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  1. JohnM,

      When cleaning my nuggets, 99% of the time I soak then scrub with a toothbrush in CLR, it takes off caliche, some impurities, and it brings out the nice shiny color of the nugget. That 1% I want to show the gold matrix in quartz,  I soak in 40% Hydrofluoric acid (HF).


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  2. On 7/5/2019 at 7:31 AM, Jimmy M said:

    My set of "Treasure" magazines is in storage, but if somebody has easy access to the July 1989 issue, that's the one that contains the article about Bud's find.

    Hi Jim,

      I have a copy of the article from Treasure magazine.... nice article. Everywhere you read online, they say it was found in Dolan Springs, Arizona... but was really found in the Meadview Arizona area, around the King Tut area. A lot of gold was taken from the area from detectors years ago...


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  3. Electrician,

      If you are an electrician, I have buddys out here in Las Vegas that are electricians, making $35-40 an hour..... I dont know a fully qualified electrician making under $20 an hour.... I would go that route, than $100 a day...

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  4. Steve,

      Also that area that you found it at, a few meteorites that look like that have been found in same area where you found yours.... bsumbdy (Chris), found the first one a little while back...if you ship it to me, I can do an xrf, to confirm...


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