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  1. I think I missed something. Has the date been set? By then I may have a day off, and if I do, count me in.
  2. No offense, but I'm hoping the gold is prettier than he is. Nice pic, tho.
  3. Wow, Mike, nicely done. Looks like you and Unc have the gold corraled for now.
  4. Perseverance pays. No matter how bad the day before was, always approach this one with a positive attitude and you'll do great. Can't stress enough the importance of research, either. If you're going to spend the time to detect, might as well do it in an area with a higher potential. Good Luck. Randy
  5. I didn't go thru the trouble of going back and reading all the posts on this thread, but isn't this the same one we see come up every year, either on this forum or one of the others? (just got started late this year). After reading all the BS from both sides for years, it all comes down to you have make up your own mind. It's different if you're just taking a poll of the members here, then everyone can state their opinion and we can all get along, but if you phrase it as help for advice, that's when the fight starts. Now PERSONALLY, I say kill them all and let God sort them out, but then again
  6. Allen, it would help if he has his own bench-mark for six nines. If that is the case, he can be paid for that level of purity, if not, most refiners will treat it as a dore' bar and only pay on gold weight after doing their own assay, which they will charge for. Bottom line, he'd be better off getting the bench-mark instead of taking a hit after going thru all that work and R&D. If he gets the six-nine bench mark, he can bypass all refiners and go to the source. Randy
  7. Good one, Flak. Rich, I don't own the land, just lease the mineral rights. Randy
  8. Ron, that was nice of that tortise to pose for you and your nugget. That sure is some very pretty gold. Randy
  9. Jim, convince my boss to give me a couple weeks off and I'd be happy to come hunt with you guys. Really miss that country.
  10. I don't know, but I've been told, that those melted bunches of coins are actually collector items and fetch a pretty penny. Can't help with who collects them or how much they're worth, just something I was reading in a book the other day. Randy
  11. :twocents: Don just hit the nail on the head. My experience with the 2100 in wet ground is both good and bad depending on how much moisture and the mineralization, plus the coil. In extremely wet ground and a mono coil (14"CT), got lots of feed-back from black sand pockets. Wet ground and moderate mineralization with the mono was unbelievable, alot better penetration. Damp ground, had enhanced depth and sensitivity with both DD and Mono. It's like they say, sound travels better thru water than it does air.
  12. Bugler, on Fell's express refining option, they have a $35 refining fee for placer quantities of less than 200dwt and then you get paid 95.25% of spot for the gold content of the material you have sent them two days after they recieve your gold. I'll use one ounce of the gold I find and yesterday's London close ($968) as an example, assuming they recieved it two days prior and we're getting paid then. 1ozt X Purity (22.5K or .9375)=$907.50 per ounce. 907.50X.9525 (95.25%)=$864.39 per ounce minus the $35 refining fee comes out to $829.39 per ounce. After everything is said and done, you end up
  13. I sell my fines to a refinery. I use David H. Fell Co. out of LA and their express refining. http://www.dhfco.com/index.htm
  14. Vini, you hit the nail on the head, it was virgin ground. The old man I got the mineral rights from sat down with me and explained just where all the good spots are there. I thought it had all been worked at one point or another, but this shows that it is still out there to be found. Can't wait to get a backhoe in there, sure will save my back. Randy
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