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  1. Lou R

    A "Just Because" Guessing Contest!

    $14.77 sounds to be worth a Mercury...
  2. Lou R


    Hey Bill, Denise and I will be coming by on Saturday. No eats for us though. Have to be somewhere Sat. nite.
  3. Lou R

    Another specie pic

    Excellent, great, zowie! Thanks for the look. Lou `
  4. Nice icing on the cake. Sounds like real fun, Ron.... Lou
  5. Lou R

    Nugget patch locations revealed!!!

    PM sent. Thanks, Lou
  6. Lou R

    Today's Gold

    That is sure a sweet trophy. Lou
  7. Lou R

    Today's LSD finds

    Was a good day Frank. ZMD, get to talking with some of the guys in the Meteorite thread on the forum. Their expertise will serve you better than my ramblings on IDing space rocks. If you are heading out LSD way shoot me a PM. Always willing to hook up with fellow forum members. Randy, had a couple of record setting over 100 days early this week, then this big, oddball cold front cane through. Only got into the upper 60's yesterday and supposed to hit 80 today. Great beepin weather. Sure will Jim. I figue it does have relatives in the neighborhood. Lou ...
  8. Strange cool and cloudy day for May. Got the 1.8 grain picker within 15 minutes of parking. Weather truned wet, pretty good rain for half hour or so, had to sit it out in the rig. Found the space rock (33.1 grams) after the storm and even scored a replacement blade for my pocket Old Timer. Lou ...
  9. Lou R

    100 Degrees

    Didn't do a thing to run the gnats off. Was out at the HardRoad for a few hours today and I felt like a gnat magnet. Lou
  10. Lou R

    Hard Road #1 AZ.

    Made the Hard Road trip today. Road was rough but I drove all the way up to the mine tailings above the concrete wall just to see if I could. Worked the wash below the mine for a couple hours and picked up a quartz specimen with a tiny little finger of gold. Found bullets, and rusty iron, etc. mostly. Lou
  11. Lou R


    I'll be happy to add my signature for any filings. Also willing to check areas out if needed. Lou
  12. Had a visit from, mookiestick for a few days. Beat around the LSD area, hiked Rich Hill and it was looking like the skunk was going to get us both. Another friend called Friday and wanted us to meat him in the Vulture area Saturday. Some yellow was found in drywashers but I nailed these two pickers in tailings piles. One with a Gold Bug II and one with my ML 4000. Combined weight just shy of half pennyweight. Lou
  13. Lou R

    "The Alamo Fire"

    I've never been down that way. Be glad to come down for a nugget shoot. Somebody throw in a tentative date. Any weekend in May is good for me. Lou
  14. Lou R


  15. Lou R

    Best Dink Coil for GPX 4000

    dredgebug, I've been real happy with my Commander 8". Smallest dink found so far was 2.5 grains. I'm going to get a NF 5x9 e soon also. Lou