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  1. I Had a problem 12 years ago , I had my whites spectrum and flew from LAX to the east coast I dont remember the airport ,we were going to Maryland. Had no problem on the way thereWe flew to Texas for another leg of the Vacation and when we went to fly home to Lax they absolutley refused to allow me to carry on and made me check it. I powered it up and they still wouldnt let me .
  2. Hi Tom, Id be intrested in going , my next month is kinda hecktic right now . I have been using a goldmaster and have done ok with it, but just bought a sd2200 off the board here.Im looking forward to getting out and learning to use it. I havent been to the east fork in a long time.Last time I was there I almost got squashed by a vw size bolder that rolled out of a colapsing bank between myself and another guy 30 feet down the bank.eric
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