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    I managed to catch a break in the weather and make it out recently. No luck in several new washes so I hit a past producer for myself on the way out, I placered a few feet to what I thought was bedrock sticking up through the overburden, turns out it was a boulder with gravels wedged under it. It was too heavy to roll out of the way so with my pick I could only shimmy it over about a foot and prop it up, that was all it took to expose some hiding spots for gold. .8 of a gram between the two.
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    Pics of Rocky or of the rocks???🤣
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    We all know he's an absolutely gorgeous looking guy. But we want pics.
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    Like this! Pick your line and make a bazillion saw strokes... Just takes a bit of elbow grease. I tried to split the intake ports without damage and managed to pull it off. There is not much room for error. I don't have to rebuild the intake ports this way. I'll weld some aluminum angle on the side to form the rest of that flange for the intake manifold.
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    Here are some small Glorietas for you to compare yours with. If you find anything that looks like this I owe you some beers. I honestly hope you cash in on that offer.
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    I started sanding the rudder this morning. I'm pleased with it so far. The elevators are started too! I hope to have both of them framed by this evening...completing the tail section framing.
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    Jez....now people are finding the light gold that stays on the surface. Remember guys, its just like light beer.....looks the same but not neer as good Tom H.
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    What a Crock! who does he think he is dealing with? We are all long time prospectors, I was born at night! But not last night! Grubstake
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    I had no idea that someone could stack nor stretch Bull S@#t that high nor far????
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    Just pulled the trigger on an Invicta Muonionalusta Meteorite Dial Watch. Pretty cool!
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    It looks like an old stone that we refer to it as bottleite.
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    I think everyone who mines in Arizona should have a copy of ARIZONA MINING SCAMS AND UNASSAYABLE ORE PROJECTS OF THE LATE 20TH CENTURY from the Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources. If nothing else it has some very interesting recent history about Little San Domingo, Rich Hill and Skull Valley. Platinum is also mentioned. Use a reputable fire assay like Copper State and I think your "Platinum" will be shown as an entirely different metal.
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    Hello fellow rock hounds and treasure hunters. I in my older age have slowed down a bit. I enjoy mother earth and Gods great handy work. my grandson and I both have detectors and are always searching for treasure, rocks and anything of wonder. Thanks ahead for the welcomes. I joined because I have found some very interested rocks that I as an ignorant person would guess to be ancient sea bed fossilized coral here in Oklahoma. I will post in appropriate area. Thanks have a great day.
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    I remember that day well. Boulder dash lessons.... See what happens
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    Happy Birthday One more year putting up with me....
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    It only took me about 10 minutes. It looks worse than it is. I put a fresh 24t blade in the hacksaw and chewed right through the head. Like you said though....thank God it was aluminum!
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    Greetings All, Some of you may remember that last winter I posted that, using my Gold Monster 1000, of finding a small BB size piece of quartz and later the following month, a small brown hot rock. The monster said non-ferric for both and I did not believe it. Anyway, I smashed them open and to my utter surprise, they both contained a bit of gold. Fast forward to this Sunday. A few of "me mates" and I headed to the hills for some gold searching. The area searched was a hillside below an old proven gold mine. During other trips to this site, at least one or two of us would find a small bit of gold. The ground is hotter than a firecracker on 4th of July and the place is another hot rock city. I, myself spent the day beating the bushes and crawling under Palo Verde trees. Getting all scratched up and nasty dirty. As coincidence would have it, the Monster found two small stones almost identical to the ones found last year. One brown like a hot rock and the other a round quartz piece. No gold could be seen using a 10 power loop. Last years and this weeks finds are from entirely different locations, probably over 100 miles apart. Unlike last year, this time I documented the before and after the crushing. Just for the heck of it, I put my pin pointer on the two stones before crushing. Only the quartz piece sounded off. Along with a dime for sizing, I added a centimeter ruler to really get an idea as to how small they are. The gold is not very much, but the skunk is off my back for now! A testament to the Monster Power Bottom line, just because a stone or rock doesn't look like much, you better trust and believe in the "Monster" Happy Hunting!
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    No big deal. Not ready for it yet I went to cc my new heads yesterday and realized I can't! These CB Performance heads use a different spark plug. 12mm vs 14mm like the originals. Which is great, but until the new plugs arrive, I can't properly measure chamber volume. I may still go ahead and cut the head in half, and weld on the new rocker box sides. That way, they will at least be ready to start massaging chamber volume when the new plugs arrive.
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    Ok...thats it....Im going to start rolling boulders! Seen it done in person....now im a believer. Great score bud. Got to post this again after you waited so patiently for us seasoned detectorests to hammer the area around your boulder, you asked if we were done and could you move this boulder....we were looking at you like...yah what ever, you flipped out and POW! Tom H.
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    I could only get half way through this one. Whew!! Old Tom
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    If you're in AZ, I would not even consider what you're finding platinum. I would expect it to be some type of lead or other metal. To put your mind at rest, I would first take it to an XRF analysis at a pawn shop. I know Bob mentions an assay, but in the article below, it talks of how in certain instances an assay can produce a false positive. The XRF followed by a fire assay would give you confidence you found something. Perhaps you've found the deposit that miners have been missing for hundreds of years, which I hope you have, and that would be a very big deal. Arizona Bureau of mines (or whatever it is or was called) has put out a warning that there is no platinum in AZ. If anyone is pushing it, it is likely a scam. Although this does not give the "scam" comment, this says how likely it is to be found. There's supposed to be more platinum group metals than gold out there, but it is so uniformly distributed through the earth and has not been concentrated, it is a rare metal indeed. http://repository.azgs.az.gov/sites/default/files/dlio/files/nid1606/platinum_in_arizona.pdf I have seen articles in papers of people finding platinum nuggets in central AZ, but I'm not positive they found that platinum. Platinum has been recovered as a byproduct of copper production, but very, very little of it.
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    Bill, I have the Quest Wirefree Mate- Wireless Transmitter and Receiver. Its 2.4 Ghz Freq, not bluetooth, and the latency is .06 seconds. I think the Equinox built in latency is .40 seconds. There are youtube videos on it... you have to order online, dont think bestbuy has them Dave
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    Thanks Homey. I got both elevators done today. They are hanging up waiting for the glue to dry. I'll take a picture tomorrow with all the tail componants. In the meantime, I cleaned off the bench, and cleaned up every speck of sawdust. I then dug the engine stuff out of storage. It's time to shift focus back to engine work.
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    Cool shirt. Sometimes I "break" for bedrock at lunch too.
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    Sorry to disappoint you Mr. Boulder Dash. No magic tricks here. No slight of hand either. I used the time honored method of "scientific alchemy" You see, with a specific type of stone or rock, I can turn it into gold. Just like shown above.