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  1. Happy birthday Steve

  2. About time you got some pictures up. I thought I was going to have to drive down and visit to see them. Think you're going to be going back up this year? Take care Dave.
  3. Caution! Don't drink coffee while watching this.
  4. So now where are you going to stay when you visit Oklahoma? Oh and congrats.
  5. I have heard of people writing messages on themselves as a joke to the surgeon. I think I might consider that if it was a planned surgery and not the emergency one that I had.
  6. Hey I recognize those two guys. Sure was nice to meet you Don, thanks for taking the time to visit.
  7. I hope this is ok in this section. Maybe needs to be in the off topic? Anyway I got a picture today of Don modeling his new glock holster.
  8. N35 52' 50" W114 13' 55" Is where we all gather.
  9. I climbed up a couple of 250 footers when I was young and dumb to change light bulbs on them. The 400 footer was a little more intense but I got it done. Of course no safety equipment at all, just jump on and climb up. Wouldn't catch me doing that now. The view was great.
  10. The guys on the dodge forum who live close to mexico were asking if the diesel in mexico was any different than the USA stuff and would it be ok to run it in our trucks. The big answer was most of them come from mexico and already have south of the border diesel in them. One of the gang at work has an older dodge diesel from canada. Mine is a southern truck.
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