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  1. The Sacagawea dollar coins are not gold, they are just regular coins just gold colored, they're only worth $1 each. Are you sure the "silver" coins are real silver, can you see any dates on them, most any coins dated after 1964 is not silver?
  2. Hello Sherlock, welcome to the forum! Pay no attention to what Bob said, he's just pulling your leg! There's no fee to join the forum, as a matter of fact since you successfully registered, you're are now officially a member of the forum! That's being said when there is a "Nugget Shooter" outing held it is opened to all who would like to attend, no charge, usually all that is ask from attendees is to bring a dish too share at the common dinner usually held on the Saturday at the end of the outing. Just keep your eyes pealed for any announcement of either the spring outing o
  3. The IP address originates from Turkey, so most likely Turkish.
  4. Happy Birthday @jpuisis ,I hope you had a great day!
  5. That or he could post his eBay seller's name and you could find it that way.
  6. Sorry but just an FYI, Bill doesn't allow eBay links on the forum, if any are posted I will have to remove them.
  7. Bill, Try Bill's phone, send him a text and explain who you are and a little about the claim. His cellphone number is on his store's website. https://nuggetshooter.com/index.html
  8. Translation. "Hello you still have it? How much do you order x the detector?" Translation. "Where are you from? Me from Argentina"
  9. Happy Birthday @Micro Nugget , I hope you have a great day!
  10. BE VERY CAREFUL OF WHO YOU ACCUSE HERE ON THESE FORUMS!! One of the main rules here is there is no toleration for attacking/questioning actions of forum staff for doing their job, accusing forum staff of wrong doing when unwarranted will not be tolerated!! If any of our staff edits a post it is because the member violated forum rules, or they were asked to do so by the member. If any of our staff gets out of line I let them know immediately, they are not immune from forum rules, I'm harder on them to follow the rules than I am for regular members. The forum staff here does
  11. This is a story from a long time gold prospector, gemstone hunter, and adventurer, Matt Mattson that I have known for close to 25 years, this is his story of his first hog hunt as a young teenager many, many years ago in Florida, it is one of my favorites of his many stories, he also has many videos on many different subjects if you care to check them out on his channel. Hope ya'll enjoy it as much as I do every time I hear him tell it!!
  12. Bob, I was going to delete your last 3 posts in this topic for being off topic because it's not Friday night!!! But because you're having such Happy Days, Don't Worry, Be Happy and not in Gloom, Despair and Agony because I will leave them and only warn you to stay on topic!!!
  13. It appears that you're trying to replace this since it got broken, you should be able to glue it back together using a crystal clear glue, one such glue would be clear Gorilla glue
  14. If you haven't found the ad in the classifieds yet here's a link to the ad.
  15. Please post where you're located in the world. Just an FYI, the OP is not located within the USA, I'll leave it up to him to post where he is located.
  16. Happy birthday fishing8046, I hope you have a great day!
  17. Bob, I'm not sure what point he was trying to make, all I know is nothing at the posted link had anything to do with mining nor royalties and as such it has been removed so the topic doesn't drift off topic as they always seem to do.
  18. I'm hiding this post and Bob's reply/question because it's off topic, has nothing to do with mining royalties!
  19. This topic needs to get back on topic, Biden's son's laptop has nothing to do with mining royalties that the democrats want!! Some of you are starting to post political campaigning again, needs to stop!!
  20. When Bob started this topic I knew it was more about the up coming election and not so much about the Pebble mine, I was hoping that was the case and everyone would stay on topic.....but that seems impossible. This topic is locked.
  21. I agree, a simple small cast iron mortise and pestle will allow you to crush any small pieces so you can pan out the small "gold" you're seeing to be sure it is gold and not pyrite. You can make a simple crusher out of iron pipe with a end cap and another smaller but longer pipe and cap that fits inside the larger one, drop small pieces of ore inside the larger pipe and then use the smaller one and a ram to crush the ore.
  22. He won't be smelling anything until he gets over having Covid19
  23. Happy birthday Patrick, I hope you had a great day!
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