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    I was out on another one of Arizona's (of-late) gloomy-overcast days down in the lower desert today. It wasn't bad, I'm just used to our Arizona sunshine out there. Anyway, I have never claimed to be, nor do I even desire to be a hard rock miner having to do all that heavy pick'n and hammering etc., etc.,etc., but lately have been forced into it. These three nuggets that I got today forced me to dig deep into my arsenal of angled-screwdrivers, prying devices; and then finally I resort to using my heavy duty pick and spade to get the final nugget out from it's deeply-embedded hiding spot within the bedrock itself. All three nuggets came from different spots; the first two were deep (down 5" or-so) down in riffle cracks and encased within a grey colored clay. And if I hadn't had my long-slender angled screwdriver I'd of never gotten down to either one of them. The initial signals were very week to almost nothing at all, but the signal was there, and repeatable. I really had to work and pry away the sides of the bedrock crack just to get them out. The round nugget has a very small-natural hole right thru it. Now the last nugget of the day (the very bottom one) freaked-me-out with it's very-week, and confusing signal . And, on top of that I come to find out that it was lodged way down and within the fractured bedrock itself,...it hadn't traveled there and then become lodged,....it was part of the bedrock!! When I swung my coil over the spot I got an-"O-so-faint" signal, just barley there. It was confusing in that I only got the signal from one direction(?) of my coil swing. I almost wrote it off as being a mineralized spot;... but there was just something there that was trying to tell me otherwise. So I commenced to use all of my angled and pry(and poke) screwdrivers to remove as much of the bedrock as possible. The bedrock was of a semi-fractured schist-type of rock, but it was "Hard-as_a-Rock-"Solid."" I scraped and pry'd and loosened as much as I could, segregating the loose material, and then swung my coil over the two areas. But the almost-nothing-signal was still at the hardest part of the bedrock???? I went thru this process over and over again for "what felt like an hour!" And, even as much splintered bedrock that I had removed from the spot, the signal had "not-gotten" louder (which would indicate that I was getting closer to it),....What-is-going-on-here???? So, at that point I decided to take out my heavy duty pick with the spade on one end (the big gun) and beat it to a pulp . I was finally able to penetrate the "Hard-as-a-Rock" bedrock, fracturing it down to about 8", scraped all the piece aside and cleared the area as best as I could, and then swung my coil over both spots. Finally,..there was no signal at-all where it had been all this time,........the signal was in the pile of splintered bedrock,......."YaHooooooooooo". The nugget ain't big, but there was a signal (of-sorts) there. Looks like I got to start "Pack'n" a CHISEL!!! Gary
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    "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm "Hand Stacking"" .......And look what they missed. Gary
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    Most here tried to tell you that the diamond tester wasn't reliable but as usual you didn't want to hear that, maybe the same company has a meteorite tester they will swap for the diamond tester!!
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    Life in South Dakota One winter morning a husband and wife in central South Dakota were listening to the radio during breakfast. They heard the announcer Say, "We are going to have 8 to 10 inches of snow today. You must park your car on the even-numbered side of the street, so the Snowplows can get through." So the good wife went out and moved her car. A week later while they are eating breakfast again, the radio announcer said, "We are expecting 10 to12 inches of snow today. You must park your car on the odd-numbered side of the street, so the Snowplows can get through." The good wife went out and moved her car again. The next week they are again having breakfast, when the radio announcer says, "We are expecting 12 to 14 inches of snow today. You must park...." Then the electric power went out. The good wife was very upset, and with a worried look on her face she said, "Honey, I don't know what to do. Which side of the street do I need to park on so the Snowplows can get through?" With the love and understanding in his voice that all men who are married to blondes exhibit, the husband replied, "Why don't you just leave it in the garage this time."
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    Just to let everyone know I am signed up as a vender at the Butte, Montana GPAA Gold Show April 4-5 to sell the book and I guess I am going to be a featured speaker at the show on the book or something or other. Never been to a GPAA gold show. Should be fun and interesting. My publisher says books are nearing the end of getting printed. Then we just gotta wait for the shipping and getting through customs.
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    The interior does not display any characteristics of a meteorite. The black coating on the outside does not appear to be fusion crust, and that part of the rock exterior does not resemble what a fusion crusted surface would look like. It does not appear to be a meteorite, looks like a byproduct of some sort of human activity to me.
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    These are nothing but scams and have no scientific basis for working as advertised. Don't waste your money. Remember what a very famous american once said about suckers being born every minute.
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    If you learned something it is not a failure.
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    It is an iron rich volcanic basalt. Check out the color change at the edges of the window. This is from thermal and chemical weathering. A fusion crust is thin and does not show changes under the surface. It is only a thin skin on the very outside from ablation. Once again, if the rock is attracts a magnet or exhibits magnetism then a streak is generally all that is needed to prove it is terrestrial. If there is enough iron to draw a magnet there is enough to see the streak color. Hues of grey and red indicatecterrestrial iron. So the first test is always to observe the color of the streak when making the window. Meteoritic iron will be in little flecks or blobs and be bright and shiny. The streak will be no particular color. Just tan or pale and watery. Terrestrial iron is generally distributed throughout the stone and will leave a streak that is a definite color... Red or grey. And the stones often show a change of color from the center toward the outside like yours. This is from cooling and also from weathering. Something that is rarely if ever observed in a meteorite. Volcanic are generally classified as basalt ( dark colored) or rhyolite ( light colored). Those words can be used to describe a whole lot of different forms of volcanic material. They are general groups of rocks. Just like a Ford can be a Mustang or a truck. And a truck can be an F150 or an F250. And then a F150 can be several models. They are all "Fords". Rocks are the same. Yours is basalt. An iron rich fine grained basalt. Closer inspection might reveal certain minerals or crystals that would further describe it. But rocks like that are generally called simply "basalt". Hope that adds a little to your took kit!
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    Hey y'all, who's going to the Tucson G& M show and when... ??? ,,, Dodacious and I are thinking about finally going down to it...Who else? John B.? Mayhaps we should have a Nugget Shooter newtimers and old timers gig there? Cheers, Unc
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    Hi Fred, Wow! that's quite a coincidence with your brother. I guess most folks would consider that the Clair in my post wasted his life too. But he didn't feel that way. He was happiest, I think, out and away from people and civilization; to my mind, happiness is the very best measure of success. Money and material things didn't matter to him, beyond the necessities. I don't believe Clair was built to handle the asphalt, chatter, and close quarters of urban living, couldn't cope–too much stress for him. He didn't say so in so many words, but I kinda got the impression his childhood wasn't easy. I think he had a lot of ugly scars–invisible ones. It's been a lot of years. I hope he went on to live, or is still living, his best rendition of the good life! Your brother too. Sometimes a Man Must Run Against the Tide If He Means to Be His Own Captain. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I didn't get notified by email that you'd left a comment. I don't know, maybe it doesn't work that way in the forums. I'll check. Cheers. May your pan fill with nuggets! Jason
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    Minelab GP-3000,.............but don't tell anybody
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    I think the pink part is feldspar and the clear part is quartz. Diamond testers are not reliable.
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    Holy Canoly! Nice pile of nuggets. Stop in more often. Tom H.
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    It is a mineral. It is also a metal. It is also an element. Any of these descriptions is appropriate for naturally occurring gold. They are all different classifications that indicate different physical groups. Gold is a member of all of them. Just like humans are animals, mammals and primates. So is gold a mineral, a metal and an element. It is the same way of classification only with chemistry and physics of inanimate material rather than taxonomy of living organisms.
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    In this hobby we must learn from our failures rather than our successes. What we learn from our failures could fill volumes though. So it is not wasted effort. Do some research and find the closest strewn field. Learn what those particular stones look like. Focus on finding a piece of a known meteorite in an established strewn field. That is about the only way you are going to get one or two under your belt. Otherwise you are searching for cold finds with no experience. That could be a very lonesome pastime. Keep trying and stay with it. Sooner or later you will hit one. It took me a year and over 1000 hours searching to find my first one. So when you get that much time invested into the hunt let us know and we will throw you a little party for sticking with it.
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    Gotta hand it to you RD, your doing a great job researching those pics. From what little I've been able to find is the name Ahnawake Clinch is Cherokee. My first wifes grandparents could just barely speak English. They had a church about six miles East of Hartshorne,OK. I went there with her one Sunday and that was a different experience for sure. All of the church service was in the Cherokee language.
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    .....crap After proof reading my first post on this site, I realized I screwed up and called gold a mineral. Pardon my brain fart. Gold is a metal. Duh.
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    Wow, that's great all from one spot. Missed you on the forum and I see that you had a birthday a couple of days ago. Old Tom
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    give me a call & i can help u with how to work the machine 928-715-5324 walt
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    Happy Birthday Slim, I hope you had a great day!
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    I keep the 18" gad bar chisel and a small sledge in my truck in case I need to start hard rock mining for a nugget.
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    Looks like sedimentary river cobble, I don't see anything to indicate meteorite.
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    Yea, I sorta overlooked mentioning that a hammer would also come in handy,...........well, I now have two hammers and two chisels ready to go ,.....I have two different backpacks that I use, depending if I also carry a shovel or not. Gary
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    No worries, I'll keep the secret in my trunk, right next to the spare tires and bodies.... Regards, Kyle
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    Well Hello Luke,... I think you're SD-2300 would have done well in this area,....I think it's a bit more sensitive to small nuggets than my 3000. Gary
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    Quartz and Rhyolite, wasted your money on a diamond detector.
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    Way to go Gary !! When you're experienced, you don't walk away from signals like that. Nice nugs. Luke
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    Nice!! Congrats!! I've also found some decent finds of what the ole'timers missed....
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    Ok, Here's the story. I built a Surf Master PI from kit. I had a original Surf Master Coil I planed on using. It Sucked. I built a simple Mono Coil and it doubled the detection on all targets. This detector would be more then fine hunting beaches or ToT lots if you don't mind the Dig It All thing. NO Were like a Gold Machine. I Gifted it to a kid. Next I built a Mini Pulse Plus. This This detector can handle being set to run down at or below 10uS of delay. This has potential of a half Azz nugget machine. I needed a Faster Coil to allow it to do so. Faster meaning from Tx Pulse to Sample time. The amount of time it takes the Coil to cancel the Fly Back voltage , less time. I don't want to get into all aspects of that here. I just want to know if some of you are interested in playing at making your own simple PI Coils. I'm not trying to produce a Mine Lab Machine here just a super simple PI that DOSE Have the potential to find relatively small Gold. CHEAP, Did I tell You I'm Cheap Skate ? I have the GMT as my primary Gold Machine. I just want to play with the PI thing too. At first I started Playing with Super Simple Mono coils. Some came out sorry. Some not so bad. Some Quite dang Good. Next to speed up the Coils I learned about the Basket coils. Thought I had it going until my third failure. Still working on some but I just can't seem to Produce that good of a coil. I got messing around with my High Dollar coil forms and came up with something I've never seen anyone do. A Stacked Basket coil. The Idea behind a Basket Coil is to lower the Coils inherent Self Capacitance that Boost the Fly Back Voltage and causes the coil to take longer to settle down after the Tx Pulse ends. The Basket Coil dose this by putting more distance / space between the winding's of the coil lowering Capacitance. Previous Basket coils use a radiated spiral wind. Starting from the Inside progressing outwards. This works most well in lowering the capacitance but it also lowers the Inductance some what. A coil with Higher Inductance is better at detection of the Target signal but also contributes to the Fly Back Voltage. This Stacked Basket Coil does the same thing in lowering the Capacitance in the same fashion. Keeping the Winding's separated . It seems to have a advantage over the Spiral Wind Basket in that the winding's produce a more consecrated target signal because of the formation of the coil shape. The spiral type basket the winding's progress outwards and this tends to reduce the concentration of the Target signal. Unlike the Spiral the Stacked keeps all winding's perpendicular to the in respect to the target signal. More Winding's exposed to the signal gaining the ability to gather more of same. The coil sees the target signal some what like a Mono would but without the Added Capacitance that keeps the Mono Coil from running Fast. This Geometry of coil has another beneficial quality. The Generated Field is concentrated in the vertical plain. Whats to say it detects more below and above the coils then a Mono can. DEEPER ! As more target signal of the same strength is exposed to more winding's at the same vertical plane I don't see how this could not translate to more target signal. I have a New Oscilloscope that I need to test this with. My old DIY Kit DSO 138 Scope was not up to the task. Rant Over LOL My current Resources: Free Wire. I salvage all my wire from Old TV sets. The Degassing Coil being the primary source. All Older TV with a Picture Tube has them . More Usable wire can be had from the Yoke Coils at the End of the Tube. One Degassing Coil provides enough wire to build at least three or four coils or more. Some of the Newer TV's they used Aluminum Wire for the Degassing Coils. It works fine too if you want to use the stuff. I've made some decent Coils with it. You just have to use Mechanical Spices sense you can't solder the stuff. Not a Issue. Wire Forms. I started building my own and found it a royal pain. Had to create a New Form for every Coil type I wanted. Wicked Wanda the Wonder Wife solved that for me. Out of the Blue she say, Eaaaaa! What wrong with these ? https://www.walmart.com/ip/Darice-Easy-Knitting-Loom-Round-4pc-Neon/10727494 She Relinquished her set to the cause. I have a 5" 7" 9" and 11" loom. You can do Mono Coils, DD Coils and Yep, Stacked Baskets. Test Equipment: I have quite a gathering of decent equipment at hand. As for coils I rely on one of the most low cost items at hand. A $7.00 Test About All O Matic ! These things are Dirt Cheap. Did I tell ya I'm a Cheap Skate ? This thing will tell you any and all you need about a coil . It can tell you the Inductance and resistance in a single test. https://www.banggood.com/LCR-T3-Transistor-Tester-Resistance-Capacitance-Diode-ESR-SCR-Inductance-Meter-p-987971.html?rmmds=search Coil Shell Housings. There are a few people that produce them around. My Favorite Mr Hays shut shop. A guy named DB Bowers makes some good ones for a reasonable price. For the most parts I improvise. Use Coil Skid Shell as housings, Old Coils dissected. Bucket end the lot. Only limited by your imagination on that one. Shielding. I use the good ol Copper tape on all Mono Coils. Cheap and it works fine. Did I mention I'm a Cheap Skate ? https://www.banggood.com/10mm-X-20m-EMI-Copper-Foil-Shielding-Tape-Conductive-Self-Adhesive-Tape-p-1107008.html?rmmds=search I use Graphite spray on all others. You can not wrap the Stacked or basket coils. Here are a few crappy photo's of my mess and some basic information to ponder. I have everything needed to produce a DIY coil for my GMT that I'll tackle some time this winter I think. D-coils basics.pdf D-FastCoil.pdf
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    Happy Birthday ! You still havin these things ??
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    I found a vein of chrysocolla in Maricopa county. It was hosted in a white quartz vein. Thought it was turquoise at first no luck though. I've seen spots of chrsocholla in rocks throughout the county, more like copper staining in basalt rock, some areas this staining is more than others, but only once in a good vein. I have a sample of that sitting in my front yard,
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    SPOT is an emergency locator that sends a signal for search and rescue to follow, via satellite. It also sends a message to my wife and daughter as to my location with it pin pointed on a GE map. Lots of places we go there is simply no cell phone service. Tom
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    Hardness of 7.5, round and pock marked, fractures exposing crystal lined pockets? Odds are you’ve got a piece of chalcedony on your hands. And while it’s not unheard of for it to be blue, it is rare and quite sought after by jewelry makers. As to what makes it blue, well I’m not certain. I know there are different mineral inclusions causing the color, but couldn’t tell you which you’ve got. In fact, the only included mineral I can remember that does show up is dumortierite. The only reason I remember this one is because I know someone who has a secret spot where he collects it. He claims this material doesn’t fade with exposure to the sun, unlike blue chalcedony with other inclusions.
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    I have a set of Cobra micro talk radios from Walmart that I use out here on the farm and get about half - to three quarter mile reception. But might not be good enough in the mountains. I just put a bright mini flashlight, ferro rod and loud whistle in my camelbak pack to keep with me. Of course will always be carrying my Garmin GPS with me for marking my vehicle and can backtrack my route if needed.
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    See you won't even take my cheapy walkie talkies when we go out anymore. Do you remember how it saved my ass when we first started to do the beeping thing? We were supposed to turn the radios on at around 4:00 pm if not yet back in camp. I got turned around and couldn't find camp so I climbed the tallest hill around and turned the radio on. We did establish communications but we couldn't see each other and didn't know which direction I was from camp. You told me to fire a shot in the air and you would listen for it. You heard the shot way off and said you would climb a hill at your end. You told me to fire another shot and you pin pointed me. Then you told me to walk directly into the sun which was by that time was going down. We couldn't see each other as I was more than a mile off in hills. We did eventually bump into one another and thank God you brought me some delicious water to boot. Made it back to camp and all was well. Got a new direction finder and water backpack. If you do get a new set of hand helds You have got to remember to bring them with. Also remember what I told you never leave home without? Old Tom
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    Well, Jan 9th makes one year of nugget hunting for me. I've had a blast, learned a lot, and gotten myself in decent shape. If I live another 30 years, I just might be able to absorb something from my pile of geology books. I spend summers in Wa. State, but spend half my time up there wishing I was down south. Here's my haul for my first year. Wifey has claimed the largest specimen as her own. I have been informed it will be a pendant hanging around her neck. Makes up for all the flowers I never get her, I suppose! Thanks for all the good advice and entertaining stories you guys post. I've learned a lot, with a helluva lot more to go! Regards, Kyle
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    I will be meeting with my publisher on this Saturday to wrap up the final details of the book and next week we will be emailing the book files to the printer and paying the printing costs. I am so ready for this to take place and get the books in hand and get them sent out to everyone. What a process this has been. The next book I write, I will try to streamline this process as much as possible. We are almost there everyone.
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    Been a mighty fine week in the desert! I picked up a 12x8 Evo for the 4500, as I have been hunting a lot of rock strewn washes. The Commander 11" is my only other coil, and I was missing a lot of ground by not getting it in between rocks, and up under bushes. Very impressed with this coil so far. I have no doubt the Minelab coil would have found these, but I could never have gotten the round coil into the spots they were found. What really blows me away, is how stable the 12x8 runs, compared to the 11. With the 11, I had a lot of EMI, and false chirps from blades of grass. I usually ran the gain at 9-10, with the stabilizer as low as 7, to get a smooth threshold. With the 12x8, I can bump gain up to 12, and stabilizer 10. Sensitive Extra timing was marginal with the 11, and I often couldn't use it. It's very stable with the 12x8. I'm not the most experienced hand with this machine, but the difference was dramatic to me. Found a couple really cool specimine pieces! I'll be flogging this spot hard! Regards, Kyle
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    Not my brother, but he could have been...even your drawing resembles him. He camped in a purple van on the Quincy/la Porte rd. oddly his first name was Clair. Everyone not related called him Mace...short for our last name. A brilliant mind and a wasted life...I hope your friend fared better. fred
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    Dang, That is a really clean 5k.
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    Warning! Annual Prospecting Poetry. The New Year’s ShiftNow Blackjack Bill rode the outlaw trailBut he somehow dodged the marshal’s jail.He’d rustle cows when his poke was slim,Then rob a stage if the mood hit him.He tried his hand at the minin’ gameThen dreamt up ways to improve his claim!He’d salt it hard, and he’d salt it good.Just to fleece big shots because he could.But Blackjack Bill wasn’t rotten throughDeep down inside were his good points too.With lines right clear in his brain defined,They formed a gulf from his outlaw mind.Now women folks was a point in case,He’d see no harm nor cause disgrace.Well, killin’ folks was a big no, no.Would he rob the poor? That weren’t a go.The rotten rich and the proud were game,And anyone else of haughty fame.***********************************In the minin’ camp one winter’s day,A gang of scum cast their lot to stay.Some deeds were done in the dark of nightAnd the camp soon knew an awful plight.A widowed gal who had lost her manGot her nest egg stole from her coffee can!A peg-legged man with a humble storeHad the windows smashed on his new front door.The camp’s new church, with its copper spireWas set ablaze by an arson’s fire.Two guards was shot, at the mine payroll,That gang of trash took a fearsome toll.They roughshod rode every night and day;The marshal shot when he made his play.So, Blackjack Bill of the outlaw breedRenounced his past with a brand-new deed.The shiny star which the marshal’d wore,Was pinned on Bill ‘cause he was sore!With Blackjack chose he could pick a crew,At the mines he’d find the right type too.His posse new was the perfect thingTo rout that gang, and to make them swing.On New Year’s Eve, with his worthy menHe cleaned them out at their bandit den.Well, Blackjack’s shift was a thing to stayAnd it stayed with him to his dyin’ day.All the best,Lanny
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    Found near the source.....
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    JFYI, anyone with a Minelab modified detector with a problem. Always told Minelab wouldn’t service a modified unit. Last month my Woody modded 4500 started having problems with a failing function switch. I contacted Detector Center in PA (814.283.4270) or Service@minelabamericas.com and got a RMA#. Sent it off last Wednesday. They called this morning, they replaced both switches as other one was a bit slow. 2 switches and ½ hour labor paid and it’s in return mail. Does not get any better than that!
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    The Picture is aweful, I`m sorry. But you certainly get the idea. One of the most cubed pieces I ever found. Sold long ago...
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    TGSL Coil : Ta DAAAAAAW! Wire came today. If you hears some cussing and what not, the Coil Sprang on me and I'll be on the floor looking like something a spider wrapped up ! :P
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