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  1. Like all mining companies, they are paying claim fees. They also have employees who pay income taxes, property taxes and local and state sales taxes. The whole point of this thread is that some, including those proposing these royalties, think taking money away from one person and giving it to another (redistributing wealth) and creating layer upon layer of bureaucracy is how the US government should operate. Others think cutting taxes and regulations help businesses grow, innovate and create private sector jobs.
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  2. Thanks Bob You just proved my point. Nothing is yours. You simply want a piece of someone else's pie, and you want to hire some bureaucrats to go get it for you. Nobody is asking for a cut of the wild game you take off public property. Nobody wants a piece of the bottles or cactuses you have collected and nobody has insisted that you go clean up the broken pieces of glass from the bottles you shot up out there in the NM outback although I think that would be a good idea.
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  3. Its ok, we will all be jobless soon! Then the whats "mine is yours and whats yours is yours" will kick in, then ill just go on a huge hunting and prospecting trip. It will all be paid for right??? We will ALL be taken care of haha, there is nothing to worry about. Heck maybe i want royalties now too!! Why not take something that I didn't work for? Happy Thanksgiving All!! Be safe out there.
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