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  1. Rob ward, ruben Garcia have hunted all around the last month looking for another piece, as they are on Garvies hunting team. I wonder if they posted wanted/ reward flyers 🤔
  2. Lowpoint, That is some nice gold you eyeballed. Do you have a Goldmonster 1000, Gold Bug 2 with small coil, nox with 6" coil, ect to see if you can get more of those nice little guys !!! Dave
  3. Nice Find Sonny....congrats... Dave
  4. Nice video and gold, thanks for sharing. Dave
  5. You took those great pics instead 😉, and got that nice speciman piece, I'll trade ya, 😁. P.S. That 22 ounce find in Gold Basin area is just a rumor, there was no pics or proof...
  6. Got out today with Chris (bsumbdy). Most of the day was partly cloudy, and gave us a little break from hot weather. Chris, gave me a pointy finger today, while he hiked over the hill to hunt. We both left today with some gold. Chris got 6.4 grams, I got 5.8 grams. Also came across two young desert tortoises today. Dave
  7. Great Find !!! , congrats LipCa.... Dave
  8. Bob, nice Glorieta. Any sneak peaks you could share on your civil war artifacts 😉
  9. Has anyone been successful at degaussing a nanogram size Achondrite? I've been looking on ebay for a flux capacitor to perform this, but unable to find one. I believe I may have just ruined my whole collection.
  10. Great Finds Mitch, You sure have the experience for some nice beach finds... Dave
  11. Nice kmz file DesertPilot thank you. I have found a lot of old artifacts on old trails, including the Old Spanish Trail, and the The old Arrowhead Highway (Old Model T Road) in Southern Nevada. I found if you detect near washes, wells/ springs, top of hills, on the trail there tends to be more artifacts, coins, ect. places where people stopped. Dave
  12. Hey Congrats on a nice GB meteorite desertrat. I remember back in 2013 a tour bus got washed away in a flood on Pierce Ferry and Gregg Hideout Road there near Gold Basin. I got caught up in the storm that day also hunting the Basin, but waited it out in my truck on high ground in Gold Basin. Dave
  13. Hmmm must be a brand new thing, because that is exactly what the buyer did through post office is re-directed the package. I still got my money back, and that was just like 2-3 months ago. I for sure thought I was out of the money/ scammed.... Paypal took it out of my account. But I had to call them to show I did everything, and fought them, then they refunded my money. Hope you get your money back
  14. Hi Doc, I just had the same happen to me on some electronics I sold on ebay for $1200 about 2 months ago. But I use the ebay and paypal shipping. It was shipped to an address in California, then rerouted to somewhere in New York. It is happening a lot now. But I shipped it with insurance, and signature confirmation through USPS. Then the buyer said their account was hacked, and filed for a refund. Paypal took the money out of my account. I then called paypal, and they said since I had a signature confirmation that I was protected, and paypal refunded my money back. Paypal told me if I did not have the signature, I would have lost the seller protection. Did you send with insurance and signature confirmation?
  15. Nice Finds Mike.... Yelland is always fun. Nice pics.
  16. You have a long way to catch up to Terry... .... nice gold. Dave
  17. Hey Land ops, you got a fat wheeled dirt bike up there, as there was tracks everywhere, were you able to get permission to go into wilderness with that vehicle, also found a small vhf antenna... nice video Dave
  18. Terry, Congrats on the nice "Nevada" nugget.. Dave
  19. I am selling a Minelab GPZ 19" Coil. Aftermarket coil cover is on it, and comes with stock coil cover also as shown in pictures. $1,000 Free shipping within the U.S. only. Message, Text, or call 702-544-0575  Dave
  20. Good you brought home the majority of them, and didnt loose all of them...Nice little ones Bill, always good to get out of the house a little... Dave
  21. Garimpo, you might want to get it classified, then put it up for auction like Christie's, which does meteorite auctions every now and then, you would get a pretty penny for it. Also maybe contact a meteorite dealer and see if they can sell it for you. Dave
  22. Yea I agree a lot different area Chris than the norm.... Great trip out there with ya !! You really need to step up your game and bring home one of those baby dinosaurs .. Hehe...
  23. Thanks Ron, Eric was the first to find some out there with his meteorite detecting eyes, Richard Garcia (kgmrg), also found some excellent pieces. You can use a detector, but with no discrimination. As soon as you turn on discrimination, it blanks the meteorites out. Since being next to railroad tracks, there is junk everywhere out there. Easiest is to hunt by sight, and magnet stick. Dave
  24. Thanks Ron, There are places there that have deep gold. The last GPAA magazine had an article called the shadow nugget, a guy found a nice 5 ounce nugget from the same area detecting, the picture was on front cover I believe. Also LDMA has a claim in the area called the high divide I believe. Dave
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