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    Look out for this guy in October. He is a claim jumping mad man
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    Finding gold in utah east and west
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    I was poking around the net and found your forum to be great. Lots of knowledge here. I will most likely overwhelm with questions. I am a disabled retired Army vet of 24 years. I am now doing the snowbird thing from Wi to Three points AZ .
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    Hello everyone, I just now got my website updated. I have reached the printing costs and now I am waiting for the publisher to input the last few photos and he should be sending me another file to proof of the whole book. Once everything is proofed we will pay the printer, email the book file and wait for them to send us a proof by email. If you have any questions, my cell number and email address is on my website.
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    Hey all, Haven't been on too much this year. We bought a house and started a business so I havent had time for anything lately. Things are going good though, and starting to smooth out so I'm wanting to get out hunting this winter and would like to be armed with a PI. I am hoping somebody on here might have one collecting dust they would like to see go to a good home. Looking to buy a used 5000 with accessory's. Hopefully some coils and other goodies included. I might consider a 45 or 4800 if the price is real cheap. Not rushing to buy something but will jump on the right deal. Willing to make a drive or pay for shipping. Thanks!
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    I've never seen a closeup of Mike Furness before. Handsome devil.
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    Hey all, It's been awhile, but the summer is on it's way out and great weather is here !! Met up with Tom early this morning in my driveway..... He insisted on driving and I didn't want to argue with such a nice guy. Tom is such a nice guy, that he took me out to one of his most coveted detecting spots. Many ounces found there in the past and with the recent rains, things had been stirred up a bit. Even though it's been detected thoroughly in the past, there was still the possibility for some good finds and we were both excited to hike in there. Upon arrival, Tom wanted to detect the lower portion, and I hiked up a bit further. Maybe not as far as I should have. I knew it was the place I was going to set my backpack down when I rounded the bend and viewed a nice stretch of bedrock poking up through the gravels. This area has very little trash, but lots of large iron stones. Every few steps or less, there's a target to dig. Usually a loud, black rock turns up. But good gold has been found here, so you gotta dig em all. My 4th target was a nice half gram nugget. About 20 feet away, I scored another. I went to get Tom and he poked around there for a bit before going on up ahead. A half an hour later, he comes back with a freshly dug nug he had pried out of the bedrock up around the corner. Perfect day so far, no skunks and still time to find more. So we did. My third nugget, the biggest and deepest of the day, was found under or right next to, a bologna sandwich-sized iron stone. I spent about 10 minutes digging and widening the hole so I could get the 15" EVO in there to better pinpoint the target. Then the iron stone came out of the hole. It sounded exactly like what I had been hearing when I passed it over the coil. But I wasn't done yet. Always check the hole for another target. I slid the coil back in there and it screamed. A 2+ gram nugget was my prize. When I met up with Tom a little later, he had another nugget under his belt so all was good. We talked and rested for a bit, and then detected for another hour or so, before starting the journey home. On the way out, I couldn't help but wonder if my detecting costume somehow played a role in today's finds. When I first purchased this shirt, the seller didn't exactly say it, but it seemed implied that the shirt possessed magical powers. The first couple times wearing it, I was worried that I got a dud. But these last two times, after enough dirt and sweat and some catclaw holes in the sleeves, it seems to be working as intended. If any of you can get ahold of one of these shirts, I'd highly recommend it. Thanks again Tom, maybe I'll drive next time. Luke
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    Australia has the best meteorite names.
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    If you don’t know what a CHOOK is? don’t even try with the word Millbillille I had half a dead Chook for smoko today and it was bloody bonza mate
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    Gotta love those bakers, wish my first was that big!
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    Thats some fine detecting right there! Way to go guys.
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    Lobster...or crab. Tom H.
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    Mike my version of Chili Verde May not satisfy the purists.... a small batch: three pounds bbq pork ribs- boneless one large can of chopped green chili several garlic cloves one or two tablespoons of ground Red Pepper Two chopped serrano peppers and 3 to 5 whole, how hot do you want it? chop the meat, dump the rest in, cover with a beer and water, bring to a boil, simmer to your hearts delight! I like to thicken with cornstarch . I won,t be there...have fun! fred salt to taste
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    Was thinking the same Dave ... albeit a bit older than you were at the time!
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    Wow...I was much younger last time I saw that! Like Saturday morning, wearing footie pj's, sitting in front of the tv young...
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    Ok Tom here is the story Like fishing just when you think you have the pattern figured out, made it pay for a while they change the rules. I started up this hill for no good reason and got the signal thinking trash. I looked down and saw the sun baker piece just as you see it in the picture. I have a theory and have made it pay many times "Gold is never alone" so I stayed it the same area and picked up 2 of her friends. Truly a good day with the weather, fall colors on and gold. Did you know when the Ocotillo leaves turn yellow fall is here.
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    It was a really great day out with you Luke. Both of us got some gold!!!! Wanted to do a Vid. of the little one I was chipping out of bedrock as I knew it was gold...but alas...I forgot my camera. Grrrr. Mine came in at 1.9 gram. Great weather and good times. Tks for going. Tom
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    I happened to run across a news article from the '50s that mentioned a remote picnic site that was popular for weekend and holiday gatherings. A faded black and white photograph showed several concrete tables, benches, and stone bar-b-que pits on a secluded hilltop outside of town. I couldn't find anything else to go on and everyone I talked to had never heard of it, so I explored the back-roads until I located it by a process of elimination. There was nothing left of the concrete and stone that was functionally intact, and the (4x4 only), inaccessibility of the rocky washed out road made the location an ideal lover's lane, beer drinking - high school hideaway. After several trips to the site and a modest clean-up effort, I managed to unearth a few nice surprises: Wheaties, rosies, jeffersons, one buffalo/Indian head, a girls10k gold ring with a tiny "diamond" setting, and a singed 1961 Ben Franklin half dollar. The biggest surprise though, was the improvised "black-jack" made from a gym sock filled with (217) clad pennies, hidden under a pile of rocks. That's what makes detecting so head shaking interesting. You just never know what you might find next!
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