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  1. Hi Roger Dyer and I found a number of kilos of H and L chondrites that were classified by Cascadia . Several individuals were in excess of 400 grams from both sides of the drylake. Happy Huntin John B.
  2. Hey John, nice to see you post...How you doing? ... Sucks to get old, eh?  ... I had a heart attack on Nov.1, got stents and it rolls on...How is your health?  Are you getting out at all?  Cheers, Ron

    1. John B.

      John B.

      Hi Ron

      I had a hip replacement in 2014 and I'm just getting to walk again. the surgeon really screwed me up good.  I had a double bypass in 2017 and I've gained a fair amount of weight since quitting smoking. My knees are shot but I'm still handsome and Sweat pea and I got married a couple years ago.  I don't detect much anymore because of my legs but I'm hopeful I'll be out there again soon. Did the Stints do you any good ? Give Dodacious a squeeze for me OK .

      Happy Huntin  John B. 

    2. Uncle Ron

      Uncle Ron

      Hey John...Good to hear from you...Good that you quit the smoking...It was really hard for me but a 4x bypass is very persuasive ... I gained weight too after I quit and got up to nearly 250 lbs. ... I'm back down to 206 now and lost the weight by just cutting my portions way down, quitting beer and bread...

      Very cool you and Sweet Pea got hitched...I reckon she knew what she was getting into... :Detector:

      Haven't been out for 4 years now after some bad falls, including breaking some ribs pretty badly, due, I think, to blood pressure meds...I quit taking them and the falling stopped...But then my blood pressure went crazy and I had a very, very painful heart attack November 1st ... They sent me to Phx by ambulance and put 3 stents in the next day ..  That brings it to 7 stents in the last 4 years ... The stents really do the job but don't cure the problem ...

      I don't know if you were following the forum at all but I discovered the strewnfield of the Wickenburg Meteorite ... Pulled a total of 10 nice ones spread out over about 4 miles ... A guy that took to following me around found about 4 of them after I made the mistake of showing him the lay of the strewnfield ... Ninninger had the first large one that he got from Mr. Kellis whose home is about 3 blocks away from mine ... Kellis found the original about 1910 but all the info out there says he found it in 1940, which is when Ninninger discovered it in Kellis' rock garden...I sold my whole WM collection to a guy a couple years ago for $2,500 ... I sent some good photos of the collection to a professor at ASU who does classifications and he told me there was no question that I had found the Wickenburg... Can't wait to get back out there .. Most of them were buried between 4 or 5 inches and 12-14 inches ...

      I just told Dodie I was writing you and she said to give you her regards ... Please do the same to Sweet Pea from us both ... It would be great if you could make Bill's next outing, sometime in March or April, I think ... Most of the faces have changed but it's still fun ...

      Take care of yourself, my friend ... Cheers, Ron

  3. Hi Naser and All I don't know you I don't think? But if you go to your local post office or the Royal Omanie Police station . I'm sure you'll find my mug shot up on their bulliten boards. Since metal detectors are outlawed there you probably have one of my old ones the Royal Omanie Police Bastards confiscated from me. I had a friend Geoff Notkin of Meteorite Men fame build a web page for me after we were released from prison and out of your craphole country. The web page name was dontvisitoman.com , In Oman you really don't need a detector. Just drive around the desert and look for black
  4. Hi All I have first hand experience with Ghubara . I and my Russian comrads found some pretty spectacular pieces there. The location is near Omans western border with Yeman. I also know the inside of the local prison there too. I found one piece about the size of a football and several softball sized pieces. We all found a lot of it. They had really cool lizards about 4 foot long that were pretty stupid and easy to catch. The strewn field there has oil pipes and drilling rigs scattered about and the areas that had some vegetation had the lizards. A lot of the Oman meteorites have very li
  5. Hi Jim You are totally correct about Raul Grajalva :angry-smiley-010[1]: !! He and Giffords were on a Seirra club rampage to close down lots of southern Az's public lands to prospecting . Both are bad news but Raul is the worst :*&$*(: !! Happy Huntin John B.
  6. Hi Jim Yeah I was thinking of running for governor of baja arizona but was afraid I'ld loose to Grajalva because I can't speak mexican !! I can't envission any type of small time crack down or bust either :shrug: . Unless it to set presidence of existing rules or laws ? But the feds put a couple guys or drug dealers trying to skate the charges on watch and love places like this and ebay and make some buys and pal up with some hunters/dealers then it's allover the news of a huge ring of thiefs making millions devastating public lands doing it !! With huge scientic losses to the good ol boys c
  7. Hi Jim and All Jim I as well are unaware of who was ticketed. Richard Ehren from the Coronado national forest service minerals dept. told me the story. He is the big kahuna downtown in Tucson in that dept. I think he's a wierd one and almost impossible to have a resonable discussion with. But I don't think he would have any reason to tell me a fib ?? Oddly I have seen similar stuff going on in animals, fossils, artifacts, weapons, drugs you name it. It goes on all the time with the feds creating or changing laws and sitting back. Sometimes it's activly involved in the wheelin dealin of whatev
  8. Hi EDD270 I think the logic and court case determination is that meteorites are not a locatable mineral :unsure: . Because there is no indicating geology indicative of there presents and occurance :huh: . They are only a random event . They are treated as personal property and belong to the land owner, and not falling under mineral rights :whaaaa: !! What I don't get is the public lands don't apparently belong to the public anymore and are completely under the control of the bureaucacy we entrust to look after them for us :shrug: ?? I think :hmmmmm: ?? Happy Huntin John B.
  9. Hi Slim and All Geeze I posted this back in Aug 2009 and had forgotten about it :unsure: !! Slim were you lookin at the pictures and spankin your monkey :whaaaa: ???? I'm certain the Studmuffin twins are droolin and slobbering on thier computers !! Happy Huntin John B.
  10. Hi All But Obamas Policies Suck !! :whaaaa: Happy Huntin John B.
  11. Hi Fred and All Welcome home Fred I wish I knew you were going :unsure: ?? My pointy finger works pretty good downunder too :hmmmmm: !! I could have got you onto nuggets or in an Aussie jail :whaaaa: !! Happy Huntin John B.
  12. Hi Terry and All Your correct but we may already be too late. Mining has a horrible historical reputation and at this time in this country it is on a fast track on the way out. Mining and detecting is on the bottom of the food chain with the current environment in this country. I have always been supportive as well, primarrily in education towards prospecting and meteorite hunting. It seems laws are changing buy interpritation and not nessissarily legislation as is the way of meteorites. It won't be much longer before this leadership puts the cross hairs on mining and other outdoor activities.
  13. Hi All I had a nice chat with the curator of the Az Mine and Mineral Museum today. As of this thursday the museum will be run by the historical society. Jan the curator said it will probably stay pretty much as is for 6 to 9 months. The historical society is attempting to raise 12 million bucks to convert it to the centenial museum. If they recieve donated funding the mineral museum will probably be dispersed. Jan said the bulk of the specimens are privatly owned and their may be some form of privately funded mineral museum in the future if the collection is not allowed to be displayed there.
  14. Hi Nate Now that we are almost niebors why don't you bring some space rocks over so I can practice up on my space rock sawing skills !!! Happy Huntin John B.
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