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  1. John B.

    Ghubara L5 Chondrite

    Hi All I have first hand experience with Ghubara . I and my Russian comrads found some pretty spectacular pieces there. The location is near Omans western border with Yeman. I also know the inside of the local prison there too. I found one piece about the size of a football and several softball sized pieces. We all found a lot of it. They had really cool lizards about 4 foot long that were pretty stupid and easy to catch. The strewn field there has oil pipes and drilling rigs scattered about and the areas that had some vegetation had the lizards. A lot of the Oman meteorites have very little iron left in them most are just small rusty pits were the metal was. I think even though they get virtually no rain there they do get a far amount of moisture from the Arabian sea that leaves dew on the surface stones. I would post pictures of the stones , lizards and Oman ( a giant litter kity box) but the Royal Omanie police confiscated it along with most of our money, cameras , clothes even the empty suitcases. And kicked our fannies out of there shithole country. Happy Huntin John B.
  2. John B.

    Help with snake ID

    Hi Ron and All That is a black headed snake. Tantilla is the species but what subspecies ?? The are not dangerous unless of course you get bit or it spits in your eyes. Then your in real trouble :o) They are a preferred food for coral snakes. I think they eat ants, termites and folks from wburg. They get about 12 inches long maybe a little longer. You can do a google search and find out the subspecies. Happy Huntin John B.
  3. John B.

    Club Outing at LSD

    Hi Mike and All Nice Dime Mike . Happy Huntin John B.
  4. John B.

    Question about the Tucson Gem Show

    Hi Shep, RSJim and All Shep I saw and bred the elephant, I like to hear them squeal:oO. RSJim I'm fine as frogs hair. How come the smiley faces don't work?? Did Billy turn them off on me ?? Happy Huntin John B.
  5. John B.

    Question about the Tucson Gem Show

    Hi All The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is the largest show of it's type on the planet. Vendors, buyers, sellers and collectors from all corners of the globe descend on Tucson for this event. Some of the must sees are Peiter Hydelaars Global Treasure , Gympy Gold. Kyrstallie, Jungle gold buyer, and Colorado nuggets are usually at the Hotel Tucson prior to the main show at the Tucson convention center. Of them only Krystallie sets up at the TCC. There are several hotels that at least 2 weeks before the TCC show are set up as vendor display rooms. Each room is a mini museum for what ever rock, mineral, gem stone, meteorite ,crystal, fossils or associated items the vendor is selling ,mining or promoting. Some of the major hotels are The Tucson Hotel (formerly Inn Suites) River park inn, Ramada Express, Days Inn, Howard Johnsons Inn and a few others. There are also several huge multi acre tents that are set up with hundreds of vendors within at Tucson Electric Park and others along the I10 frontage. Most of them empty out as the TCC show begins. You can spend many days touring the shows hotels and tents and still not see it all. These shows is always enlightening even to folks like Shep who know it all :o). Happy Huntin John B.
  6. John B.

    Minelab coil wire stabilizer

    Hi All I have been using one of these for a couple years now . Works great except real noisy when I hunt with Goldstudmuffin . My machine is usually off and Goldstudmiffin makin all the noise . He just can't shut up when we hunt together . Mike Az4Au Minelab gizmo works great !! Happy Huntin John B.
  7. John B.

    hooked on honkers...

    Hi Russ, Scotty and All It looks like your dinker has got more gold than Scotty's caliche ball !! Rather than throwin Scotty's dirt clod back tell him I'll arm wrestle him for it !! Happy Huntin John B.
  8. John B.

    Cheap Imitations

    Hi All Yeh I didn't want to call that commercial CHEEZZY !! Cheap Imitation was my best guess . Sweetpea saw it on TV and told me about it so I looked it up online and thought I'ld share it with the real Ouncer Club Members . Shep wasn't he one of the three stooges ?? My first meeting of the Studmuffin twins was down in GV. I'ld been insulting them for moinths on these forums !! Sooo they were in their old chevy low rider PU truck until they got out and the truck lifted 2 feet up . As I looked up at Russes chi chi's and Scotty blocked out the sunlight to the west and I thought I should run ?? We ended up friends after feeding them for all these years !! Which I guess is OK !! Russ I'm soooo glad your estrogen levels have droped and your testosterone is comming back !! Be careful or you'll need that shoe polish on your head too It comes with high testosterone levels !! All you guys are great !! Happy Huntin John B.
  9. John B.

    Cheap Imitations

    Hi Bill and All Many years ago as a little humor I presented my old hunting partner Jim Kreigh with several certificates . It took him a few years but he finnaly got an ounce plus piece of gold . In celebration I made up a certificate inducting him into the ouncer club . I also made up certificates welcoming him into the pounder and multi pounder club . I was shocked when on my next trip to his house he proudly had them framed and mounted on his wall as you enter his front door. In all the years of hunting with Jim I never heard him swear. Owning a moving and storage company my lingustics are somewhat more than flawed and when I found a whopper my first words were holy sh1t or SOB or something similar . But Jim was more refined and one response I heard several times was Oh My . Over the years of hunting together Jim and I found many pounds of gold and hundreds of pounds of space rocks. Getting to the point of cheap imitations. Check it out, http://www.minelab.com/usa/videos?id=24748 I guess I'm a trend setter ?? Although we had to let Russ AKA Goldstudmuffin in on imagination after he poster a barbie doll suitcase picture filled with a dinker to make it look big !! Russ I was hoping to arm wrestle Scotty before he's recovered and could tear off my arm !! I have kinda grown fond of it !! Happy Huntin John B.
  10. John B.

    Gold Specimens

    Hi Steve and All That first specimen shown is about the size of a marble . It can't be much more than a 1/2 ounce A gal from Krystalle was showing it to someone at the TCC Gem and Mineral show when I stuck my nose into the conversation . They were offered 1.2 million dollars for it and turned down the offer . It makes one wonder what guys like Jonathon Porter have dollied up ?? Happy Huntin John B.
  11. Hi Russ and All Another Chinese proverb, Women who fly upside down have crack up !! Happy Huntin John B.
  12. John B.

    Arizona Gold Adventures

    Hi All Now you know why my avatar is what it is !! Happy Huntin John B.
  13. John B.

    Some Christmas eye-candy

    Hi Russ Is that your mustang in your post you've been tellin me about ?? That's about how fast I remembered them to be !! I'll bet if you have Scotty give it a goose it might hang with the hemi for a few feet !! I hope you and the clan had a nice Christmas too !! Do you think Scotty would arm wrestle me for that 2.5 ounce ring ?? Happy Huntin John B.
  14. John B.

    Some Christmas eye-candy

    Hi Russ , Scotty and All Very nice collection guys !! But were did you get the bear paws to show off Scottys jewelry fashions ?? If'n I had a digger as good as yours Russ I'ld have my own bank vault full !! Maybe 2 of em ?? Happy Huntin John B.
  15. Hi Russ and All Russ thats toooooo funny, he he he !! Happy Huntin John B.