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  1. The GRG scoop is my all time favorite. Mainly because the sides are square and not rounded. It makes it easier for me to scrape/scoop a pile of dirt on flat ground. I bought several of them from Rob a few years ago because the hook at the top seems to always break off. I like your fix for the hook fix Mike. I have a few broken that are now going to be fixed and used again. Yours looks good too Doc! I'll have to get one and give it a go. Now I just need to find time to get out and prospect.
  2. Incredible piece! That must take a lot of time to make.
  3. Thanks Skip! Had to work but got back from a week trip to Maui the day before my birthday. My son and I took over an Equinox and had a great time detecting the beaches. We didn't get anything big, but found a small beach erosion spot and got a couple hundred coins, a small sterling silver ring, a bunch of fishing weights, and a handful of pull tabs.
  4. Matt, I am still interested in your RC-1 Keene Crusher.  My email is grluckadoo@gmail.com.  Thanks! Robert

  5. Sorry, but I won't have time to get it out until this weekend. I'll let you know as soon as I get it out and start it. It should be fine, but if it doesn't run, a carb rebuild kit is cheep. I've never seen on for sale at a price this low.
  6. I have been thinking about re-joining the club now that my son is getting more interested in prospecting. What do I need to do to re apply? Edit: Never mind, I followed the link and sent an email.
  7. Sorry not to get back with a price sooner. I would like to sell it for $300. I haven't started it for a few years so the float and jets might need to be cleaned (or maybe not). I'll get it out of the shed this weekend and start it up. It's got a Briggs and Stratton engine. I think I bought it for $500 from a guy that had used it a couple time. I used it once to crush a fat speci and planned on using it for sampling on a property I used to have permission to prospect. It may be expensive to ship because of the oil and gas (which I can drain for shipping, but I'm pretty busy right now). Let me know if either of you are still interested.
  8. Matt, still interested in your Keene crusher.  What’s your price on it?  Feel free to PM me or email :  grluckadoo@gmail.com

  9. Just got back from a day in the mountains. I'll touch base with you tomorrow.
  10. I have a Keane impact mill that sits on a bucket. I think it's the RC1. It's hardly been used. I would sell it for a great price. Let me know if you are interested. It's in Sacramento.
  11. I sure wouldn't want to be stuck on the wrong side of that gully washer.
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