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  1. Happy Birthday Jeff, I hope you had a great day!
  2. It's very hard to tell pyrite from gold in a rock from a photo, use a sturdy sewing needle or knife point, etc. and poke the "gold" if it indents/bends it very well could be gold, if it crumbles/shatters/break into pieces it's a type of pyrite or similar mineral.
  3. Flaak, Welcome to the forum! I edited your post and added your photos so it will be easier for other members to see them.
  4. Jade, Nice pieces! Yes this would be the best place to post photos of your rock collection, not sure if very many members check out the gallery, but the members interested in rocks will see them here for sure.
  5. Welcome to the forum Jade. My apologizes but over the last 6 years and the many forum software updates it appears that the "Help" section was eliminated, I will check with forum Support to see if a they have a new version of the help section that can be added. In the meantime, if you look at the bottom left of the reply box you will see a "paper clip" with instructions on how to add a image file, you can either drag the file/photo to that area or click on the "choose files" link to search your device for the image/file, once you find the image/file on your device double click on it and it will be attached to your post when you submit it.
  6. Andy, What was the issue with your dad's lungs that the Stem Cell Therapy worked so well to improve his lungs functions?
  7. Welcome to the forum! Many here would be happy to try and help with an ID...BUT first of all, none of your links allow "access" to your photos. secondly most members here are hesitant to click on links posted my new members so posting the actual photos here would be the way to get help from the members here.
  8. These are the photos of her rock/s.
  9. Happy Birthday Shep, I hope you had a great day!
  10. Happy Birthday Rebel73153, I hope you had a great day!
  11. If it's mostly what you think is gold have it tested with a gold test kit. If it's a rock that you think has gold in it, crush it and pan the dust to see if any golf remains.
  12. RIP Reg, you will be missed. Some reading on PI detectors that Reg wrote in 2003, it's 2 parts, click on the link at the bottom of the page to go to part 2. https://nuggetshooter.com/articles/UnderstandingPIdetector.html#:~:text=BY REG SNIFF One of the more popular,or not answered completely about this strange machine.
  13. Great story Bob and with a good outcome! BUT PLEASE edited your post and add a little bit about gold prospecting so I don't have to remove your topic!!
  14. Hope your surgery goes well! That fellow looks great Bob, real life like, are you going to copper plate the cacti as well? As I stated in the locked topic any old topics in this section will remain.....but this topic does fit very well in the hobby section, if you like I could move it there, leaving a link to the topic here in this section, up to you?
  15. Happy birthday, I hope you have a great day!
  16. The topic was removed because it seems whenever there's a topic that gains interest there's always the very few that very well knows the rules of Bill's Nugget Shooters Forum feel they need to breaks those rules for whatever their reason is which ends up getting the topic removed, then all the members who were following the few rules we have here lose out because of those few rule breakers and not being able to voice their opinions. I have been working 6 to 7 days a week, at a minimum of least 10 hours a day for the past several months so I don't have the time to remove or edit out the offending posts and issue warnings to the offenders, who very well know who you are, so the only option I have left is to remove the entire topic. That being said, I wanted to post an explanation, so everyone have a great day, I have to go back to work!
  17. None of your links open to a photo/s, also most members on here will not click on a link if they don't know you as a trusted long time forum member. That being said you should be able to just "copy" the photo/s and then "paste" them into a post here, no one is going to see your photo/s any other way if you don't post them here directly!
  18. I moved your other topic on this to this topic since it had photos. It looks like broken cast iron to me, but I don't know much about meteorites.
  19. He did post his phone number on March 10 in his for sale ad if someone local wants to try the number to see if anyone answers. 928 565 5101
  20. He hasn't logged in on the forum since March 23, hopefully someone local to him knows more.
  21. I guess it doesn't really matter if some one actually found it or not. If someone actually found it, everyone except that lucky person and Fenn will be suspicious, all that matters now is that it's not out there any longer so everyone can go back to their normal or not so normal lives since there's nothing to find now!!
  22. Thanks Bill, happy 4th of July to everyone! Be safe and make sure you toss that firework before it explodes, and don't look down that mortar tube trying to figure out why it didn't go off!!!
  23. Great gold and miniature dinos! The creature you found at the beginning of your video is a cicada nymph, an adult female cicada lays eggs in the crevices of the bark of trees/bushes, the eggs hatch and the larva crawls down and burrows in the soil where they grow into nymphs, after the nymph being in the soil eating roots for 1 to 17 years depending on which species of cicada it is, it crawls out of the soil, up a tree or bush and attaches itself to the bark or leaves and then molts, it breaks out of it's exoskeleton to become an adult with wings, spends a short time mating, then the females lays eggs and both sexes die. Some people refer to these adult cicadas as locusts, but they aren't and don't eat after exiting the soil to molt nor as adults. Here's an adult photo of the biggest ones in North America, this is also one of the species from my neck of the wood/country, the photo shows the adult after molting and it's wings and new exoskeleton hardening and ready to fly away to find a mate, it also show the exoskeleton which you will notice looks likes the creature you dug up, the exoskeleton would of been attached to the bark before being removed for the photo. Another photo of a nymph attached to bark shortly before molting. Another photo of a guy hold a couple of the big guys....the nymphs nor adults bite even though they look like they could!! There legs however can grab a hold of your skin but they still don't hurt you.
  24. There are many better for gold detectors that are "waterproof" on the market, but not too many at that price point.
  25. I would say if a nugget is big enough it should pick it up as long as it's not to deep and or masked by mineralization. That being said, I would say it's not the best for detecting gold nuggets especially smaller nuggets and pickers because it operates at 12kHz, most VLF gold detectors operate at much higher frequencies, some of the best operate at 48Khz and higher, there are some that operate at around 19 to 20 kHz, but at around 12kHz it is usually best for coins, jewelry and relics, which is what the Simplex+ is designed for. The Simplex+ comes with a 11" DD search coil, but there are 2 other coil made for it, a 8.5" DD, and a 9.5" X 5" DD.
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