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  1. New gold show called Devils Canyon on Discover Channel June 6th. Later Jerry
  2. You Da Man, Good Job in a short time.
  3. AZ Digger Just lost my Best Friend/ prospecting buddy [Sheba] 2 days ago. Just a little short legit mut from the dog pound, got hung up on tall rocks once an awhile miss the little shit. they never complain or ask for anything, maybe a few pets or a treat now and then, un conditional luv. Better stop writing, tearin up. Glad you found a new best friend. Looks like a Keeper. All the best Jerry
  4. Hi Guy's & Gals Are these camping permits good for 1 year from the date of purchase ??? Huntin license work anymore. Hi; Mr. Warden, I'am a huntin!! [Nugget Huntin], Metal Detector in hand pistol on hip. Question is do I feel lucky, Na, guess I'll get a permit.
  5. Hey Grubstake, When your psa gets over 4.0 the doc's get worried. 7.3 is pretty high. They will want to do a biopsy to see if it's cancer. Then decide on treatment. I went through this in the past. Any more ????? pm me. Hope this helps D Dog
  6. Do not worry. Before it's over the EPA will spin it and past & present gold miners will get blamed , don't know how , but they will find a way !!!!
  7. Ochoa !!! Bought & Paid for. What an injustice to the rule of law. Come Jan. same outcome. AMRA called fox news about some coverage, said it was not news worthy. I'd say in Jan. or before, maybe we should make it news worthy. Pretty sad if it has to come to that. Same as Obummer Care & same sex marriage. Supreme court , corrupt ???? Government gone wild. Wait till Obummer makes Happy Camp & that whole area a National Monument or Park. Problem solved. No Dredgeing or anything else except for the I TRIBE raping the land ie. fish netting. We shall see? Hope I;am wrong. Sorry for the r
  8. They'll never OUIT !!!!! They don't obey no stinkin JUDGE
  9. The bloodsuckers will never stop, until we take our country back by any means necessary!!!!
  10. Wanted to see the first lectures but by the time they got done running me in circles on account on some friggen marathon, I missed em. Great event planning. There I feel better now!!
  11. Hey Bill, What time are you speaking on Sat. & Sun. GPAA supposed to send out a schedule with times.They Sent out a e-mail, but no times listed. Thx
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