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  1. I may not have seen you give at church but I did hear the PIPE BOMB you planted at a rival gang's home after they shot Papa Frisco...
  2. There was a recent IRS case in Colorado I think, where a man was paying his workers in gold coins. When tax time came each $5 coin was written as $5 in taxable income... The IRS claimed that these coins were in fact worth lots more than $5 because of the material value of the metal... Which was all and good but how could a dollar be worth a dollar if the paper is only worth pennies, the IRS agent was at a loss for words, they had been busted by their own logic... (I just noticed it was the linked article above and it was in Nevada). http://www.liberty-watch.com/volume03/issue08/coverstory.
  3. Pretty cool!!! :whoopie: You do realize your on the UK YouTube site?
  4. We have to vote on English being the state language!!! :Huh_anim]: :hmmmmmm: NOT GOOD!!!
  5. Giant UGLY buildings, opulence and greed at it's best... :outtahere: Saw a neat little show about how they ass rape little boys over there, no justice and the government could care less, wonderful place... :whoopie: Yeah right!
  6. Here kitty, kitty... :innocent0009: WOW how fast was the car going, that cat is HUGE!! :Huh_anim]:
  7. In California and in most of the US I imagine, Federal land (Area 51, etc. , owned by the citizens of the USA) is way off limits, big fine and possible incarceration, plus the loss of your machine. State land that isn't of historical importance is a different story. Technically the government owns the whole country and if they wanted they could take any or all of your land for basically no reason at any time. (Immanent Domain) Remember the gold grab during the WW's? On another note... I have been reading about the hydraulic mining fiasco in CA during the gold rush with all the silt. Rem
  8. Man, sounds like one of those issues that makes you want to scream or cry. Best of luck in your endeavors to open the public land back up to the public...
  9. Ahh, the gray area roads. These are going to be difficult to do since they don't fall under the 'Public' standing, the system for granting a ROW through private property is long and does not favor the public unless the city had happened to put out some $ for the road... I believe that someone above mentioned befriending the property owners to get permission to pass, which is probably the path of least resistence but could also lead you down a dead end if simple easy access is what your looking for... I would try and swing by the city and see what the legal course of action is to get the roa
  10. Roads are typically public right of ways (ROW) and if they are established as unblocked they should remain as such and therefore blocking them would be illegal. Of course this isn't always the case and public ROW get blocked... My friends father owned a very expensive parcel of land that had a very odd ROW at the eastern end, it would have been illegal for him to build a fence since the throughfare had been established years prior (for school kids taking a shortcut) and it was actually on the property description. I run into this stuff all the time at work, landowners seem to think what th
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