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  1. Hi, I got a 76 lb flask I purchased from a montana gold miner about 10 yrs. ago, I am looking to sell for 1,300 obo, its in a nice clean metal container with yellow top, when I got it the miner said it had been cleaned hmmm I wonder if it was cleaned of all the gold, anybody know of a simple safe way to check? Thanks, Jimmy (aka survivorjp), North Carolina.
  2. Oops, Sorry I got the wrong forum on that .3dwt throwdown gold nugget, but I have had a chance to check my mxt with a 2 0z meteorite from canada and in the same settings as my previous post it read -77vdi
  3. I been using the mxt since 2003 and I use a small nugget I found Cabarrus Co. N.C, It weighs .3dwt about the size of watermelon seed, I got this piece about 7" deep in a bedrock crack, I couldn't believe that the mxt would do that, so now this is my throwdown. It was just a whisper and I got no vdi but when that hum in the threshold changed I knew something was there. Anyway I was hunting in relic mode, trigger forward, disc. on 0 and gain at +2. since then that little nugget/picker has served me very well, I have it enclosed in a clear plastic keychain holder. I was using the 6x10dd coil and
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