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  1. Hey Dave....long time no see, i'm back in Benson, you looking to go detecting any time soon?

    maybe we can get together sometime soon...


  2. Hi :icon_mrgreen: Got your message Carlos. It would be great to get back there. I missed the last two outings. What time do you want to meet and /or where. Dave D.
  3. Hey Guy's Things have changed, Family well be Here and I will not be able to make it. Dave D.
  4. Hey Guy's looks like I can make it again, was great last time! Dave D.
  5. Hey Tom Congrads :whoopie: great nugget! looks like things are working out well Dave Doyle
  6. Hey John If thinks work out for me, I'll see you'all there :icon_mrgreen: It was a bash all the other times :woohoo: Dave Doyle P.S. Tom took Me, Rob about 45 mins. east of Benson today I found 5 litte ones, can't say any for anyone else :innocent0009:
  7. Hey John So I tried to post tuesday but didn't work Mr. skunk (tom) said I was doing it all wrong. :confused0013: So I'll try again. Here is a couple pix of the gold & quartz 1.6 Dwt. :whoopie:
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