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  1. Happy Birthday Jim, I hope you had a great day!
  2. Old Tom I stand corrected and I concur on all the rest!!
  3. Be very careful what you say towards other members on this forum, you have no idea about my mind, you do realize I'm an Administrator here and I moderate everything posted on these forums which includes remarks by members towards other members don't you ? I based everything I said on your response to my earlier question and you never said you sold it as a "possible" meteorite, you said you told him you were "sure" it was a meteorite, I will however apologize to you for using the words defrauding and deplorable because I know you have a passion for this subject and truly believe you have found some meteorites. As long as you can prove you sold it as a "possible" meteorite and that the buyer is buying at their own risk then you should be fine, I would make sure it's in writing to protect from fraud charges should a buyer later denies what you told them....but my advise about selling and having certification still goes out to you.
  4. I totally agree with Nakhladog! You should never sell a rock as a meteorite, unless it's a meteorite, which means it needs to be classified by a certified scientist as a meteorite and you have all the correct paperwork, no ands ifs or buts and to come here and post how happy you are for defrauding the buyer is deplorable, it's very obvious to me the buyer knows nothing about meteorites and took your word that you were for "sure" it is one!! I would highly advise to not sell anymore of your "meteorites" without the proper certification paperwork or you risk being brought up on fraud charges!!
  5. Will, May I ask, you say you sold one for $50, did you tell the buyer it was a meteorite, or if not what exactly did you tell the buyer?
  6. Congratulations on the award, nice image but not a photo, it's another painting, the artist signed it the lower right corner.
  7. I can assure you she is not the girl in your initial image posted, that image was taken from the internet and I have seen it on several sites. Also it's hard to tell for sure but that images could very well be a painting and not a photo, it really blurry when enlarged but looks more like a painting than a photo.
  8. I agree that the Facebook page creator is most likely a woman, that seems to be very clear.
  9. Yes the flute player in the video and the one posing with the eagle is definitely a girl but the flute player in image you initially posted in not a girl, he is definitely a man, he is bare chested and he is a "plains" Indian, not an Apache, Plains Indians lived in teepees, Apache Indians with the exception of the Kiowa Apache were for the most part desert Indians and lived in wickiups, hogans and on the very rare occasion teepees.
  10. That's it exactly, as a matter of fact the same image is on the linked website about courting flutes and the ritual. http://www.whitewolfpack.com/2015/02/native-american-courting-rituals.html
  11. That's not a girl playing the flute, it's a man, I'm guessing the girl is his wife or soon to be wife.
  12. Jewelers saw, which basically a coping saw with metal cutting blade. https://www.bing.com/search?q=jewelers+saw&qs=AS&pq=jeweler"s+saw&sc=8-13&cvid=5CB8FED609D84BADAEC5E05F4549493C&FORM=QBRE&sp=1
  13. Luke it just so happens we have "Pinned" topic on doing the etching by Ruben Garcia who is an expert in the meteorite field and community and very knowledgeable in the etching process, just use extreme caution if you decide to do the etching because the acid/chemicals are very hazardous or get someone else to do the etching.
  14. David, You might want to contact the gentleman who made the video and see if he will make a ring from your meteorite, or get on his waiting for one of his rings, the wait maybe a bit long it seems since he has a long list of people wanting for one of his rings, the cost appears to be $1000 +/- but could increase as time goes on. it seem at the moment he has a niche market but I'm sure most anyone with the correct milling machinery could make one since he showed all the steps he took to produce the ring in the video(this may have been a mistake n his part IMHO), so other people may start doing the same and selling rings. https://bywindestal.com/crafted/custom-made-meteorite-rings/
  15. bob, where can I get one of those tags, I'll see if I can get one for the bumper of the forum so we can get rid of all the politics on the forum?
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