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    Was able to get out with Luke today and get some hunting in at one of my old spots. Boy, the rains really moved some material. After and arduous 5 mile hike in (well, it seemed like it.) Within 5 min. starting to hunt, I found the small one on the right with the 5000. Had to chase it around a little as it was tiny. About 5 min. after mine, Luke comes back to me and he had found the larger one. Its really flat. After 4 hrs of detecting and no gold, Luke found the little chunky one next to the flat one on the hillside. Great weather out today and gold was found. Nice thing about this wash is I park on the side of a paved road and walk in. Easy peasy! Tom H.
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    Not much to look at, but this is my haul from my last few trips to Gold Basin. Haven't bothered weighing any of it, but I love the color...lol. The two pieces at 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock positions are quartz specimens with very small gold in them. Nothing big yet, but going to keep trying and digging! Still trying to figure out the 4500 settings. Grabbed a used Coiltek Goldstalker 14x9 Blitz coil and found the smallest guy in the pic with it. He is about half the size of a grain of rice. I know, I should have used a coin or something for size comparison...lol.
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    I happened to run across a news article from the '50s that mentioned a remote picnic site that was popular for weekend and holiday gatherings. A faded black and white photograph showed several concrete tables, benches, and stone bar-b-que pits on a secluded hilltop outside of town. I couldn't find anything else to go on and everyone I talked to had never heard of it, so I explored the back-roads until I located it by a process of elimination. There was nothing left of the concrete and stone that was functionally intact, and the (4x4 only), inaccessibility of the rocky washed out road made the location an ideal lover's lane, beer drinking - high school hideaway. After several trips to the site and a modest clean-up effort, I managed to unearth a few nice surprises: Wheaties, rosies, jeffersons, one buffalo/Indian head, a girls10k gold ring with a tiny "diamond" setting, and a singed 1961 Ben Franklin half dollar. The biggest surprise though, was the improvised "black-jack" made from a gym sock filled with (217) clad pennies, hidden under a pile of rocks. That's what makes detecting so head shaking interesting. You just never know what you might find next!
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    Thanks again Tom !! It's always a good time and the gold is a bonus. The flat nugget was .69g. I little heavier than expected. I will say that we've got to start looking for some easier to get to spots. Those long hikes are rough. Luke
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    Yeah but back when you were a little kid, the 1909 vdb was freshly minted.
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    You were right Dan!! It took a bit of walking over an area that I already checked and found a brotha -n- sista.... another 1.2 and a .2 dwt. I guess I better tighten up my swings a little more.
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    Back in the late 40's early 50's , a sock with sand in it would put an end to a big bully in no time. Not an admission on my part !
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    Well I still suck at taking sharp photo's even if I take them from farther away and then crop-em . None-the-less... here's the 1.2 pennyweight nug I found before the bullet.
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    Hi Dan, The bullet is a Rim-fire .30 cal long made by the United States Cartridge Company between 1869 to 1875. So it is least 144 years old. The nugget was a sweet surprise. I grided the immediate area and it was a loaner. I'll have to expand out some and see if he had some buddies so I can re-unite them. Good luck on getting on a deer for your daughter. The temp is going to really drop, maybe that will get things going.
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    Here’s how I did on Friday. Some of you might recognize the area.
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    Very Nice Guys , Well done !
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    Great job, congrats sir!
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    Well done man, very nice.
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    Looks like a winning ticket to me..nice gold.
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    Today I walked until my tail was draggin and the brotha -n- sista didn't happen. But the bird shot, bullet fragments, wire and bullets kept me busy. You would think a 1.2dwt had a few friends.
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    Well the ol Badger got hisself out in the field yesterday, had gorgeous weather as September draws to a close. Detected some deep ones with a 7 x 14 N.F. Advantage on the 4500 an using Black Widows to ease the "deafness". Started off in the morning with the "pie shaped" piece with my coffee an ended the day with the 149 grammer Bedrock Bob, WHAT "flavor pie slice" would you guess ?? !! maybe "out" of this World flavor ! 2 nuggets and 4 more space turds were brought to light by a buddy that was with me.
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    Did a short hunt up one of my old washes that I knew got hit hard with the rains a few weeks ago. (owl wash) Wow...was it different. Bedrock ive not seen before and piles of blow sand. Got a little goober as soon as I turned on the 5000. Not much after that. It was one of those days when you just decide to take it easy/enjoy the county and look around......not focusing so much on finding gold. I had my headphones off on one target and heard some crunching off to the side. Investigated it and it was a big ol desert tortoise up on the bank. Got some good pics of it. The main wash to (owl wash) got hammered hard with the rains. Lots of Palo verde trees that were in the middle of the wash are gone along with the islands they stood on. Looks like about 6 ft high water in the main wash and about 15 ft high when it hit the main road/culvert. Tom H.
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    Had a fun out in the hills today Found a 1.2 dwt nug and a loaded bullet. The bullet has me stumped though. It is larger than a .357 and smaller than a .44mag. It is a Rim-Fire cartridge and where the primer would be ... it is stamped US. Looks really old too. Anybody have any ideas of what it is?? Thnx I know, I know... A picture says a thousands words, but my camera took a dump or went on vacation... Probably in all likelihood it is operator error.
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    Whoop whoop!! Awesome Doug!! Time to start griding heavily before the snow sets in. Good job bud.
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    Great job sir, congrats!
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    Glad to see you back out there Chris, Dave
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    big or small they are all good to find ,congrats.
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    well since they dont make or work on them anymore I would say more like $300-400 range
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    "Hay",.................... You guys said that you where going to invite me along with ya next time ??!!!! Course that was like two-years-or-so-ago Glad you are getting on the gold now that it has cooled off a bit. Gary
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    Very nice work, guys! Funny how much gold is right off the road. Makes me wonder how much we drive over.
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    I plead self defense.....Actually, when we would meet later he called me the socker!
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    Sometimes, I wish I was too. But I'm not so sure I'd want to go through it all again. Not to mention the fact that the coin has probably held up a lot better as well . . .
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    Wow! A couple of lunkers there too. Nice eye candy...
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    All three of my FaceBook accounts are under lock and key at this time. It would seem I ruffled more then some feather . One account is permanently locked for posting e-bay links to items I use and were at a good price. SPAMMING they called it. Some day I'll understand the Code of Conduct ?
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    Nice chunkster Doug! It has brothers and sisters there close. Great find.
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    Welcome to the club. Nice find by the way.....
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    I think .60 secs might be a little long (at least .60 duration on transitions definitely) I'd try set .37 for added transition. If you set photo to .60 then eat up part of the time with motion transitions.
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    When stationed in Korea, a guy brought the engine kit install kit to put on bicycles. They were supposed to be hill assist kits. Never saw him riding it to work much. He was also not a skinny guy. Just based off how little he used it and I never saw one of these around base, I think it'd be great for driving in a flat paved area, but not hilly like I was at or trails. These have been around a while, but have never really taken off.
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    Using Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate. . . I think I am going to remove a couple of the photos and extend them from .25 seconds each to maybe .60 Seconds each. I want to keep the intro short and sweet. I would like to avoid having people skip over them cause its too long. Thank you for the advice!
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    I like it... I would have added a few additional seconds to the duration of the photos. - What video editing software are you using?
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    Well, it's that time of year, again. It's starting to get nice out during the day, but I thought I would get in one more nighttime hunt. And this last night hunt treated me well. I explored a new area about a mile from where I had found gold before. The rain really has changed the roads and washes in this area. Many areas were nearly unpassable. But I managed to get there with my trusty 4x4 and went out into the night feeling a little crazy (by myself) as I am many times. And the only thing that makes that crazy feeling fade away, is when you find that first piece of gold. And then the stars align and everything seems normal, again. Friday night's total came out to 7.25 grams. Some pictures didn't come out so well. Photography just doesn't work too well at night.
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    Here is the video of our last adventure! We all found gold using the GPZ 7000. Fun times for everyone! Thank you for watching.
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    Looking in our secret spot. Gearhead, My Dad and I, We managed to pull up 4 nice pieces of gold. I finally found my first piece with the EVO Coil on my 5000! The Other three were found with the 7000. Great day, amazing weather, and awesome gold! Video Coming Soon! https://www.youtube.com/arizonagoldhunters
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    Well done fellers ....!! Theres a season?? You mean I didnt have to detect this summer ?!
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    Left the bakery at 06:00 got to the new area and was suited up and beeping by 07:00. Got 20 feet from the truck and got a good strong signal, was thinking can't get any better than this. Raked a little dirt back with the scoop and then ran the scoop filled dirt over the coil, yep it's in there. A long ago spent .22 short cartridge! Kept going and got about 200 yards away and spotted a hornets next on the side of a tree about waist high.The size of a 20 gallon barrel. Normally those boys are all over you before you can spot them, guess these were still asleep. Did a perfect 180 and headed for the slave digs only a few yards away. About an hour later almost ran face first into a yellow jackets nest, got close enough to see them packed on the bottom side and all moving like they do just before attacking, another fast 180 and half and hour later was at the truck sipping a cup of coffee when I spotted about 1/4 mile away heavy brown smoke headed my way, threw everything in the back and hurried away. Those heavy weeds were higher than the P/U cab and they burn really fast. Thinking maybe tomorrow would be batter.
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    I thought this was about small detector finds? This was from my last trip.... Small but not the smallest I've found..just showing possibility.
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    Welcome! Oh, how I miss the South Bay! I lived in IB front r a number of years, but being on a fixed income, it got out of my price range in 2012. However, AZ has surprised me! And there's more CA transplants every day.....
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