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  1. Hi Electrician, I first started panning it, but knew I would not find anything due to nanoparticles, but I just wanted to see if I could see any flour gold, but didnt get anything. Then I ran 2- 5 gallon buckets of it in a small homemade ballmill mixed in with some mercury. I retorted the mercury and still nada... I have a scanning electron microscope at work, I should have a sample taken to the lab, and see what kind of results come out of that. I havent read much into it, but if binding nano gold with thiosulfate is capable, and part of the major hurtles financially, I know of a large dirt dump, if you have a profitable way of getting the gold out...
  2. I work for the Las Vegas Water District, we use Sodium Thio for Floc... have 2 treatment plants each capable of running 600 MGD. Our drying beds from the leftover particulate, has no Gold , thats water from Colorado River/ Lake Mead...
  3. Hey everyone... Now weather is getting much better, I got a chance to visit a place I havent been to in a while. Franconia, AZ meteorite strewn field. I met up Saturday morning with a buddy Greg. Greg ended up getting the large complete crusted Chondrite and large iron meteorite on the right, I found the smaller 3 chondrites and irons on the left.... Franconia's always a fun place to visit. A lot of large basalt (hot rocks), .50 cal bullets, .30 cal bullets, wire, ect out there, but after an hour or 2 of adjusting my hearing to the tones, you start to hear the differences between trash and meteorites, ok not 100 % of the time, but Id say over 50% 😉... Dont know about everyone else, but no matter what place I go to new or old, I have to get the good ol hearing adjusted again to the environments, be it gold, meteorites, coins, relics, ect..... See ya in the field, Dave
  4. Happy birthday Shep.... have a great day !!!
  5. Clay, I should have reworded that sorry... there really is no small repeater per say. But what you can do is either attach your phone to your drone, and send a text, then send the drone up as high as you can, hopefully it can send out the text, and receive texts if there is a tower its able to hit. Or attach your phone to the drone, then tether an old phone down below via bluetooth/ wifi to make data calls, or texts.. It beats hiking to the top of a hill or mountain... Dave
  6. Max, I have been using a drone for 2 years now. The technology is improving on each new release. I just recently purchased the new DJI Mavic Air 2, and love it. Flight time is 30 minutes, has a 4k camera, its range is a few miles, ect. Im using it more and more on sending it out to scout out prospecting locations to hunt. I ran into another prospector out near Ivanpah Nevada, and he was about to hike up a steep hill to get to some interesting looking mine workings almost at the top of the hill. I told him, I will send the drone to scout it out. When the drone flew up there, the mine was completely caved in, and the guy was thankful for saving him a few hours of strenuous hiking. You can buy small cell phone repeaters to attach to the drone, so if your in a remote location, in a canyon, or hills that get no cell, you can send the drone straight up, to get above hills and mountains to get cell. Dave
  7. Happy 50th to you and your wife Doc...looks like you have a wonderful family .... Dave
  8. Love the new design Doc... Say "Hi" to Leo for me... Dave
  9. Thank you Bob, Its a nice area, very remote, all the times we have been there, have not run into or saw one person... Dave
  10. Hi Dakota, Thank you... No I didnt feel any. I did not get as far up near tonopah where some of the damage occured. The roads were good as of last weekend, at least to almost goldfield. They must have repaired the roads, as there were a lot of cars, trucks, rv's ect going north. Dave.
  11. Thanks Tom, were still kinda new to the area, only been at this place a half dozen times over the last 5 years, but think were gonna start getting out a lot more to the area... Man love your 1.25 oz piece, really nice !!! Dave
  12. Thank you Ol Tom.... I agree, those cicadas make some noise !!!
  13. Hi Au, Just correlated you to your youtube name MeGoldSeeker... Thanks for the input... I have seen these cicada nymphs before digging, but never knew what they were... Thank you for the info... Dave.
  14. Hey everyone, Me and Chris got out last weekend to do some prospecting on the outskirts of Goldfield, Nevada. We have been doing pretty well in this area, but there is also a lot of trash. We had to stick mostly to the sidebanks of the washes to get away from the trash. After digging a few huge holes for square nails, we got pretty tired fast...🥵 but pulled some nice gold out of the ground. Well until the next time, Dave
  15. I have several accessories for sale that I am selling for a Glock 22 Gen 4 Gun. Selling all for $60, sorry not separating... 1. Streamlight TLR-3 Tac Light 2. 3- original 15 Rnd Magazines 3. 2- 30 round magazines 4. Case 5. Cleaning brush 6. Blackhawk CQC Holster
  16. Stillweaver, Yes once line of sight is lost your transmission is significantly reduced....
  17. Max, I use a drone a lot when out doing videos and prospecting, they come in pretty handy getting the lay of the land. Ill put a link in bottom to the video where I sent a drone down a mine shaft, but I had to get out, didnt want it crashing down the shaft. I just got a new drone, and love it. It is a DJI Mavic Air 2. It has a couple miles range in the open. DJI makes drones with sensors all around so it will not crash into a wall, tree, ect... I think the DJI Mavic 2 Pro would do pretty good going into mine tunnels, shafts, ect... with 360 degree sensors on it to avoid obsticles, and it has a long range. I believe you can get different camera options like infrared for using in the dark. There should also be a thermal camera made by FLIR for them, but that gets pretty expensive for one of those.. Dave
  18. Tom H, Some pretty cool stuff collected over the years, especially the bomber door... Were you ever able to get the GPS to work again, could have someones secret gold areas....:) Thanks for sharing.... Dave
  19. Adam... it sure is !!!! , me and Chris call it hybrid gold. In between regular looking gold and the Rye Patch chevron gold.... Dave
  20. Ron, Ive been out there one time and skunked. Some of the good areas that have float gold are claimed up. If I ever do, Ill post it.... Dave
  21. Thank you... There is a lot of places on the outskirts, hills, mountains, of Beatty, Goldfield, Tonopah Nevada. Tons of old mines, trash, artifacts, gold, ect.
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