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    https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/security/twitter-takes-down-washington-protest-disinformation-bot-behavior-n1221456 If this happens online, it could very well be happening on the streets as well.
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    I dont support a "confiscatory" tax policy nor a redistribution of wealth. Nor do I support Socialism. I do support a living minimum wage and I do expect the super rich to pay their fair share in taxes. I also support a reasonable universal health care program that covers basic needs for everyone. As well as funding to provide minimum education. None of that is anywhere close to Socialism. But then you know that. You just want to argue. And call me a "Socialist". It is you trying on shoes you think might look good on me. None of them fit so far. I prefer something a little more butch but if you like to imagine me a Latino social worker in golden slippers let your freak run wild.
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    I like to take pictures when I'm out metal detecting or scouting farm fields and new permissions. Here are some bird shots from my back yard to local woods and beaches here in lower New York.
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    That's because this problem is bigger and more complicated than the death of one man.
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    Hello all, The boys and I were able to make it out today to a spot down the road from where we have been hunting. We checked it out a little bit last time and decided to go ahead and give it a go today. For some reason i have been on a button kick. I found some really ornate buttons this trip also and i also found my first eagle button. And it was an Infantry button. My little guy found a cool pendant slash pin, which is kinda rough and he snagged another Chinese coin and some other neat stuff. My oldest son finally beat me on the coins this trip. He found a really sweet 1861 UK half penny. He was pretty happy with that one. Other than the Chinese coins we always find, this is his first foreign coin. That makes 3 from this area. And of course we found the usual stuff, suspender buckles, round balls that have not been clipped yet straight from the mold and some other neat stuff. It was a beautiful day in the low 70s with a nice breeze. Take care everyone and stay safe out there!
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    I've always had trouble getting the GB and Threshold exactly right on my TDI SL. After seeing Karelian's thread on the vernier knob, I decided to see what I could come up with. The problem with the control the guy suggested to him was that it had limited movement. Ideally, you want the vernier to turn as many turns as needed to move the potentiometer through it's full range of travel. After hours of searching I found what I needed. A solid brass and stainless vernier with a 1:6 ratio. One full turn moves the GB pot about 1 1/2 numbers. I can now easily get the GB to that "just quiet" point, and it stays put. No more tree branches, or coat sleeves inadvertently moving the controls. I can easily set the Threshold to the very edge of my hearing, and as the batteries discharge and the Threshold creeps up, I can make a tiny adjustment and it's back on the money. As far as immediate and stark difference, this is the best mod I've done. It took me several hours to machine the bases, but the way I made it requires no physical mods to the machine. Remove the pot nuts, put the base on and replace the nut. I had to make shims for the pot shafts, as the verniers are made to fit a 1/4" shaft, and the shafts on the pots Whites used are .234". Had to make some very thin-walled round shims to glue inside the vernier sockets. I'm planning on selling these kits fort $150 for both controls, or $75 for a single. If anybody is interested, you can PM me here. Now I'm really looking forward to our Nevada trip in June! My SL is about as good as an SL will ever be. It's going to be interesting.
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    You know much of what Bob described sounds like Germany. Especially the education and healthcare. They seem to be doing pretty good these days.
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    Google it bh...er bob. I know you can.
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    Maybe he upgraded to a Sig?
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    Lots of good pictures Terry. I appreciate the 'tempo' of the video. It let's one see what you're trying to show, and then on to the next.
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    Yeah, but that backs up what I was saying about coming up with a plan to help get some of these people out of a rut.
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    After years of 'record breaking' profits. When will corporations take 'personal responsibility' and save some of their own money for a rainy day? The economy is consumers. If people don't have money, they can't consume.
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    The classic excuse from a priveledged point of view. Completely out of touch with what is going on in our communities today. Factually and conceptually devoid in every respect. What you "believe" and what is actually the reality in many communities is completely opposite. And with the added pressure of disease, economic depression and social unrest the gap is even wider. Join the human race Mac. Outside the insulated bubble of priveledge things are much different. I realize how it is easy for you to imagine how life is for others. But your imagination is shooting high and right a few clicks. Wisdom comes with age and experience. If you start now there may still be time to learn what it really means to be American.
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