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  1. Probably to late to work this area. The locals tell me that the trucks leaving the mine would drop ore along the road. May have to go back with the detector.
  2. Unc, I'll be selling mine. Email enroute jim
  3. March 12th, 2009: Started up from the mid southwest corner. Worked over to the small valley to the north and then about 1/4 of the way up to the top of the hill on about the same contour line. Went down into the wash working downhill then cut back to the entry point. Two bullets and a screw, a nail and a little tiny piece of wire. About two hours total time. Still can't find my magnet.
  4. I'm about four hours away from the If I Can and plan an expedition there soon. Any suggestions? :icon_mrgreen:
  5. [ ...'Sides it's too darn steep 'n tall for a bunch o' cripplatted old farts to scramble.. .Cheers, Unc Hey, I resemble that! :icon_mrgreen:
  6. I haven't posted to the forum in quite a while. My wife and I snowbird down to Az usually around October but this year she wanted to leave after the Christmas/New Year holiday season. I still wanted to leave in October. So we compromised. We leave the first part of January. Not a whole lot of gold detecting to do where I am at but I keep threatening to hit a few of the smaller parks around here now that summer is over. Hope you guys are leaving enough gold for me to find. I never did find a real hot spot last winter but had fun trapesing around the claims. Maybe this season I'll have some pict
  7. Probably not the same boot but how about these from L.A. Police Gear?
  8. Sounds like it's time for a recon if force. Any takers?? :icon_mrgreen:
  9. Went back for about an hour on March 10. More bullets and a tin can. Lost my magnet picking at a hot rock. :icon_mrgreen: And just a small correction, I noticed I typed northeast corner on the 16 of Nov. It should read Northwest. And the southeast reference should read southwest....
  10. Spent about two hours on the 25th. bullets bullets bullets. went in above the upper sw marker.
  11. disregard :angry-smiley-010:
  12. It was my first visit to the show and man what a venue. After figuring out how to get off the freeway and into town we set out to see some of the displays along the freeway that afternoon. The next day we went to the convention center and spent about four hours there. My wife spent a bunch on decorations for the house but there was no way I could talk her into buying that $15,000 gold nugget belt buckle for me. Ran into RonB. and his wife and another Jim. They said they had spotted John B. and Reno Chris but I never spotted them. If you have never been to the show plan on more than a day and
  13. I suggest the Garmin Zumo. Comes in two models, one with XM radio and one without. It is intended for use on a motorcycle so it has large buttons and it is weather proofed. Or if you want to get fancy then there is the 276c or 376c. The 376 can overlay current weather info via XM subscription. :icon_mrgreen:
  14. Steve, Are you going to be at the Tucson Gem and Mineral? :confused0013:
  15. Hey, all that money over there in Dubai, it's tainted!!! That's right. T'aint yours. It's theirs and they can spend it any way they want. (with respects to Mark Twain) :icon_mrgreen:
  16. Okay, why didn't I think of that. Now if I can just borrow your pack animal to get it all up there :Huh_anim]:
  17. Spent about three hours of boulder hopping up on the Devil today. Same results as before, nada. This is a great claim if you're into aerobic exercise. I am not. Worked my way over to the northern slope of that east/west ridge and climbed up to what from a distance looks like an old road. It's not. There is a lot of grass growing there on what is probably a natural shelf. Once there the going is relatively easy and there are signs of previous prospectors like cigarette butts, empty water bottle, cig packs. Anyone smoke Liggets? The 3500 picked up that pack through about 10 inches of solid grani
  18. January 15, 2008: Thought I would give the Devil one more chance. Spent about three hours most of which was boulder hopping. Found a horse/donkey shoe nail and an empty hard pack of smokes under a large boulder. I don't know where one might get lucky on this claim but the effort it takes to get on to it so far has not equaled the outtake. Not for the weak of heart, weak of ankle or easily winded. :icon_mrgreen:
  19. Sounds like a good opportunity. I will let you know if I can make it. Any motels close by so's a fella could come in the night before?
  20. Saturday, Dec 15th, 2007. Spent about 2 hours rock climbing. Parked the car at Devil's Nest mine and hiked up from there. Lots of boulders and not too much open ground. There looks like a tailings pile high up on the hill but it is quite a climb and I might have gotten about a quarter of the way up. Spent most of the time working on the north face of the the ridge that runs east west. Found one boot nail for my troubles. There is a claim marker pvc pipe on top of a rock out cropping just west of the mine and I assume it is for the claim but it doesn't match up with the ne corner according to
  21. I go along with Greg and Ron as far as we need more time to settle in. We need to give everyone a chance to get to know more about the other members before we go off nominating and voting for people we don't really know. I for one have only met a couple of the other members and with the exception of Mr. Southern haven't really had any sort of conversation with anyone else except to maybe say hello. From what I have learned about the current BOD and some others in the club through the forum, it sounds to me like we already have a pretty good BOD. If the current officers are willing I vote for t
  22. I am vaguely familiar with the area and have been there a couple of times in the last two years. Not the claim. Easy access up to a point just dusty (muddy). Also that valley off the Santa Rita's is a major route for illegals so vehilce security and personal security is an issue. Last time I was there two non english speakers walked by but were no problem. Not sure about what it's like at the claim area though. That said, I'm in. Set the date, the 8th?.. :icon_mrgreen: Jim #104
  23. Got a late start and made it to map point 3 around two p.m. Followed the road a little further but turned around and parked north of the road just east of 3 and walked south into the claim. No hits at all on anything till I hit a horse show near point B of the patented claim. Steep terrain, loose rock, be careful. Was there about an hour. The route in was not for the timid but doable with suitable vehicle.
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