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    Hey low point I got out this weekend so I will post what I got .
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    Heres some yella stuff from Montana, bigger nugget is 19.5 grams. Also some specimens that were dug out of a vein in an old timers saddle, where they took the outcropping, but missed the gold just off to the side.
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    Hello everyone, It has been several years since I have posted on this forum, or done any detecting for that matter. Went through some pretty trying times in life but have come through better than I ever imagined, so I'm back to detecting again. Some of you may remember me, and for those who don't me.....HELLO nice to meet you!!! Went out with DOC this past weekend with my new GM1000 and had a blast. Found one little dink, but spending the day with my buddy Doc was worth more than any amount of gold. . I have not been up-to-date with all the current (or older) clubs, so I am open to any suggestions. I will primarily be hunting the Mojave Desert areas of California, but plan to make several trips per year to different areas of Arizona. Looking to join clubs NOT like the GPAA. I've been there, done that, won't do it again....lol. So, I am all ears folks. Tell me your best suggestions for clubs to join. Thank you.
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    Leverite and I found some gold today. 4.79 (wet grams)... The big one is 2.18 (wet grams).
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    Here are some found this year in south west Arizona.
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    Real Nice gold !!! Good day out for you guys.. way to go. Dave
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    If anyone is now recieving Notifications that you have never recieved before and wouldn't like to recieve them read the following. I have turned on all features/options in the notification board in our Administration Panel that weren't turn on/disabled previously trying to solve an issue that one of our members is having on not receiving notifications that he has selected to recieve. If you go to the upper right corner and click on your user name and then Account Settings, then Notifications you can uncheck any options that are checked that may have been previously disabled that you don't want to recieve.