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  1. Dave, That's where I left those? They are from my buddy, Mr. Don Key and I. Although, we were looking for ghosts of the past at the time.
  2. Doc, I think Joeforthegold was one of the original people to make the Hermit pick that Bill used to sell. Not sure if he still does it or not? I’m sure other will chime in too. Jayray
  3. I’m no expert, but they don’t look right to me. Too many hard edges, and a few vesicles, just doesn’t sit well as a CC, especially from SM. Let’s hope your eye is better than mine. Maybe that’s why I have glasses... Jayray
  4. Nice score Dave! Doesn’t look like it has moved from it’s formed location. Jayray
  5. Trainermick, Here is my website with links to some videos that may assist with Franconia. Finds are still being made, but with effort. Lots of walking, and swinging the detector. Good luck down there. http://jdsnyder.wixsite.com/meteorseeker Jayray
  6. Used but not abused Coiltek 16” mono coil. Not keen on round coils and would trade for a Joey 10x5” or 14x9” similar mono coil. $200 OBO plus $20 shipping, CONUS only, cash only if buying and not trading. Or local pickup in Las Vegas area. PM if interested.
  7. Interesting find but looks like some form of slag IMO. I can’t say that I have ever seen a piece of pallisite with weathered out olivine from a whole specimen, uncut. That being said, stranger things have been know to happen. Good luck and keep us posted. Jayray
  8. Hi there, Terrestrial stone, such as ironstone or load stone, IMO. If it was an iron from space it wouldn't be as angular as it is. Most irons that land on Earth aren't flat on almost all sides but have the characteristic "thumb" prints. Did you do a streak test as well? What color was the streak? Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one, but you are learning. Keep looking down, Jayray.
  9. Nice ones Rocky. That coil made some difference. Congrats on the finds. Jayray
  10. Total weight ended up being 16 grams. I forgot to mention that in the previous post. Jayray
  11. Dave good luck tomorrow. I stayed North, and never got to the South, so I’m sure there are plenty more there. Jayray
  12. Howdy Folks, I was able to get out this morning for a half day hunt at Stewart Valley, planning on leaving by noon, since I had some errands to run this afternoon. I arrived at StV about 8:30am with a brisk 36 degrees and thought, perfect weather for meteorites hunting. With-in 10 minutes of leaving the truck I scored a nice little StV rite. However, that changed for the next 2 hrs. Nothing. Granted I made all my finds on the North side of the lakebed. But it wasn’t until it was close to leaving. Then I scored the next three almost one after another, but spread some distance. The lakebed has changed since the last time I was there, with more soft ground then I remember. Almost got the truck stuck, but managed to keep it going until I hit some firmer ground. All the rains we have had made the ground upheavaled As I was walking back to the truck I scored two more and called it a day. All in all a good morning of hunting. Until next time.... keep looking down. Jayray
  13. Billy, not really announced. Just a bunch of guys getting together to hunt. Jayray
  14. Eric, Congrats on the irons. Any time walking away with meteorites is a good thing. Until next time, Jason
  15. Rocky, Yes, that is a Franny. Trust me when I say I was shocked when I found it. Glad to see that they are still out there for sure. Jayray
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