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  1. Thank you very much everyone.... Heavy Pans.... Dave
  2. Morlock, The Adamana is a beautiful stone. Said to be the nose cone of the Holbrook fall. Love those oriented looking meteorites. Have you seen the beautiful oriented meteorite found a few years ago from a couple hiking around Baker California? It was loaned to UCLA meteorite gallery, dont know if its still there, but has nice flowlines... Dave
  3. Nighthawk, Almost all pawn shops, coin shops, ect have XRF testing. Slice a nice corner off with a rock saw, and have a XRF done on it... Dave
  4. The book looks nice, seems like a lot of great pictures. Im sure with all the pictures you took over the years, you got video. You should do a small youtube intro on your book, should also get you more orders.... Dave
  5. JohnM, When cleaning my nuggets, 99% of the time I soak then scrub with a toothbrush in CLR, it takes off caliche, some impurities, and it brings out the nice shiny color of the nugget. That 1% I want to show the gold matrix in quartz, I soak in 40% Hydrofluoric acid (HF). Dave
  6. Great finds Brown, congrats... There has been a lot of gold found in that area.... Dave
  7. Happy Birfday good buddy !!!
  8. Nice Finds Mike, Did you run into Rubin Garcia, he was also out there, did a youtube video on it... Dave
  9. You should contact a few meteorite dealers, and try to sell, if you want to sell... its a nice piece... Dave
  10. Hi Jim, I have a copy of the article from Treasure magazine.... nice article. Everywhere you read online, they say it was found in Dolan Springs, Arizona... but was really found in the Meadview Arizona area, around the King Tut area. A lot of gold was taken from the area from detectors years ago... Dave
  11. There was also a speciman size piece found by Bud Guthrie metal detecting in 1989 in Meadview, Arizona that contained approx 60 ounces of gold once gravity test was done...
  12. Garimpo, Did you ever sell your big piece? If I remember, you shipped it to the US, and its in storage... Dave.
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