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  1. RIP Jim..... loved talking gold with you... Dave
  2. Sorry to hear this Tom, prayers to your Dad.....
  3. Nooooooo Eric... dont cut it....... hehe... just kidding.. Nice find and nice cut !!! Dave
  4. Eric, Congrats on a nice find..... Dave
  5. Doc, Rubber coating is better than buying a new one every couple months... , but then again, they probably give a little bit of profit per sale to the sellers... Dave
  6. Morlock, Robert Verish has a martian meteorite classified called Los Angeles, found in California somewhere.
  7. Nice design doc on armcuff cover.... I have broken a many ferrite Rings by throwing them down.... what I have found to stop them breaking is wrap them in electrical tape, I havent had one break yet, and toss them down on the ground... dave.
  8. Nice Meeting up with you Chris, and meeting up with Roy and Cody also. Its been years since being in the Randsburg area prospecting, and I have to admit if you ever need lead, I know where to go , I hiked up a long wash all the way to the top of a large hill, with no trails or roads in sight, and almost at the end of the wash, about 3/4 of the way up the large hill, about 3 feet down, wammo a spark plug.... I look around and go NO "F'n" WAY !!!! It took me an hour, several waterfalls, huge boulders, ect, and there is a spark plug probably from the 80's up here.... but we also explored, off roading, butterflies and flowers just everywhere from the rains, the desert actually looked gorgeous. The last day there, I switched tactics, only digging deep faint targets, search the banks, bends, dips, ect. Nope forget that.... hehe... That just wore me out digging 3 foot holes for lead. I have to give it to the California guys, even though I am a migrant from Southern Cali also .... If you want a good workout, go detect Southern California, or even Northern California, as I have done that a few times also.... Detecting Nevada and Arizona, I have to say, I have it easy, and that is even with Patton , and the military shooting up the desert for training.... Good seeing old friends, and hanging in the desert, would show some gold to everyone, but got mr stinky on my back, hehe... Until next time, Dave
  9. Like Mike Said Mike Steighler has mapped the strewn field. He shows a lot of his finds on facebook. I have found a few pieces, but only a few grams. I believe the largest piece Mike has found is 180 grams or somewhere in that range. ITs getting almost impossible to find any now, as it was a small strewn field area. The Metbul is correct on the location, as almost 90 % of other classification locations on the metbul are bogus... Dave
  10. Looks similar to the Humbug Claims... nice gold great finds... The San Bernardino Wash Meteorites are right next to that Gold Crown Mine also... Dave
  11. No Way Man Dragonhead Nugget....
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