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  1. Au Seeker

    Bing (Bong) the skunk is dead!!

    Awesome specimens!!
  2. Au Seeker

    Happy Birthday LukeJ

    Happy Birthday Luke, you're now a big boy at 4 years old, it's time for you to get out and get yourself a birthday nugget now that you're almost grown!!!
  3. Au Seeker

    A traveling fool ...

    Be careful on the road, and pick up a new tape measure!! I actually like your being on the forum, you and a few others keep me on my toes and sometimes expand my vocabulary by looking up certain words posted so I really know what ya'll are saying, I can almost speak Yiddish now!
  4. Au Seeker


    Welcome to the forum Lisa to you and your son!! I'm moving your topic to the "Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils" forum so it will be seen by more members to help you get more opinions on what you have found.
  5. Au Seeker

    Happy Birthday Matt

    Happy Birthday Matt, I hope you had a great day!
  6. Au Seeker

    Having fun now......

    Well I agree it's very much a part of our future, we can blame it all on Star Trek, remember the food simulator, select what you want and out it pops, sorta like a 3D printer for food, which I can see happening as well, just imagine coming home from simulated work, select your appetizer, the main course and dessert and the 3D food printer fires up and the next thing you know you're chowing down, toss the dishes and scraps into the recyler and time for a simulated cocktail!!
  7. Au Seeker

    Edit button

    Sorry not sure what that means in reference to your original question?
  8. Au Seeker

    rocks and minerals

    Welcome to the forum Strange Stones! I am moving your topic to the "Rocks, Minerals and Fossils" section so more members will see it and possibly be able to help you with an ID.
  9. Au Seeker

    went out for a wobble again

    Well done Fred, nice nugget, glad to hear you're out and about again!
  10. Au Seeker

    Edit button

    Unless a member is a "Supporting Member" Bill has the edit option disabled except for a short period of time right after posting, Supporting Members should have the editing option all the time.
  11. Au Seeker

    Having fun now......

    Well IMHO I think they should call this so called meat....faux-meat! I just can't wait to get me some fakecon so I can eat me a FLT at least the lettuce and tomato will be real!!
  12. Saul maybe you need to consider eating one of those cubes once a month....if you can find some that are kosher!
  13. Au Seeker

    Primitive Smelting

    If you heat zinc and breathe the fumes which will happen at a little over 900 degrees you could get numerous health issues commonly know as "metal fume fever". https://www.teck.com/media/Zinc-Metal-SDS.pdf
  14. Au Seeker

    Took a Fall

    Sorry to hear this Rick, heal up and be safe out there!
  15. Au Seeker

    Your Best Non Nugget find?

    I'll also add if you build a retort incorrectly or use one incorrectly they can EXPLODE, a real bomb if not used with the proper operational knowledge and care!!