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  1. Happy birthday Steve

  2. About time you got some pictures up. I thought I was going to have to drive down and visit to see them. Think you're going to be going back up this year? Take care Dave.
  3. Hey just a reminder to everyone coming to the outing from Nevada or California. We set our clocks back so now we are an hour behind Arizona so when Bill calls for dinner at 4 or what ever time make sure to show up an hour early. Happened to me in the past. See you there.
  4. Looks like I will be there so I will be making deviled eggs.
  5. I have plenty of pictures just like that........................................none that I have found myself however, just what I see online.
  6. Haven't got an answer on this Slim?
  7. I used the battery charger electrolysis system on several old cast iron pans that my parents left me and they turned out perfect. Then we seasoned them again and are still using them today. One of my old ones is a Griswold. http://www.wag-society.org/Electrolysis/rust_redct_elect_setup.php
  8. Lve2fsh, on 07 May 2015 - 5:13 PM, said: Gold??? Not gold. Don't want to get on everyone's bad side since I already wore out my welcome on another gold forum so I probably should still leave it at that. The good news is I'm saving $135 a year now.
  9. Happy Bday BD When I was 38 I was single and only had two things on my mind fishing and..........well I'll just leave it at that. Not much hurt back then but now is another story.
  10. Probably not allowed around the White House
  11. Well I always said I would be happy getting to 80 and the test says 83 so that's good.
  12. Mom died 1 day after turning 50 dad died just before turning 59 neither one ever got a dime from social security. I guess the people who never put into it are getting mom and dads money.
  13. This is what I found about it. Delamar Dry Lake is a dry lakebed located in the Dry Lake Watershed near Alamo in Lincoln County, Nevada. The lakebed is located on federal land administered by the Bureau of Land Management. Been thru there when I was much younger. Didn't know anything about metorites back then.
  14. I'm really surprised that some government official hasn't stepped up and given her a ticket of some sort.
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