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  1. Clear photos of the metallic flakes please.
  2. Tom, you're right all of the baby monitors I looked most don't mention if they have volume control or not....but I would think most of them do.....I did however find this one that does say it has volume control and you can clearly see the volume control on both the receiver and the monitor, and the price is one of the least of most of the monitors I looked at so if isn't loud enough you're not out a lot of money but I'm sure any of them can returned if you're not happy with it. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007NG5UF4?tag=lm-best-baby-monitors-20&geniuslink=true
  3. Good to see you back on the forum Sloba!! Did you ever get or make another sluice?
  4. I have check all the info I can on your profile and can't find any issues. I don't think I can find the issue without knowing the IP address that is being used by your phone when it's using the cellular network, but since the forum isn't allowing you to login using that IP address it isn't showing up in relationship to your profile. You may want to talk to your cellular provider and see if they can find the issue from their end.
  5. I will look into to this later today when I get home from work and see if I can find out why this is happening. It's obvious that you're not banned or you couldn't of have posted this, it only seems to be only an issue with the IP address from your phone, when someone gets banned it flags not only your username but also the IP address so that person/bot can't re-register with that IP address using a different username, it seems that possibly somehow your phone IP address is showing as an IP address that was used by a Spammer/bot that was banned in the past.
  6. Here's the same tune on YouTube for those that don't do Facebook.
  7. Happy Birthday @kat, I hope you have a great day!
  8. He hasn't sold "Gold Paydirt" in several years, he still has a forum, he moved from Colorado to Texas a few years ago, he posted back in April that he was going to be visiting Colorado for a little prospecting on the Arkansas river. https://c17a.forumotion.com/t328-still-in-texas-coming-back-to-buena-vista-to-gold-prospect-early-april-2021#1709
  9. Bob I did edit my post to add some more content since you quoted me, if you haven't seen the added content please read it!
  10. Either discuss the subject of this topic ONLY or don't reply!! In other words STOP discussing each other and what ya'll don't like about each other, enough said!!! .... @Bedrock Bob & @Dakota Slim Also Bob as a "Supporting/Premium" member you have the option of unlimited editing.....BUT you're abusing it in the fact that you're using the "Reason for Editing" part as a way to take jabs at Dakota Slim, that needs to stop or you could risk losing the ability to edit your post!
  11. Thanks for the report of your outing, we would love to see photos if you have any!!
  12. Happy Birthday, I hope you had a great day!
  13. IMHO most of what I saw on the videos were what I would speculate as high voltage electrical shorts, this just from watching the videos, and then when I read the article this was also stated by the earthquake geologist's opinion.
  14. Good Luck on your outing, be sure to post what you find, even the trash, it will show how it is to find the good stuff!!
  15. Not sure what you have but I would say not Tungsten, Tungsten is paramagnetic which means it's only slightly/very weakly attracted to the poles of a magnet and does not retain any permanent magnetism.
  16. I'll let others recommend a detector, I work to much and don't get out that often and I'm not in gold country so most of what I detect are relics, lost coins and jewelry mostly on beaches. That being said I think you need to let everyone know what exactly are you wanting to detect, I assume it's gold since you're in Arizona but do you think you may also use the detector for other treasure such relics and old coins?
  17. Happy Birthday @frank c , I hope you had a great day!
  18. Welcome to the forum Jeremy! There is gold in Virginia and I have a few friends who live up there that find gold often, I also have a little bit of Virginia gold, where in general in Virginia are you finding gold? That being said, I see no discernible or visible gold in any of your photos. What tests have you done to know that there is gold within these rocks, have you had an assay done on any of them, crush any of them and pan out some gold?
  19. I think he meant, clean hand, ring and nugget.
  20. I live just north of Savannah Ga. and I have lived here for 46 years, I have to deal with these storms almost every year to some degree, I have several generators for when the power fails, I make sure I have all my vehicles fill up with gas and at least 25 gallons of gas for my generators and chainsaws before any storm landfalls, plenty of food and I have a well for water but also keep bottled water just in case. For the last 23 years I have lived on my land that's 24' above sea level, not near any marshes or rivers and about 20 miles inland and haven't evacuated since moving here and my land has never flooded nor has the general area and I have weathered many storms so far on this piece of land. The only thing that would affect me greatly from these storms would be a tornado, but they can get you anywhere if it's your time to go or get hit by one.
  21. NVChris is still around, he has posted recently on Steve's forum (Detector Prospector). He has a link to his website (detectoraid) in his "signature" but it seems he has let it expire, the link now goes to some Hindu/Indian or similar website.
  22. When Bob asked about the "pattern", he wasn't referring too a pattern on the rock, but instead he was saying that with every rock you post for an ID you also need to post what the streak color is, because that's usually the first thing everyone will be asking of you to help with the ID.
  23. I'm no expert but I know that petrified wood can opalize so I think it's possible to have some petrified wood inclusions inside of opal and those inclusions look like wood to me.
  24. It was posted in June of this year, so @snakejim will most likely reply sometime soon.
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