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  1. adam

    When Skunk Isn't A Skunk

    Nice beepin !
  2. adam

    Bing (Bong) the skunk is dead!!

    Wow Man !!! That is one epic hand full of Beautiful specimens ! Nice work
  3. Hi Fred, After all these years, I`m down to 2 coils. The commander 8 " mono, and the 11x17 NF Advantage. I feel like I can handle 97% of all my detecting with those. The 8" mono found the above piece. There were many more found but I may save that for an article in the Mining Journal.
  4. adam

    Cool find

    Correct: Schorl Tourmaline
  5. Old tech still finding nuggets .136 of a gram from yesterday
  6. adam

    Looking to buy Minelab GP 3000

    The GP3000 is so hot , you need oven mitts to use it! Heres a vid of some dude finding a one ounce slab of gold with a GP3K
  7. adam

    rocks and minerals

    Yep , I will have to retract my statement earlier. The Conchoidal fracture after looking it up actually is pretty common , thus proving that I have no idea what i`m talking about.
  8. adam


    Handsome nuggets Sir !
  9. adam

    DetectorPro and GM 1000

    Detector Pro makes the finest headphones around.
  10. Hey guys , nice pieces !
  11. adam

    rocks and minerals

    I woudnt think a diamond would have cleavage? That item cleave`s like glass
  12. adam

    went out for a wobble again

    Attractive nugget ! Well done Fred
  13. adam

    how did you get here?

    I used a transporter from the future.
  14. adam

    Critter Hole Nugget

    Amazing nugget !! Nice job dude