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    Mineshaft Rescue

    They say he is alert and talking, so that's a good sign, hopefully he's not hurt to bad! https://www.abc15.com/news/state/mcso-man-trapped-in-western-arizona-mine-shaft-rescue-underway "MCSO Search and Rescue is gearing up to extract an adult male who has fallen into a mine shaft 100 feet deep. He was found today by a good samaritan but has been there since Monday. He is alert and talking, the mine shaft is in the area of Eagle Eye Road and Mile Post 13."
  2. Au Seeker


    Everyone is welcomed to come to the outing!! Don't worry no one is going to beat you up , they may however hang all your prospecting gear high up on a pole and laugh while you're trying to get it down, it will be sorta like being new in high school all over again!!! JK, you'll leave the outing with many new friends!! Be sure to enter how many there will be with you including yourself in the poll up at the top, and bring a side dish for the Saturday common meal if you're going to be there that evening.
  3. Au Seeker

    google pro overlay

    John, I did a brief search on the forum and couldn't find instructions for mines persay but did find a link to instructions for township and range overlay, maybe it will help as it should be much the same instructions as the mines overlay, all you would then need to find is the actual mine file for Google Earth to install.
  4. Au Seeker

    How's the weather Skip?

    I should be well east of the crosshairs, but we will still get some decents gusts and rain from this one, we've already gotten a couple of inches from feeder bands being pulled in from the Atlantic in the last day or so, but I will find out how I did when I wake up in the morning or get awakened during the night if a tree falls on my home from one of the gusts or possible tornadoes which would be the biggest threat for my area, but one can't prepare for tornadoes, you either get hit by one or you don't. Bob, thanks for the offer of your boat but I have a canoe and a few air mattreses if it gets to wild and I need to float out to dry ground, but I live a relatively high ground for this area and I have never had any issues with flooding and have been through numerous hurricanes and tropical storms.
  5. Au Seeker

    100 year old artifacts?

    wet/dry washer, I have one question for you, you seem to think and say that the "post master" is the only one with any authority in this country, and that capital letters are corporate, hince evil government, I beg to ask then why does the "post master" allow the use of capital letters in his job title and or his place of business...e.g. Post Master, Post Master General, The United States Postal Service, and The United States Post Office, one would think a man of such authority would put his foot down and not allow all those captial letters in relation to his job title and place of business, or has he been corrupted and in need of being replaced??? Also I'm a bit confused because there are a lot of "post masters" in this country, so which one is truely the boss, is it the 'post master general" or are all of them the boss?
  6. Au Seeker

    Diamond?!?:) Or diamong? ;(

    Sorry not a diamond.
  7. Au Seeker


    Welcome back to the forum Jack! I see you're attending the Nuggetshooter's fall outing, you will have a great time!
  8. Au Seeker

    100 year old artifacts?

    Unfortunately it's a select as you post option/tool.
  9. Au Seeker


    The Chelyabinsk meteor was a super bolide and made a sound, in fact the shockwave from the sound did all the widespread damage!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chelyabinsk_meteor
  10. Au Seeker

    For The Photographers in the Forum

    Many a thousands of words there Terry, enjoyed looking at them !
  11. Au Seeker

    100 year old artifacts?

    Bob most phones don't show all of the items on the Tool bar, the color choice is one of the tools not displayed, at least not on my Iphone
  12. Au Seeker

    Shalom, shalom, ladies and germs

    Welcome back Saul! So glad you're still on the topside of the grass, had me wondering for a while there if you had ran into some bad trouble or worst!! You have been missed on the forum, not sure if it was your beard, your hat or your pipe!
  13. Au Seeker


    The general consensus among the meteorite experts is no, but there are many people who swear that this can and has happened but fail to show evidence of it happening, the science just doesn't seem to support this being able to happen.
  14. On the Bluffao I can't make out the date at all but I do see a mint mark on the reverse below the "FIVE CENTS" but the photo isn't clear enough to see what the mint mark is on that, are you sure of the date (?), if so if it's a D mint mark it's worth about $20 to $25 in the condition it's in but if the mint mark is an S mint mark it's worth around $50 to $55!!
  15. Au Seeker

    OLD COINS: Large Cents-

    I responded to your other post asking this question so I will copy that reply and post it here as well. "The 1844 is definitely worth keeping, it's worth around $15 to $20 in the condition it's in, the 1865, which by the way isn't a 1865 because the last year these coins were minted was 1857 and they started being minted 1839, so it has to be a1845 or a 1855, but appears to be a 1855 which would be worth about the same or maybe a bit more because it "was" in better condition before the damage happened but because of the damage not worth much at all."
  16. The 1844 is definitely worth keeping, it's worth around $15 to $20 in the condition it's in, the 1865, which by the way isn't a 1865 because the last year these coins were minted was 1857 and they started being minted 1839, so it has to be a1845 or a 1855, but appears to be a 1855 which would be worth about the same or maybe a bit more because it "was" in better condition before the damage happened but because of the damage not worth much at all.
  17. Au Seeker


    All you have to do Bob is looks for all the fires it started where it landed!!
  18. Au Seeker

    Garrett AT GOLD - $450

    No problem, I know you didn't know about other vendor links being posted. All good!
  19. Au Seeker

    $100,000.00 Doorstop

    Just to be clear no topics have been deleted, they have however have been "hidden" from view for regular members, the staff here on the forum can still view any hidden topic/s. It is possible that in the future any hidden topic can be un-hidden if so desired by the OP or if we decide it should be back on the forum for educational purposes.
  20. Au Seeker

    $100,000.00 Doorstop

    The first offical gold nugget found in N.C. weighted 17lbs and was found by a 12 year old boy in 1799, Conrad Reed, he took it home to his father, not much was known about gold and it's value to the common people there so not really knowing it was gold they used it for a door stop for several years, one day the father show the "rock" to a jeweler who recognized it as gold and offered to buy it, the edler Reed sold it for $3.50, a week's pay for a common farmer, Mr. Reed now knowing that he had a valuable commodity on his land partnered up with 3 other men and the Reed gold mine was born, and the Carolina gold rush was on!! This is also said to be the first gold discovery in the Untied States. The Reed gold mine is still there but has long since ceased operation but it's opened to the public for tours, panning etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carolina_Gold_Rush
  21. Au Seeker

    Garrett AT GOLD - $450

    I had to edit your ad to remove the link to another metal detector vendor, see my note in your ad!
  22. Au Seeker

    Falcon md-20

    I have a MD-10, and it does work well...BUT as mentioned the detecting range is minimal, mine will only detect at about 1" even on large gold but still will do the same on very small gold, the MD-20 may do a little better but others who have use the MD-20 will have to commit on that. The one thing that no one has mentioned is that it's easy to tell the difference between a gold and an iron signal, can't remember since it's been a while since I have use mine, but it will signal either coming onto the target or leaving the target, but as I said I don't remember which one is on gold vs iron. That all being said there is one Falcon product I can't do wiithout when it comes to extremely find gold, the Falcon gold pan, I can pan out gold so fine you can't see it until you get a bunch of it panned out, I only use this pan for 100 mesh and finer classified material, I can still pan out very fine gold with a regular pan but the Falcon pan makes it so much easier and faster, if you can call panning 100 mesh and finer gold "fast"!! Edit: Just read up on which signal is for gold and other non ferrous metals, it will signal going towards the target for gold, etc., and will signal going away from target for iron and ferrous material.
  23. Au Seeker

    Anyone heard from Saul lately?

    I've been wondering the same thing, hopefully he's OK!
  24. Au Seeker

    "WELL, ..."WHOW, AND HELLO!!!"

    I'm sure he was sorta pissed off since you had already "leaked" on him!!