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  1. Video of young TV gold show prospector & the big bucks he made. But, they leave out the real question on his NET take! Gold prospector interview
  2. Wow, a lot of comments.the one I'm using is a Yuneec Q500 G model. It's made for a Gopro camera. What's very cool about this model is that you can get a tiny transmitter without the LCD screen that's smaller than your TV remote controller as an addition for this model. With this controller, you can set the drone's height and distance and then clip the controller to your belt loop, the drone will then follow you with the camera always keeping you in the frame. Not sure if this would be of any use out of prospecting, but it's certainly made for any type of action sports like mountain biking, sno
  3. 4k video of gold prospecting with my drone in Southeastern California: Prospecting Drone
  4. What are you asking for the gas vac??

  5. The gold spot price seems to be holding. The main driving factor was not the rumor on oil, but the huge decline of the dollar. Here is part of what I posted on 10-2-09: The U.S. dollar has lost 89% of its purchasing power over the past 59 years. The $10,000 life insurance policy held by the World War II veteran on his return home represented a significant amount of money in the 1940s. Now, that policy would barely cover the cost of a burial plot and funeral for a war hero. Sure there will be pull-backs in the price of gold, but to me at least, it seems certain that over the next year, gold may
  6. A rumor is spreading that the major oil producing countries are considering pricing oil in a basket of currencies vs the current dollar pricing. This is due to peculation that inflation will accelerate and erode the value of the dollar. This should boost the appeal of precious metals for investors seeking to preserve their wealth. To view the full post, visit; California gold nugget prospector
  7. The Southwest Prospectors newest claim is eastern end of the Cargo Muchacho mountains. One full day there did not turn up any nuggets but, looks like it may be a very good drywashing location. Click the link to view one of two videos of the claim area: California gold nugget prospecting
  8. Hi Fred, Next meeting should be 3-17. I think they start about 6:30PM in Lemon Grove VFW hall.
  9. Hi Fred, Ok, for #1. I'm not a dealer for any Mfg! I do have my own nugget site at: http://www.california-gold-rush-miner.us #2. I had already started the hole prior to filming. This was about the 15th. filming of what I thought would be a nugget. Thank goodness for video tape! #3. Sure! I'm a member of SPMA. I'm going to Western AZ this weekend. If you are interested, email me at: nugget7@gmail.com
  10. Did you notice not one republican is a backer of this bill! Keep this in mind at our next elections.
  11. Hi, I use my right hand (non-ring) and plastic scoop, so no problems. I'll have a video soon on the various high/low tone the TDI makes on various nuggets and trash next week.
  12. Hi Frank, Thanks for your comment. The nugget came in at 1/2 gram. Hard to say how say on the depth as it was more on the side of the hole. But, I would venture to say 4"-5" inches. Keep in mind, this is more of gold covering quartz vs. a solid gold nugget. I'll be working on a video test of the TDI on depth and gold vs trash. Here is a photo of the nugget:
  13. On 2-28-09 I took my new TDI to the La Paz area and just before starting for home on the second day, I found my first small gold/quartz specimen nugget. Still getting used to the machine, but so far, I like it! Hope to try it with some ML coils soon. Check out the video of the trip at: Arizona gold detecting
  14. Last weekend Arizona nugget hunting w/tbone Arizona Laguna Mtns last weekend produced some nice nuggets for Tbone. To view the video of the trip, please visit: Arizona gold nugget detecting :icon_mrgreen:
  15. There are several hot geopolitical tension spots around the world and some of these will ignite. In a good economy countries hesitate to start war but in bad economies war could be the only way that their political powers will survive. *To see the full post, please visit the California gold rush miner
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