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  1. Dustin I know how ya feel brotha!! Mine should be here tomorrow. I have been waiting a week. So I am all set going to go to the Bradshaws on Saturday. Good hunting mate. I think Franconia is going to be in the works too very soon! Peace TroyPounder
  2. Great find glad to see you broke the cherry, sorry it hurt so much, LOL. Excellent find good job. I thinks I might have to get out there to Franconia to get me a piece of space rock. Peace Troypounder
  3. Absolutely agree 1000% You hit the nail on its head. Your gun rights are going to be going soon as well. Which so far hasn't hurt my business as a Class III dealer. But it's coming.
  4. Al, That is great glad you got here. Hope you have good hunting. :icon_mrgreen: Peace Troypounder
  5. Happy Birthday guys!! Have a great day!
  6. Mike thanks for the input and I didn't think of that in the long run, which I should have. I do like supporting our locals, so i am sure I will be purchasing much more for my detector and other mining supplies. In fact I am looking for an Eastwing pick hammer, today I bought a small pickhoe kinda tool. and a garden trawl. But I want to definitely get other stuff from our locals. I think I want to make it out to Bill's Store in Wickenberg.
  7. Hi C.Little, I too did my homework and I just bought a GMT it is on it's way to me as we speak. I did research and am waiting to get mine. I know it's going to work better then me but I am going to learn everything I can from it and others. So good luck on your purchase. Mine is commin!!!
  8. OK folks I have decided to get a White's GMT. Also got headphones bag and pinpointer. The few extras. It is on its way to me from Kellyco detectors. Got a great deal on it too. Can't wait to get my hands on it :icon_mrgreen: :headphones: . I wanted to thank you all who helped me out with my decision. I should have it by next week the latest. I would love to make my first time out with it, a good one, or at least learn something, if not find some gold as well. So if some you experienced detectorists would like to show me a few things on how to get the yellow stuff, I am up for a week-end.
  9. NICE find Uncle Ron! I was on another site reading that Meteorites were around $200-$300 per gram. Im not sure if that is Absolute, but I did read that somewhere. I am also in the Knife business, purveyor, Seller. I have a bunch of friends who are custom Makers and they pay big time for Meteorite, because they use it in making knives. Some use it for the scales or scale inserts and some use for bolstering and what not. As rare as it is, it sure makes the value of their knives rise in price. I am told it is hard as hell to cut and shape, and once it is polished it looks pretty darn cool!! Hey
  10. I thank you for responding and giving me your feedback. I think I am going to go with either the GB II or the GMT. I like the feature of auto ground balancing. Will see what I can do about getting either of those detectors. By the way this W/E is the GPAA prospecting show at the Phoenix Fairgrounds. Me and the Mrs. went yesterday, lots of interesting items for sale. Loads of detectors for sale. Thanks again folks Michael
  11. Uncle Ron that is pretty Sweet!! Nice Nuggies. I can tell she liked em from her smile. Way to go...
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!! many more to you. Have fun in AZ.
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Largo. Many more to come and feel better.
  14. I am very interested in buying a first time detector and have been searching the net. I am looking for good place, and a price I can afford. I am down to 3-4 that I am considering, I would really like some help from you folks. I really don't want to go much over the $700 mark but if I have to go to $800 so I don't get upset with a less expensive one then that is doable. I know everyone has to start somewhere, so this is my starting point. I want to use it specifically for gold but would also like one that could do Meteorite as well. I am not that concerned with relics or coins, maybe later. I
  15. Hi Uncle Ron, Im a fairly newbie to gold prospecting, and was wondering is Wickenburg that good an area. I have always wanted to come to wickenburg and try my luck. Plus the Desert is so beautiful around there. Good snag on the nuggies, Congrats. Plus there are so many washes and dryed up rivers isn't the detecting and dry washing good in these areas ? Thanks Troypounder
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