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  1. New gold show called Devils Canyon on Discover Channel June 6th. Later Jerry
  2. You Da Man, Good Job in a short time.
  3. Hi Guy's & Gals Are these camping permits good for 1 year from the date of purchase ??? Huntin license work anymore. Hi; Mr. Warden, I'am a huntin!! [Nugget Huntin], Metal Detector in hand pistol on hip. Question is do I feel lucky, Na, guess I'll get a permit.
  4. Wanted to see the first lectures but by the time they got done running me in circles on account on some friggen marathon, I missed em. Great event planning. There I feel better now!!
  5. Hey Bill, What time are you speaking on Sat. & Sun. GPAA supposed to send out a schedule with times.They Sent out a e-mail, but no times listed. Thx
  6. Hi Guys Anyone belong to the [AAGP] in Phx. Arizona Just curious about the claims and such? Think I may go to one of there meetings & check em out. Thx for any replys.
  7. $ 10,000 OUCH, How about 4 guy's or gal's getting together pool there funds 25% ownership or 2 people 50% ownership ??? Going to take 2 to 4 people[ Group Dig] to dig hole's that deep !! Any Takers ????
  8. Tom PM sent $1 owed, And Patrick you might want to check with state land trust Gestapo to see what kind of SPECIAL / BOWEL / URINARY/ LANDMINE PERMIT is needed. I think it's [form no. 101/ take dump/protect butt ], Sorry I just couldn't resist !! See ya at the fire, Semper Fi D Dog
  9. HOT---------------------Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  10. Hey MARINE, Welcome to the forum. SEMPER FI Later on JERRY
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