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  1. Keith, Great finds, are you headed down towards the Q next??
  2. Great looking gold Adam, congrats on a new area..... Dave
  3. Wow, great finds, congrats, brown nugget. Were you in the deep gold setting , or just high yield?? Dave
  4. Nice story, and great results...love how the nuggets look... Dave
  5. Always great to find gold.... congrats Fred...
  6. Hey Everyone, Got out for a day hunt, hunting a trashy wash. This wash was full of old staples, and screamed on the Zed. After digging seems like the 100th staple, I decided to just stick to the sides of the wash, hoping to avoid these little bastards, which were all down the length of the wash. Not 10 minutes hunting the side of the wash, I got a screaming signal in the entrance to an animal hole, large enough to fit a turtle or fox in the side of the wash. Thinking oh great, another staple, I dug the entrance floor to the animal hole with my scoop, and waved the detector over it the scooped out pile, and zang !!!! I looked down at the small pile and saw the nugget right on top. Got it home and cleaned it up, it ended up being 7.9 grams. I hunted that wash for most of the day, pulling out probably another 100 staples . Until next time.... Dave
  7. Nice flat pieces, love how they look, congrats... Dave
  8. Sonny, you missed more nuggets in the caliche, it wasnt amplifying, it was telling you there is more , bustin your balls dude !!! Nice find congrats !!! Dave
  9. Great Pieces Jason.... Im going hunting tomorrow... Dave
  10. I found this nugget about a year ago, and found it pretty odd. It has dark quartz in it, but looks like the quartz is bursting out of it.
  11. Congrats Frank, big brother is out there waiting... Dave
  12. Good Topic Andy, Im like everyone else, when you think you might have it narrowed down, such as an area full of quartz, mother nature throws a curveball. Ive hunted places with hillsides full of quartz, and not a nugget found, and vice verse. Lately Ive been hunting an area with a buddy full of purple shale, quartzite, which was a virgin patch when we first started hunting it, because I think everyone else thought there are no indicators of gold in this area, but this area has done pretty good for us. Dave
  13. Best bet - Allsky Camera's, triangulation, dark flight calculation, sonics, doppler = possible find.
  14. I hope the recent find in Nevada by Jason Utas at UCLA is classified as a Lunar. If it is, it will be the first in the USA. Dave
  15. Great Story BMc, Thanks for sharing... wow how times have changed !!! Dave.
  16. Bob, I always wondered that myself, especially after a Tucson show, someone buys a bunch of NWA's, or just unclassified stones, and says they found a strewn field. I wish the metbul had stricter rules, such as a gps next to insitu pictures of finds made in field, ect.....
  17. The guy sells gold, jewelry, and meteorites. He was in a yellow trailer, cannot remember his name. The Bouse he was selling was around $60, but the stone was a few grams, if I find more info, I will post... Dave
  18. Ive hunted the Bouse meteorite strewn field a few times, with no luck. The one marked in the metbul, is not the actual location. There is a guy in quartzite at the swap meet, he is also selling Bouse meteorites. Good luck on any finds.... Dave
  19. Great looking star Sonny.... oh and gold ... Dave
  20. Rob ward, ruben Garcia have hunted all around the last month looking for another piece, as they are on Garvies hunting team. I wonder if they posted wanted/ reward flyers 🤔
  21. Lowpoint, That is some nice gold you eyeballed. Do you have a Goldmonster 1000, Gold Bug 2 with small coil, nox with 6" coil, ect to see if you can get more of those nice little guys !!! Dave
  22. Nice Find Sonny....congrats... Dave
  23. Nice video and gold, thanks for sharing. Dave
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