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  1. Selling my Keene Highbanker Dredge unit. $500 Engine probably needs a tune up. Otherwise ready to go. IMG_6941.HEIC IMG_6845.HEIC IMG_6846.HEIC
  2. John B~! We still need to touch base on some business!!
  3. I knew something good would come out of all these ppl having time on their hands!
  4. Bedrock Bob, My Grandpa was really good friends with Bill Richardson (Richardson's Trading) Post there in Gallup. He worked to there from Winslow, on the railroad. Crazy time how they've essentially locked the city down! Sad times.
  5. Well either way here was a nice Salute to the front line workers. Enjoy! (Did you see it!!??)
  6. Did 8.5 miles looking today, Tough area to hunt! No luck...
  7. Miss me some Dean... Bedrock do you know what ever happened to his large Glorieta find?
  8. Not sure this is allowed but check these few out. Awesome even if you cant make it! Remove if not allowed... https://youtu.be/CeIuYvSpV2w https://youtu.be/EsXCWK__Ffc
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