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  1. Hey Dave,

    Fred form Gold Rush Trading Post in Mariposa Ca. here....just want to thank you again for gifting me those spare gpx power cords couple years ago. Was just cleaning up my 4x4 from crap I collect during the week of detecting.  Found  one in my gear boxes a brand a new cord still wrapped up I have not used that you gave me for getting you out of that bind when you were on a hunt north of us. Thanks again, 


    1. DolanDave


      Hi Fred,

        Long time no talk... hope all has been well and you have been finding some good gold... No problem on those chords... you actually saved me that one time dropping one off next door when I was in your neck of the woods.

        I have been secretly prospecting a nice placer area here in Southern Nevada, pulling some good gold out.

      Stay in touch,


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