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  1. Read a pretty good article on Shawn Ryan Prospecting Article here
  2. Thank you Saul, That date 1890-1910 is right on to the place in Nevada I found it, Delamar, Nevada. During its heyday, primarily between 1895 and 1900, it produced $13.5 million in gold. Thats cool it was right down your alley, pipes. You and your family have a lot of history in pipes, thats awesome !!! Dave
  3. Thank you everyone for the help. Saul, those symbols do look the same, you might be on to something, thank you. Here is another pic of symbols. Dave
  4. Nice Nugget Tom.... always nice to get out... congrats Dave
  5. Hope you get to the source Rod....congrats.. Dave
  6. Hey everyone, I found this piece in a ghost town here in Nevada. I have seen these band looking things before. If it is a band, what did it go on?? Thanks for any help ID'ing...
  7. Great Finds Mike, thanks for sharing your adventure with great pictures.... Dave
  8. Ok screw those small ones Adam, I want to see more of those Honkers you guys have been getting in the past...😁, just kiddin.. any gold is a good day, congrats dude !!! Dave
  9. Congrats to Tammy.... some nice yeller there.. Dave
  10. No got them online Frank, at US Patriot Tactical. I was thinking about doing exactly what you said...
  11. Bob, I will remember that when the sole wears out, thanks... A nice invention for detectorists, would be something that could just attach to the front boot sole to protect.... hmmm 🤔
  12. Hey all, My Boots tend to wear out at the tip from using my boot like a rake as shown in picture. I just got these new Reebok 8" Rapid Response Boots with a side zipper for easy on and off. It is a no metal in boot, with a composite toe. I also add a puncture resistant midsole (as shown in picture) inside the boot to keep anything from penetrating through the bottom like chollo cactus. I had an idea to extend the life of the boot sole at the tip, maybe spraying on a thick layer of truck bedliner to the shoe sole, or ?? Anyone have any ideas to put on the tip to extend the life of the boot? Thanks, Dave
  13. Adam, He was guarding the big one.... nice find.. Dave
  14. Hey Chris, I think they are playing with us, explains why everyone gets probed... Someone should show them our detecting probes... Thats cool you were in radar in the service, I was in electronic warfare while in the service got to play with some pretty cool stuff
  15. Looks like Trump is going to have to build a bigger wall ...
  16. Bill, Love that HF acid, I gots me a big bottle of 40%, yours works a little faster :).... very nice !!! Dave
  17. Used Minelab CTX 3030 for sale, comes with everything in pictures, to include the 6" small coil. Works Great. $1,700 and includes free shipping within the U.S. Dave- Text, or call 702-544-0575 or message me on here.
  18. https://mediaweek.com.au/discovery-aussie-gold-hunters-season-3/#respond
  19. Very nice Find Lunk, congrats.... Dave
  20. Beautiful Gold Speciman, congrats on a great find..... Dave
  21. Nice Franconia find Eric....congrats. Hope your arm isnt to sore... Dave
  22. Got out for a nice day hunt, to the Mohave Mountains Strewn Field, just south of Franconia. I ended up getting a little over 14 grams. These L6 meteorites found by Myke Steighler, still have a nice dark fusion crust, as this fall is not very old. It was nice seeing Jason (Jayray), Eric (Strapped), and Twink even showed up for a little while. Dave.
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