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  1. If the area is opened to mineral exploration, and not already claimed for either a lode or placer claim or any other mineral claim, you can do any kind of prospecting your heart desires, i.e. metal detecting, dry washing, sluicing, panning, magnetic imaging, divining rods, and even psychic readings, etc.
  2. Thank goodness this guy only comes around during the last of October!!!
  3. Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great day!
  4. I agree petrified wood, it can't be Pet Rocks, none have collars on! Dan, I think you sometimes you just have fat fingers and can't get them off the submit button! LOL
  5. That would be Mike, he's around..but I'm here every day with my head on a swivel, but I usually let them go at it a bit to see if it they'll work it out or if it will truly get out of hand and feelings get hurt before I blow the timeout whistle.
  6. Chris, There is gold in and around Aiken, albeit a little fine gold in the local streams, you'll find more northward, northwestward and northeastward from there, the closer you get to North Carolina and the better the gold, also there gold in north Georgia, you most likely will not find much if any detectable gold but you may get lucky since the gold detectors now-a-days can detect much smaller gold. Here are some images of the southern gold belts, I had more of these maps on my old computer but it died and I haven't tried to retrieve any of the images yet, and I can't find some of the ones now on the internet that I had on the old computer, if I find any more I'll post them. Georgia gold deposits map from 1909
  7. Don do you have annual vehicle inspections down there?
  8. Very Nice! Thanks for posting!
  9. A reverse on a airplane, how cool is that, that would make parking it a lot easier, especially in a crowded airspace!!
  10. To properly ID the cartridge you would need more exact measurements, you would need a caliper to determine the caliber, also need a measurement of the case and overall length. The "US" head stamp is from the "United States Cartridge Company". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_military_headstamps#US_arsenals https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Cartridge_Company
  11. Nice job Dave! But I don't see how those hydraulic brakes are going to work if you're headed for a cliff face...should of went with air brakes!!
  12. Happy birthday Patrick, I hope you have a great day!
  13. See my post above I have posted the link for ordering the book but for some reason it keeps showing up right before Goldseeker's most recent update post. I have tried several times to post it but there seems to be a glitch keeping it from being the last reply!! Edit: This post is doing the same thing, it's like the forum is going backwards in time instead of forwards!!! AGGGGGGHH!! 2nd Edit: This is very weird, now both of my posts are where they should be in the posting order!!
  14. As Mike pointed out the link to pre-order is in another topic, hopefully Goldseeker will see this and start posting the link in his posts if he wants to get more pre-orders!! Here's the link to his website for pre-ordering his book http://goldseekerbooks.com/Home/tabid/6729/Default.aspx
  15. I wouldn't worry about you posting too frequently, it's the weekend and most are out doing weekend stuff and as such most forums are slow on the weekends!
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