty good ......This is great !! Lets just come up with so many topics that the term Nugget Shooter just dissolves away into the largest and most diverse community ever made !! Quite frankly, there are way to many topics already, in my opinion.....
  9. I have founds so many of those, always figured they were a broken screw ......Good stuff Bill......
  10. So very unfortunate for us all, and contributions will be missed by many....Prayers for him and his family
  11. Every time you post a link, it is always from a questionable source, and filled with ads & more pop up ads.....Im surprised you dont have all kinds of computer problems....
  12. Hey Clay , its a good thing the public doesent know about those Flu stats ......Or all the beer would be gone too, and that would be an act of war !!! This whole thing is so absurd
  13. Nice to see a nugget hunting post in the Gold Nugget Hunting forum !! Well done Luke , those are some great pieces!
  14. Thanks guys ! I appreciate it. The videos are slowly improving, so much so, that another YouTuber is copying almost all my created content .... guess I should take it as flattering or maybe he has a mental disability...
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