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  1. It's rEal u CaN HeaR tHe ClInKiNg SoUnD As He MovEs The GoLd aRouNd In HiS PaN.
  2. Good call Adam, The drone concept is very limited and after doing some research on using a drone there are to many con's and not enough pro's for the prospector.
  3. My Best Got me entered into the ouncer club....
  4. Hi Chris, Rule of thumb on coils....the larger the coil the deeper the finds on large gold and is less sensitive to small gold at depth ( depending on ground conditions and variables). not saying large coil won't find small gold. also small coil is more sensitive to small gold in sub grain size but also can find large gold,( depending on ground condition and variables) but stays sensitive to smaller nuggets and is more adaptable in tighter quarters. Weather ATX, MXT, Gold Bug, GP3500,GPX5000 coils are a matter of preference on type of ground and terrain conditions and if gold is being found at depth or is shallow. Always good to have both large and small coils in your arsenal of coils. so do you buy a large coil For your ATX ?? Think about what you are probably missing. Terry.
  5. Hi Jason the silver connector's can be found at radio shack, you might know this already, but depending on model detector you use there are two type's a four pin and a five pin. You will need to find out what voltage is required for your detector and also which pin's are for power and which pin's are for audio. if using lipo battery voltage can be regulated using an inline voltage regulator all parts can be found on EBAY. Good luck Terry
  6. That's the true value of that nickel Bucket, Hey good to hear from you. lots have happened since we last saw each other. I took a new position up in Murrieta hope to catch up with you soon.
  8. Spacific gravity wet and dry test put the total gold weight of all four pieces at 66.08 grams.The 51.2 nugget has a gold weight of 43.15 grams,the 40.3 nugget has a gold weight 9.51 grams,the 12.0 nugget has a gold weight of 10.8 grams,the 3.7 nugget has a gold weight of 2.62 grams. thought you guys would like to know
  9. Hi fred I'm still going to stop by your place an show off my finds.I believe this find is epithermal type gold.because of is courseness and how it is attached to the country rock.that being said im not a geologists so any help on the kind of gold inclusions will be appreciated
  10. Aloha kaimi we meet about 8 years ago at bills outing at gold basin.we both were in tents and you were driving a jeep.that was the beginning of my prospecting adventures I was using the new then mxt (which I still use to this day) yep just starting, as green as they come.John B. Was there and he got on my case cause I complained about swinging for only an hour in the coin shoot and not finding anything. Later the next day he apologized for being so harsh on me.he talked in length about nugget shooting ups and downs.so here I am today still at it with good results.im glad I stuck with this hobby .and it was a pleasure meeting you at my first nugget shooters outing.terry
  11. Thanks guys, im not a Geologists, but the area im finding the gold in is very fractured and has multiple quartz stringers in vein form small to large in size and in deffrent stone matrix.the gold is in a small alluvial fan that has crossed over a series of small quartz and stone vein stringers the lead edge of the alluvial fan is being cut by a small (no wider than your average sidewalk)run off from the hill side about two feet deep.my first piece (51.2 grams) was found in this run off wash about 14" down not on bed rock.the second piece found (3.7 grams) was up stream about 15 feet up on the opposite side from the alluvial fan up on the edge of the wash about 3" deep.the third and forth pieces (12.0 grams at 18") and (40.3 gram at 10") was found in between the first two up on the alluvial fan.bed rock is shallow mabe 4 feet tops and judging from the first piece and third and forth pieces there is more to be found but just out of reach of my 3500, so I will be digging and raking on my next trip.as you can see the gold is not in a quartz matrix and shows fracturing is very course and has not moved very far
  12. Well i got back to my new found patch this past weekend and lookie what i found.Two more to add to my new collection.......Enjoy
  13. Hey Bucket and frank check these sedona ripsaw atv tires out,they are a little heavy only because they are made from the same material as off road truck tires they are 6 ply have one hell of agressive tire tread meanning one hell of a bite.your thoughts.Mike i think this is what your looking for in your atv tires...Terry. Sedona Ripsaw ATV Tires
  14. Nothing like a fresh prospective when it comes to swinging a detector cause just when you think there is none and you give that area up as having no gold just because you didnt find any and here comes joe blow and finds gold,well time for the fat lady to sing right? or redirect your efforts move to another spot then go back doing this helps you hit your area with fresh thinking and renuied prospectives .
  15. $300.00 for half day detector lessons and i thought LAWYERS were bad.
  16. Out of all the years iv'e been here on this forum ( Bill i salute you) i have never seen or heard of you charging for lessons (other forums well you know ), in the field or for detector lessons for that matter.Free lessons came with the purchase of a detector as i recall,at least on a scheduled appointment.Bill in my book your the top of all three dealers we all know here on these forums. Thanks
  17. HI Bill does this on get me in the ouncer club?
  18. Here are the weights as is. Cleaned up the best i know how for right now.I know they are species.
  19. Hey chris if your going to shoot it.at what distance with your 300 mag will you be?
  20. Hi redbeard :You should call it in to the local sheriff's office even though you were lucky the next person might not be.here in sandiego a couple of kids playing in their local cayon found an unexploded shell and played with it and it coast them there lifes when it EXPLODED.
  21. Well i'm sure someone has had this happen to them,your down to the last hour of day light and it's your last day before you call it a weekend thinking it's going to be a total bust (meaning no takie homie any goldie kinda of bust).So your on your way back to camp to load up the quad and all the gear,not even wanting to cook your last dinner before you head home because you were just served a mess of humble pie.(Mother nature's best).Now this is where making last minute decision's change every thing.So im heading back to camp and im coming up on a small wash crossing the road,and in my head at that very moment something told me to turn down the wash so i did. The Results of that last second decision
  22. Patrick sorry for not hooking up on saturday,got in at 0dark30 and ended up sleeping in.saturday was a bust ended up on east side of the dome rock mountians.way to many atv'rs so around 5:30 pm i broke camp and made a dash down to yuma and the S-Trigos set up camp got some needed rest saturday night and at it at the crack of dawn today and scored two very nice species.just got home an hour ago good thing i headed back when i did snowing heavy in our local mountians and it was slow going crossing on inter state 8.
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