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    Funny that you should mention that, as that is exactly what I did today. I worked my way up a small wash where that rattler had slithered out of, and then had crossed the road where I got the photos of it. I got about 4 to 5 chunks of lead targets first out of this hammered wash, and then got this nice signal up on the side bank about 18" above the actual low point of the wash. The nugget ( just .03 shy of 1-gram) was down about 5" and covered up with rocks that had been slammed up against the bank from a time when the wash had been really running and moving a lot of overburden ( I call it a "push",..or rock-pile-up). Also got a couple of photo's of a very sleepy Horned lizard,.that did not want to move, and completely ignored me as I detected over it's body;...check out it's coloration (camo). Gary
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    A high of 72.... That's detecting weather I can handle all-day-long.
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    First and foremost welcome to the forum! First you say you'll take all answers,....but it's unlikely for you to get any actual answers...meaning facts, opinions on the other hand is what you will get from just photos because no one can positively ID or certify your rocks or meteorites from a photo/s.... ....and then you say this to someone who gave you an opinion, thus not making it conducive for any others to want to give you further opinions.IMHO Our members here are happy to help as much as they can, but when you don't like what you hear it not in your best interest to get upset with their opinions. So as an Administrator here I say thread lightly and don't wear your heart on your sleeve.
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    Doug we got 6 inches of snow the other day at work. Been raining and snowing every day since last Wednesday. Still another week or so left i heard. Its crazy.
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    only wake-up for Harley's. surly won't sound like a v-twin Harley which fires every 315 degrees with a 405 degree gap. great work dave, looking forward to it tomorrow.
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    We are lucky then! we had a high of 72 degrees here in Morristown today. It should be much hotter...but I'll take this weather as long as it lasts.
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    I made the cooling tin today. What a bear that was! I tried several different patterns before getting it right. I blasted them all with glass to give them a satin finish. I have the heads on and torqued. The rockers, pushrods and tubes are all in place. If you're very careful a drill and a pipe cutter make a dandy pushrod cutter...once your length is figured out. I cut my valve cover gaskets out of a sheet of gasket cork as well. Exhaust is in place along with the intake manifolds and carbs. I still have to re jet the carbs and hook up fuel lines and throttle cables. I also need to make carb braces that bolt to the side of the case. All in all... it's coming along nicely. I'll be ready to fire it up and scare the s**t out of the neighbors soon.
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    Man goes everywhere is an old saying but it's also a basic truism that nobody ever gets it all, not even the best nugget shooters that score more than most. Reason(s) being: weathering, erosion, wind and water that seasonally replenishes seemingly worked out sites. Flash flooding turns creek beds over continuously, especially in desert regions. Small hillside rivulets feed nuggets into main washes, gold erodes out of the banks of gullies etc. Plus, we walk over gold and just flat miss it sometimes. But your point is well taken. The easy access and heavily worked claims tend to make the gold more scarce than the remote and harder to get to gold. But club claims still have gold waiting to be found. So it's not a bad entry level investment as a way to get started. After you master your detector(s) and develop a prospecting approach that works for you, you'll probably be a tight lipped BLM-er like a lot of experienced former club members.
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    Do tell me if I am spamming the forum with my meteorite photos. Here is a tiny silce (0.8g, about 2cm long) of the Aba Panu L3 chondrite. Currently, it's my meteorite with the best preserved chondrules, even if it's S4 shock grade. It's also my highest detail photo, both focus stacked and panorama composited, with a macro tubes, reversing ring and a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens (sharp from edge to edge).
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    You can't possibly spam the forum with such beautiful pictures. Great looking meteorite slice as well as excellent photography.
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    I know Dan.. it is crazy. You know as well as I do, we'll probably see a snow shower or two into June as well.
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    Haha never noticed that before you said it
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    How about you exert a little effort and tell us some physical characteristics? Rocks and meteorites are identified by density, hardness, attraction to a magnet, and by chipping or grinding away a little to reveal the unoxidized interior. How about giving us some basic info? You can start by taking that rock into the bathroom and rubbing it on the underside of the toilet tank lid. Tell me what color marks it leaves on the ceramic. ...Or should I not pressure you to exert that much effort?
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    I didnt see anybody say " No" in this. Skip is right, you are going to get more opinions and guesses on here than anything. You cant tell by just pictures you know. I think you started off on the wrong foot with your remarks. These are great folks and its a great forum with some extremely wise people, so if you just kick back and relax, you might get an answer. But dont hammer on people when they throw out a guess. Welcome aboard!!
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    NO DEAL!!! That is one thing I can not tollerate is humidity!!! I'd say... stay dry, but there is no chance of that with me and humidity anyway. So, at leats try and stay cool.
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    I'll trade you, here in the SE, they're saying it's going to be up around 100 degrees for the next 7 to 10 days and no rain, it's not suppose to get that hot here until July and August and then only about 10 or so days out of each month, with the humidity we have around here that's a heat index of around 110 to 150 degrees!!
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    Still raining here as well. Forecasted for the same on and off rain for the next week as well. ughhh
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    " I don`t think that the consumer should have to jerry-rig a brand new product for that price." That's my whole point of this whole post...I shouldn't have to grind the tray in order for it to fit the box, or find the proper glue for the silk screen after 10 hours of use, or grind the dang screw heads that stick out and get caught on this and that. I don't see it as negative comment but constructive advice for the consumer with dollars in his or her pocket who may find my review helpful. I have bought a bunch of Keene products over a 30 year span...this one I don't care for in particular. The End.
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    Took the rig out on my first long trip to Southern Oregon and joined my friend on his turkey hunt. Reallly impressed on how she ran... Can't wait till I can't try her out in the desert... if it ever quits raining here. Took the oppurtunity for a photo on a gas stop. That's Mt Shasta in the background.
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