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  1. Happy Birthday!!

  2. Minelab GPX 5000 with 3 coils; 8" mono, 11" mono, 11" DD. 2 lower shaft rods. Manual, battery, minelab battery harness, Koss headphones. Camo box cover. Minelab Pro Swing 45 harness (new in box, never used). This machine is in excellent working order. Located in Wilhoit. Pick up, or meet in Prescott or Congress area possible. Asking $2200. Call or text Lou: 928.514.3680
  3. Hey Bill, Denise and I will be coming by on Saturday. No eats for us though. Have to be somewhere Sat. nite.
  4. Excellent, great, zowie! Thanks for the look. Lou `
  5. Nice icing on the cake. Sounds like real fun, Ron.... Lou
  6. Erik, was great hooking up with you and your dad. Look forward to doing it again. Steve, you sure could be right. If I find another piece in the area I'll certainly consider sending a piece in to be sliced and diced, etc. Lou
  7. Had my brain in backwards when posting the rock. :outtahere: Should have read approx. a mile WEST & North of the recorded Trilby fall. Found out I already caused some hunters to spend the day yesterday in the wrong area...
  8. That is sure a sweet trophy. Lou
  9. Was a good day Frank. ZMD, get to talking with some of the guys in the Meteorite thread on the forum. Their expertise will serve you better than my ramblings on IDing space rocks. If you are heading out LSD way shoot me a PM. Always willing to hook up with fellow forum members. Randy, had a couple of record setting over 100 days early this week, then this big, oddball cold front cane through. Only got into the upper 60's yesterday and supposed to hit 80 today. Great beepin weather. Sure will Jim. I figue it does have relatives in the neighborhood. Lou ...
  10. Thanks Wayne, Hey Gordy.... Going back to that location tomorrow. Will keep you posted on any more finds. Lou
  11. First space rock I've found in this area. Showed it to Bill and we reckon it is most likely part of the Trilby find. Picked it up roughly a mile east & north of the recorded Trilby location. 33.1 grams Lou . . ..
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