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  1. River Detecting for Gold Nuggets See Who Wins Gold Prospector's Jeff ( Smithsgold ) and Gary ( Two Toes ) Head to the Hills in search of rare Gold Nuggets. Watch and see who gets the most Gold and the Biggest Nugget. SG 010
  2. Two Minutes to BLM join Jeff on the adventure of taking the Annual Assessment paperwork in to the Sacramento BLM office.
  3. Two Minutes with Two Toes Heavy Gravel Gary talks about what to look for in the Gravel's when looking for Gold !!!! Video Number 1 of the Two Minute series
  4. Beckwourth Museum The James Beckwourth Museum is a well preserved 1850`s log cabin, believed to be the third such cabin built by James Beckwourth as a trading post and `hotel` in the Sierra Valley. The cabin is constructed of `V` notched logs of the type used in the area where Beckwourth grew up. Just some of James Occupation's, blacksmith, frontiersman, trapper, fur trader, explorer, wrangler, soldier, courier, wagon master, gambler, rancher, hotel keeper, trader, store keeper, rancher, author, scout
  5. Metal Detecting an Old Homesite Join Jeff as he Metal Detects an Old Homesite looking for hidden Treasures. Thanks for watching, Jeff
  6. Recirculating Sluice Testing a Recirculating Sluice and the April Update on what we have going on . Sneak peek at our next video !!!! Hope you enjoy the video, Jeff
  7. Panning for Gold on Butte Creek Rain can't keep Me and Gary ( Two toes ) from heading out to Butte Creek to look for Gold. Umbrella Weather for sure !!!!! Ladybugs, deer and Gold !!!!!! a group of Ladybugs is called a Loveliness Thanks for watching !!!! Jeff
  8. I've done it when the water is really Cold !!!!!!!!
  9. They were good till they got soaked !!!
  10. Winter Prospecting on the Feather Watch as Jeff does some winter Prospecting for Gold trying to get the jump on Gary ( Two toes ) on there yearly Gold contest !!! I only had a short window between storms so I took a short drive to the River in search of Gold. Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed the video, Jeff
  11. LOL !!!! I have some I just need to wear them !!!!! I know I've been looking at them I need light and powerful with a long lasting time !!!!!
  12. There in my pack staying nice and clean !!!! I know i need to wear them and save the hands some ware and tear !!!! I need to get the knee pads out of the shed too !!!!! Thanks for watching hope you have a Merry Christmas !!!!
  13. Crevicing for Gold Another day another Crevice Tag along as Jeff and Gary ( Two Toes ) head to the hills in search of Crevice's filled with Gold !!!! Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy the video
  14. Plumas-Eureka State Park Hope you enjoy this short video I filmed at the park this winter, Jeff The historic mining area includes a museum in the miner's bunkhouse, the Mohawk Stamp Mill, Bushman five-stamp mill, stables, a blacksmith shop, and the Assay office. Located in Plumas County, California, USA
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