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  1. man oh man thats gonna get a big friggin WOW!! even from this 90% lurker. what a beautiful hunk of gold, looks like a dam asteroid. congrats to both of you
  2. omg i just talked to bob a few days before christmas hoping to get together with him sometime. i met bob at the first pcsc meeting i went to and i believe we both joined that night and he was the guest speaker, dang bob was such a nice man, the type that made u feel like you have been friends forever even after only meeting him face to face once. he was a fountain of knowledge in his field and his stories, man not since reading louis lmour books have i ever enjoyed his style of writing. i will miss him. to me he is a legend. when u know nothing about prospecting like myself when we met, i thought of him as the coolest thing since sliced bread because this guy was the real deal. a true prospector and miner. i'm sure we will still get together sometime bob,without the pain and suffering. love u bro. my condolences to the family and the grandkids that he loved and talked so much about.
  3. iv'e heard "gold is where u find it" but that's just one place i never thought of looking.
  4. i will say 166 is a good figure, thanks for the shot at it allan.
  5. OMG that was awsome, thats the stuff that makes my fever go through the roof. thanks dolanDave.centefold material for shure.
  6. please xcuse my drool, that was beautiful.
  7. and then there is my wonderful state of ca. that wants to boycot AZ. what a fkn joke. the only thing keeping me here is my 84 year old mom othewise AZ is where i'd rather be. kinda like the green acres tune. i would love to see u all take away 25% of our electricity and not give ca. the 10 month extension on our traffic intersection cameras that they are asking for when the contract runs out. what a bunch of double standard douches we have running this place, i for one apologize for ca.'s behavior.
  8. boy... the gold & prospecting rule was quickly forgotten. wtf
  9. funny this was brought up. i had 2 comps to whisky petes at state line and took full advantage of the situation when my eureka coil took a dump. drove from there to minelab dropped it off and picked it up the next day with a new coil, maybe i was just lucky but they were fast & free ( tuth of the matter is that coil cost me about $400 with the free comp to a casino lol) but as for minelab they got an A for that trip.
  10. hey bob I am so sorry to hear about your latest set back. ( no pun intended ) you probably dont remember me but i talked with u on the phone a few days before u joined the PCSC club & i cant even remember why (wonderful thing about getting old) but we thought it would be a good time to meet up at the meeting thats the night u were the speaker and it was regarding hard rock mining. anyway we both became members that night but u were so popular that i barely had time to talk to u, u shared some wonderful pictures & things on your lap top with all of us after the meeting but i never really had a chance to talk with u about 67 shovelhead times ( probably best forgotten lol) thats what i had.... but at that time my head was spinning with mining gold detecting, etc. but my work kept me away from really getting into it like i wanted to so i have been less than a member since (besides a few beach hunts here in long beach where i live) guess what i'm tying to say is if u get to the point where u need a driver to get u to where u want to go prospect u can blindfold me & i will drive u to that spot...uhhh ok maybe that wont work but if there is anything i can ever do for u please dont hesitate to call or PM u have been a fountain of info, your stories,cant begin to tell u how intertaining they are. real, fiction,doesn't matter, great stories, and i would love the opportunity to give something back. darn this reminds me that i have to write a check tonite with (late fees) because its march. (sorry ron, carole, micro its in the mail)bob please get better this crazy thing we are into is inpossible without the spirit of people such as you. my prayers are with u and family. ruben..... AKA diggitdawg
  11. happy birthday bob, havent seen u since we both joined the pcsc on the same night and u were the guest speaker, still looking forward to do some beeping with u health & time permiting for both of us. hope to see u soon at one outing or another. take care & be good. ruben, aka diggitdawg
  12. lol, VinMan .. after reading all these replies it does seem like getting shot at is the easiest way to find out. good luck out there, diggitdawg.
  13. two things i wont be doing anytime soon (both of wich i enjoy doing very much) I will not be buying a ca. fishing license & i certainly will never set foot into a indian casino again. I enjoyed taking my mom, she's 83 & loved a little casino action, but it's back to the long drive to vegas because they wont be seeing any of our $ localy. screw them all. killing fish my ass. ask those salmon in those millions of cans who killed them. just like all the other fisheries it's not the nets & overfishing it's those damed recriational miners killing all the fish. :Huh_anim]: what a crock!!
  14. hello herb, I dont believe there are many coils out there for the eureka, and i really dont know why they din't make the stock one waterproof when it was going to a u.s.a market. but that is just the way things go when u get into detecting, u really have to read up on what u are buying and then again, that sometimes is not enough. I purchased a 15' coiltech from doc. but it did not arrive in time for my a.z. trip last year. as far as i know its the only waterproof coil for the eureka gold unless they have come up with one i have not heard about. if interested in buying one let me know i have never used it, not sure if i ever will. it was 199.00 + tax & shipping still in the box from doc. in vegas. ( hey doc not trying to take any bussines away from u ) :innocent0009: let me know at gabz@verizon.net i will give u a good deal.
  15. ty qcowboy, i think i know now why i'm so quiet on these forums, one minute u can be talking about finding gold & how much fun it was & the next minute it either gets very political & u have to defend yourself on this that or the other... can we all just find gold & be very &%(*#@%^ 0) happy?? & isn't there a political section to this forum ? & dont get me wrong I love (almost) all of u no matter what your view is. but I'm here to learn about prospecting, nugget shooting etc. please let me know if i'm in the wrong room. yo garimpo congrats on your finds dont worry too much about the u.s. goverment coming after u. I'm sure ur tembling in your boots over it. :Huh_anim]: :confused0013:
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