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  1. DolanDave


    Real Nice gold !!! Good day out for you guys.. way to go. Dave
  2. DolanDave

    GPX4500 on the way!

    Congrats on your 4500... its a good machine. Lots to learn on it. I had a 2200, then upgraded to a 5000, now using a 7000. When I was hunting the Johnnie area near Pahrump in Nevada, using the 5000, I would use sensitive extra 99% of the time, fixed ground balance, search mode deep, use mono coils. There is more, but you adjust to your liking. Good luck hope it finds you some good gold. Dave
  3. His other videos, hes pulling Platinum, Rubies, and Diamonds the size of your fist from the same river.... A very lucky guy ....
  4. DolanDave

    wireless GM1000 headset?

    Bill, These are not bluetooth, so no. There is the option to buy the transmitter and receiver so you can use your own headphones with a 1/4" headphone jack, or the company also sell their own transmitter, and headphones in which you have to use their headphone only. Dave
  5. DolanDave

    wireless GM1000 headset?

    Bill, I have the Quest Wirefree Mate- Wireless Transmitter and Receiver. Its 2.4 Ghz Freq, not bluetooth, and the latency is .06 seconds. I think the Equinox built in latency is .40 seconds. There are youtube videos on it... you have to order online, dont think bestbuy has them Dave
  6. DolanDave

    Bedrockbob contact? Glorieta

    There is a strewn field map of the area, held by certain old time meteorite hunters. A lot of videos on the area were removed back in the day when the blm was threatening regulations/ taxing meteorites, and there was even a raid on a certain meteorite dealer. Since all that happened years ago, its been tight lipped since. Dave
  7. DolanDave

    Looking for Pic of commercial prospecting

    Rick, Just saw this post, here is one, dont know if you have this pic... Dave
  8. DolanDave

    IMCA recommendation

    Emailed them the recommendation Bill... ICMA 3286 Dave
  9. DolanDave

    No free lunch on Dinkville Rd.

    Great finds ... congrats... love that old compass. Dave
  10. DolanDave

    First nugget!

    Congrats , now there will be more in the future !!! Dave
  11. Hey everyone, Got out Sunday to do some prospecting with my buddy Chris. We did a little research and decided to go to a new location east of Lake Havasu, AZ. Upon detecting a wash, my detector hit a signal and nearly blasted my ears off. I looked down to find 2 dowsing rods laying in the wash. Right next to the dowsing rods were some pretty fresh looking nuggets just laying there as shown in the picture. The person dowsing must have thrown the rods down in disappointment upon seeing their newly found wealth these brought. 🤣😉. All in all it was a good day, with approx 1/4 ounce finds in a new area. Until next time, Dave
  12. DolanDave

    Dowsing Rod Nuggets !!!

    Thanks Mitchel, No meteorites, this area has never produced any meteorites that I know of. It's way away from Franconia area. Dave
  13. Sounds like a good year. Online it says the leasing company paid you guys over a million dollars, plus stock. But I can imagine over 200 claims are not cheap either.. congrats Dave
  14. DolanDave

    Critter Hole Nugget

    Hey Everyone, Got out for a day hunt, hunting a trashy wash. This wash was full of old staples, and screamed on the Zed. After digging seems like the 100th staple, I decided to just stick to the sides of the wash, hoping to avoid these little bastards, which were all down the length of the wash. Not 10 minutes hunting the side of the wash, I got a screaming signal in the entrance to an animal hole, large enough to fit a turtle or fox in the side of the wash. Thinking oh great, another staple, I dug the entrance floor to the animal hole with my scoop, and waved the detector over it the scooped out pile, and zang !!!! I looked down at the small pile and saw the nugget right on top. Got it home and cleaned it up, it ended up being 7.9 grams. I hunted that wash for most of the day, pulling out probably another 100 staples . Until next time.... Dave
  15. DolanDave

    Got a specimen

    Congrats on such a great find.... hope Santa brings you more... Dave
  16. DolanDave

    The Metal Detectorists Creed

    Doc, Great Detector Creed.... Hope you heal fast, and get back into the field before the heat comes back.... Dave.
  17. DolanDave

    Franconia Hunt

    Keith, Great finds, are you headed down towards the Q next??
  18. DolanDave

    Thanksgiving Day Gold !

    Great looking gold Adam, congrats on a new area..... Dave
  19. DolanDave

    Bing (Bong) the skunk is dead!!

    Wow, great finds, congrats, brown nugget. Were you in the deep gold setting , or just high yield?? Dave
  20. DolanDave


    Nice story, and great results...love how the nuggets look... Dave
  21. DolanDave

    went out for a wobble again

    Always great to find gold.... congrats Fred...
  22. Great find Bill on some American History. Dave
  23. DolanDave

    Wades sunbaker patch revisited

    Nice flat pieces, love how they look, congrats... Dave
  24. DolanDave

    Two targets with different outcomes

    Sonny, you missed more nuggets in the caliche, it wasnt amplifying, it was telling you there is more , bustin your balls dude !!! Nice find congrats !!! Dave
  25. DolanDave

    Half-day Hunt at StV.

    Great Pieces Jason.... Im going hunting tomorrow... Dave