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    Missy, I have many relatives who live in Florida and I know for a fact that Florida has very few if any true rocks throughout most of Florida, with the exception of maybe the panhandle....BUT what the state does have is lots of ancient coral and agatized coral, the state rock/stone is agatized coral, in most states if you dig deep enough you will eventaully hit bedrock, not so in Florida..but if you dig deep enough you will hit coral most everywhere, the majority of the state sit on this ancient coral and it is used or once was as building materials just as rock and stone is many other places. I think this is what you have, a BIG chunk of coral, as far as the "bones", I guess that when the coral was alive and growing it could have grown over and or on a dead animal skeleton of some type.
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    Warning, I have gone out these past two weekends. The desert is covered in flowers and other vegetation due to the heavy, continuous rains and snows. This is NOT a good time to hunt for meteorites. billpeters
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    My thoughts too Dave...
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    You're probably right. A boulder wouldn't erode that fast.
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    I bought the 24k so my wife could hsve sa simple machine. This weekend I tried it out and found 2 Native Arizona copper nuggets.
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    if you do a web search for Holbrook meteorite you should get an account by Bob Verish that pretty much shows the area and how to get there...good luck. It is pretty much sight and magnet hunting...be sure to look closely as some look a bit like the rabbit poop... fred
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    Shoot, im all packed, just have to get the food together.....cant wait! Tom H.
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    The Holbrook fall is located on private land north of the railroad tracks and west of Sun Valley road and on State Trust land south of the tracks and east of the road.
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    if you were there taking a Picture, why not get the detector out and swing for a hour or so...that is the way to find out. My buddy and I found maybe three oz in an area that many people had driven by...some had swung a little but apparently only dug bullets and hotrocks. fred
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    You'll NEVER know if an ouncer is there somewhere,...……………… unless you "try". (you have the tools now). Gold is WHERE you find it, just don't trespass.
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