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  1. adam

    Yesterdays finds

    Nice Fluorite !!
  2. adam

    Gas Vac and new vortex separator

    Yep , that Vortex Separator should work just swell. Now you need everything to dry out a bit.
  3. adam

    Where am I ?

    Heres another picture from the site...
  4. adam

    Where am I ?

    Anyone know the name of this mine. Its in a fairly remote area of the Bradshaws.
  5. adam

    Whew! 4 Nuggs In 4 Hrs

    Very , very nice chunks ! Thanks for posting too!
  6. adam


    That 24k may be your best decision yet... Good luck!
  7. adam


    Thought you were done prospecting? Are you going to have that machine at the outing?
  8. adam

    Advise please

    You may be better off asking what the most successful method of gold recovery is in Arizona. The popular vote will likely be the vote of people whom do not even know what they are doing.
  9. adam


    That`s a pretty bold statement. I would like to see it compared to a GM1000 on the smallest of pieces in hotter ground. Since they both seem to be on the same playing field. I want to love this new 24K because I absolutely can not stand the horrible ergonomics of the GM1000. The performance of the GM1000 is mind blowing but the design is absolute crap. Maybe its just me....
  10. adam


    Huh ?
  11. adam


  12. adam


    You have used the new Whites GMT 24K ?? Because that`s the new machine the OP appears to be talking about. I would be very interested in the performance of that new Whites 24K , because if it can equal the GM1000, I would get the GMT 24K. The gold bug II that "the Ace" is selling would also be a good deal. The new gold monster 1K has also proven itself as a great gold finder , especially in mineralized ground.