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  1. Criminal behavior should be punished to the full extent of the law whether it be LEO or a citizen. What happened to George Floyd was criminal behavior and hopefully Derek Chauvin gets what he deserves. When Chauvin gets to jail, most likely justice will be served by the inmate population...God bless George Floyd and his family. Regardless of race nobody deserves to be treated that way.
  2. That's a great piece! Glad you got a picture of it to share.
  3. You might want to get some of that fish tank cleaner too...
  4. Way to go! The GM1000 is a skunk buster!
  5. Too bad El Dorado doesn't visit the site anymore. I'm sure he would liven things up a bit!
  6. I will be "nice" to you in my response as obviously you have nothing better to do with your time than to post on this thread in this forum and are not working. Me, on the other hand, I have been working 70-80 hours per week and paying income taxes that help to support all the people on unemployment. Working at the risk of bringing home the virus to my wife and 2 kids or to my parents that I provide their weekly needs since they are of the age that it's not recommended to be out in public. I stated that my response was not political or tied to any administration. My post was not related to n95 masks, but in general to overseas manufacturing and medicines. Morlock posted a link to an article that was biased and aimed at a political administration. I again responded that it's not political. Then you lukej took it there again. So, I ask you, did any states purchase masks from guy in Texas? Did the guy in Texas reach out multiple times to California or New York or New Jersey? Why did the governor of California sign a terrible deal with a chinese manufacturer of N95 masks for $990 million dollars when a guy in Texas can supply them? Why do you support a biased article and not support bringing back jobs to the USA? Please let me know.
  7. So in your sarcastic response you would rather not bring jobs back to the USA? You would rather see our medicines and prescription drugs made in other countries? Your example has nothing to do with my statements which have nothing to do with a specific administration. It's about not relying on other countries to provide things we should be providing to ourselves. With so many people unemployed, bringing those industries back to the USA would create jobs and non-reliance on foreign countries. They could quit supplying much needed medicines in the event of a disaster and that would leave our country in a very bad situation.
  8. The ONLY change that makes life better here in the USA is manufacturing coming back to our country! Our medicines being made in the USA and not China. Our intellectual advancements not being stolen by a communist nation. I HOPE THINGS CHANGE A LOT! FOR THE BETTERMENT OF THIS COUNTRY! Industry brings jobs. Manufacturing brings jobs. Opportunity in change will be bringing back jobs that will be much needed here.
  9. Some truth came out today about real life conspiracies and corruption which lead to an innocent person's case being dropped by the DOJ. I really hope that the people behind this face criminal charges. Sorry about the off-topic post!
  10. You can also see the video on youtube as of yesterday. Search her name and plandemic and it will show up.
  11. Great prospecting! Maybe it will lead to a much bigger find. That's a great set up you have there to get out into the gold fields, everything you need!
  12. Your facts are incorrect. I listened to the news conference from Governor Newsom. Obviously you didn't.
  13. The Federal government has been helping states, especially California. Governor Newsom was able to acquire 100k swabs in just a few days from the fed that he couldn't get for several weeks elsewhere. He actually praised the help of the feds in his daily briefings last week.
  14. Maybe Bill should start a forum for politics just for you guys. I posted a picture of some righteous gold and neither of you like it...
  15. That's a big catfish. Nice catch! What's the best way to eat them? We eat trout and fry them in some butter on foil in the bbq.
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