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  1. This is more of what I have been doing as of late in the countryside, since what little gold claims there were around have become less accessible in my state. Feel free to look around the channel a little. https://www.youtube.com/c/WasatchWendigo/videos https://www.youtube.com/wasatchwendigo
  2. Looks like carnelian, I type of microcrystalline quartz
  3. Andrographis, now you're talking. Some tout that as the herb which spared the country of India severe casualties during the Spanish Flu.
  4. Green River Formation has world class specimens, but too young for trilobites or there are none in the deposit.
  5. Dolomite caught up in a basaltic lava flow? No idea, but they both look like fairly nondiscript gray rocks, no very easily identifiable minerals as far as what photos would tell.
  6. From the photos, I would guess quartz, if it's softer, then maybe calcite.
  7. Great stuff, especially for Utah, may I presume that is Amasa Valley gold?
  8. I don't seem to see anything that would indicate there is a brachiopod there.
  9. Thought some of you guys might appreciate this presentation about the mines that produced wulfenite in Arizona. He goes through quite a few mines across the state, and shows all sorts of specimen examples as well as some photos of the mines.
  10. Is it opaque, is it of metallic or glassy luster? Hard to tell in the photos. Does it seem heavy for it's size?
  11. Could be all sorts of things, calcite veins on limestone, quartz veins on a metamorphic rock, etc.
  12. Looks potentially sedimentary, not sure of much else.
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