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  1. Hi Dave, they have a pretty cool forum, and all kinds of stuff......
  2. All kinds of free plans to build it yourself, scroll to bottom of page. Free Plans Here
  3. IF your 4500 ever gets dunked in water, the repair cost would be around $500, not bad for a $5,000 detector.
  4. I think I will try to get this, I have a real good friend who is a detector technician at minelab in Las Vegas.
  5. It always seems to amaze me, they try to have gun control for who?? :confused0013: law abiding citizens protecting themselves or their valuables Criminals will always get guns no matter what
  6. So DigDeep, Would you say getting the 4500 is worth it, compared to your old sd2100??? I dont know how much gold you got from your sd2100. Dave
  7. I know Jerry, and work with him, he is a very nice guy, I will pray for Alec.... Dave
  8. I know Jerry, and work with him, he is a very nice guy..... Dave..
  9. Will be there in Oct... Man u should see the lighting right now around gold basin at 10:30 at night, an awesome sight... Dave
  10. Finally, we can find the origin of the universe :confused0013: , Im just glad its on the other side of the earth.......
  11. Here is a link to download Arizona 24K maps for the garmin GPS mapsource FREE!@!!!! :whoopie: Free Arizona 24K garmin Topo Download
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