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  1. I agree that the videos are a bunch of crap, but his use of YouTube to get those that don't know it's crap to view those videos by the 100s of 1000s is making him a lot of money, heck we who knows that these videos are crap are watching them as well, even if we don't watch the entire video just clicking play counts on the number of views and that number is what generates cash for him!
  2. If anyone is now recieving Notifications that you have never recieved before and wouldn't like to recieve them read the following. I have turned on all features/options in the notification board in our Administration Panel that weren't turn on/disabled previously trying to solve an issue that one of our members is having on not receiving notifications that he has selected to recieve. If you go to the upper right corner and click on your user name and then Account Settings, then Notifications you can uncheck any options that are checked that may have been previously disabled that you don't want to recieve.
  3. Au Seeker

    GPX4500 on the way!

    Congrats on your new soon to have detector!! If your wife is with you when you find a nugget you can use her drool to clean the dirt off of the nugget!!
  4. Au Seeker

    John Boyles

    My thoughts and prayers for quick healing.
  5. I'm not a meteorite expert either, but I think it's the cover/trees/undergrowth making them much harder to find but also is the lack of or the present of mositure comes into play, in arid climates the meteorites don't deteriorate as rapidly, so lack of moisture, wide open spaces makes for a much better chance of finding one.
  6. YouTube is a big money maker for many, the more views they get the more money they make, this video has over 1/4 million views at present and the higher it gets the more "gold" he's picking up , a joke I think not, at least not for him!!
  7. I've seen a few of this guy's videos and it really tees me off, I have to dig down to bedrock to find gold and he just picks it up off the surface!!
  8. Au Seeker

    Mojave Desert Gold

    Here's the video.
  9. Au Seeker

    ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Looks like a job well done! Well at least you had to cut through aluminum and not cast iron, the only problem when cutting aluminum is the teeth on the blade get clogged easier.
  10. Au Seeker

    Happy Birthday, Tamster!!!! Nuggetshooterette!

    Happy Birthday Tammy, I hope you had a great day and showed Bill how to find a nugget or two!
  11. Au Seeker

    Hello from Green Country.

    Welcome to the forum Lynn, glad to have you on board!
  12. Au Seeker

    Thanks for the shirt ADAM

    Ron Adam has photos in the classified section.
  13. Au Seeker

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    Great job on getting the gold from a hard place....BUT I wouldn't have use my detector to prop the boulder up!
  14. Au Seeker

    My collection

    I merged both of your topics into one topic, when you upload more of your collection you can add them in this topic by just replying with more photos, that way all of your collection will be in one place and not get scatter about.
  15. Au Seeker


    Welcome to the forum Birdbrain! Some very nice specimens! Well....all but that last one, are you sure it's a rock, I'm thinking your cat left a specimen on your countertop, did you do a streak test on that one...bet it's brown!!!