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  1. Hi Jim, I like White's and sure would not bash them, they have the best customer service in the business. I have a V3i that is on its way back home from their service dept. they really know how to take care of their customers. I ran across a TDI a couple of weeks ago, comes with 4 coils and looked like it was new, but I don't know if it was one of the original 200. I did a search on the internet and could not find very much info on the them, and the TID forums are real quiet. I did get real lucky when I ran across the SD2000, I posted some pictures of it on the forums and a couple of guys s
  2. Frank, Thanks for the info, I have White's V3i and I am happey with it, you answered the question that I was going to ask next and that was how it compared to the SD, GP series. I have a SD 2000 down under being repaired by Ismael Jones, looks like I will pass on the TDI for now.
  3. Thanks for the reply, how small of a nugget and how far from the coil will a TDI detect. The one I am looking at is the TDI, not the Pro or SL. Tom
  4. I found a good deal "I thought " on a TDI, but after doing a search on the internet and checking the forums, there is very little activity on the TDI, TDI PRO, or TD SL, so I thought I would ask on some of the forums, anybody using one or know of anybody that is using one and if so, what are the results. I am not interested in bashing the brand, just looking for honest info. Tom
  5. Wfogo, Mike C is dead on, even though it has a prospecting program, you get it in nugger country and it will go nuts. I have owned 5 XLT's, one of them I tried hunting nuggets in the Bradshaw's and it did not work very well. I had better luck with the MXT, then I got a Minelab SD 2100 and could not believe the difference, I started finding nuggets. Dutch
  6. Good news, I have been in contact with Ismael via e-mail and he offered to check my 2000 control box and DAE unit, for proper operation. All I would need to do is pay for shipping, so I sent it down under early this week. It should be delivered next late next week. It would be cool if Ismael could do some mojo on my 2k, I will post the outcome. Tom
  7. Fred, I think mine is one of the early SD 2000's, I am not sure what all was done to it. I know it has the 5 crystals, exterior depth and audio box, and channel 1 and 2 enhancers installed. I know it hits like a demon on small and large targets. I have a 17" nugget finder coil that came with the package that I need to test.
  8. Wow Frank, that is some serious mods, I don't think you can get anymore switches or knobs on that hot rod, here are some pictures of my IJ SD2K after I cleaned it up. I thought about asking Ismael to tweak mine, but right now the performance is outstanding and I would not want to screw it up. Tom (AZ)
  9. I had a 2100, but that was years ago, I have read the manual and searched on the internet on ground balance and if I understand it correctly, you balanced in channel 1, then balance in chanel 2, the switch to search and start hunting. You can also hunt in Channel 1, used to large coils and deep targets or you can humt in channel 2, used for smaller coils and shallow targets. So my question is, in the search position are both channels working at the same time. Tom (AZ)
  10. Hey Frank SGTFDA, Can you send me a picture of your 2000 to me at tabrannam@cox.net Tom (AZ)
  11. One thing for sure, I need to spend more time with it to understand what it is trying tell me. I set it up this morning inside the house and was playing with the settings, I was using an old nail head about 3/8" in diameter and the sd2k was hitting it at about 5". I cut the nail head off and cut the stem into pieces of 1/2", 3/8", and 1/4" and this bad boy would hit the 1/4" at about 3" away, so that tells me it will find the smaller gold with an 8" coil I need to replace the rod setup, this one is wore out, anybody have a an ideas, I need to check with our sponser and see what they have.
  12. Hi Frank, You could be right on ground balance knobs being easy to turn, maybe that just the way they are. Maybe the area I was in had real low minerialization, it seemed no matter how I adjusted the ground balance knobs, the threshold hum stayed about the same, but the detector ran smooth as silk and it was hitting hard even on the low power settings. Tom (AZ)
  13. Hi Frank, I have thought about rubber o-rings, that is really the only issue I had today. I think one of the problems I had on listning for the threshold when ground balancing, was I was close to Hwy 74 and the car noise was heavy. I am real impressed with the performance of the modified sd2k, even when the power and sens were at min, it was hitting deep. Channel 2 was smooth, but I had trouble telling the difference between the frequency setting on 4 and 5, and I did not find any nuggets. Tom (AZ)
  14. Well I was able to get for about one hour early this morning and test my new toy. I bought this ugly SD2000 at a second hand store a couple of weeks ago for a very good price, without knowing if it would even work. I was able to make contact with Ismeal via e-mails and he gave me instructions on how to test it to see if it was worth saving, and to my amazement it fire it. I got another big break when I was able to make contact with Frank "SGTFDA" via this forum and he took the time to explaind to me how all of the switches and knobs worked and gave me some good advice on settings. This morn
  15. Yea, a great big thank you to Frank, he took the time to explain what all the knobs and switches were on the IJ 2000 and how to use them. Ismael sent me an instruction manual by e-mail, but Frank was able to explain it to me in layman’s terms. Frank, I was able to adjust the Depth and Audio Enhancer to range of 6.3 volts and max out at 8.4 volts, I know Ismael designed the system to not to exceed 8.5 volts, so at least that part is repaired. I am going to take it out in the country tomorrow morning and test the ground balance and all of the knobs and switches. I will post the results of m
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