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  1. Billyazprospector

    H&R .32 long

    Serial Number?
  2. Billyazprospector

    2500 Grams Gold Basin Meteorites

    Check your message frank
  3. Billyazprospector

    Cool Fly Over Today

    think those are man made cattle tanks from the ranch hardtimehermit spoke of...
  4. Billyazprospector

    Cool Fly Over Today

    A Challenger 300
  5. Billyazprospector

    Cool Fly Over Today

    Been waiting to do this for some time and got the chance today!
  6. Billyazprospector

    Bouse strewn field

    Dave whats the going rate on Bouse?
  7. Billyazprospector

    Old legends never die!!!!

    Hi! I too knew Dean and hunted with him a few times in NM. I was and am still in AZ but only took out with him as Z was too little at the time. I also had the chance to meet him and his wife while they took a trip out to the Tucson gem and mineral show where Dean revealed a beautiful specimen. Would love to chat sometime. Dean is very missed! Hope to talk soon.
  8. Billyazprospector

    Quick hunt to Mohave Mountain

    Anyone selling "Mohave Mountain"??
  9. Billyazprospector

    One nugget, one Rattlesnake

    Still good work!
  10. Billyazprospector

    I’ve got it who wants it?

    Not busting this guys chops but this isn't half as bad as 0ldprospector1948 on ebay.... Selling (or trying to) Arizona Meteorites.....
  11. Billyazprospector

    The price of meteorites is severely undervalued

    It's ideas like this that make millions. I like it... and in the supply chain work blockchain is the next IoT!!! Sounds good, oh and why specifically diamonds are more... Some guy like yourself thought of the idea and invested A LOT of time and money into marketing and took it to Hollywood. Made it so that you could not show a women true love without a diamond...
  12. Billyazprospector

    Mohave Mountains Meteorite Hunt

    I down to make a run!? Let me know....
  13. Billyazprospector

    Tucson Gold Show

    Bill, Can someone record this please!? Maybe a little late but if someone did hope they can post on here or Youtube...
  14. Billyazprospector

    Nice Mohave Mountain & weekend

    Very Nice!
  15. Billyazprospector

    Need a Neodymium Magnet ?

    I love the name... "BANG GOOD"