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    Ok, I’ll post something. I got lucky last month and swung over this specimen in way up Northern California . I dug up a big rock and thought it was a hot rock but then swung back over the hole and the target was still in the hole and I found this. It was only 4” deep and I was using my trusty GPX4000 with the 12”x15” Commander coil.
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    After seeing Bedrock Bobs copper plated bugs I decided to play around a bit. Had an old quartz crystal that I glued to a base, painted it with conductive paint and plated it for about 3 hrs in the copper bath. Im going to let the copper pantina into blue/purple and then seal it with lacquer. Came out kind of cool I think. Now to find some bugs! Nothing will be safe now. Tom H.
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    OK, I was finally bitten by the drone bug and amd almost done studying for my part 107 license. What a fantastic research tool and once mastered one can see the goldfields from a birds eye... I am amazed by the abilities of the DJI Mini and Mavic Air and the video quality. Now I can see over that next hill without humping my chubby self over it. COOL....
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    The Trona Pinnacles with the comet...
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    I don't keep track of the months but this was 2 trips from one patch ..scale isn't near by but probably around 7 grams.
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    The topic was removed because it seems whenever there's a topic that gains interest there's always the very few that very well knows the rules of Bill's Nugget Shooters Forum feel they need to breaks those rules for whatever their reason is which ends up getting the topic removed, then all the members who were following the few rules we have here lose out because of those few rule breakers and not being able to voice their opinions. I have been working 6 to 7 days a week, at a minimum of least 10 hours a day for the past several months so I don't have the time to remove or edit out the offending posts and issue warnings to the offenders, who very well know who you are, so the only option I have left is to remove the entire topic. That being said, I wanted to post an explanation, so everyone have a great day, I have to go back to work!
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    Max, I have been using a drone for 2 years now. The technology is improving on each new release. I just recently purchased the new DJI Mavic Air 2, and love it. Flight time is 30 minutes, has a 4k camera, its range is a few miles, ect. Im using it more and more on sending it out to scout out prospecting locations to hunt. I ran into another prospector out near Ivanpah Nevada, and he was about to hike up a steep hill to get to some interesting looking mine workings almost at the top of the hill. I told him, I will send the drone to scout it out. When the drone flew up there, the mine was completely caved in, and the guy was thankful for saving him a few hours of strenuous hiking. You can buy small cell phone repeaters to attach to the drone, so if your in a remote location, in a canyon, or hills that get no cell, you can send the drone straight up, to get above hills and mountains to get cell. Dave
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    Heres my AU by districts I hunt since Jan 1st 2020😁
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    Well Hello Luke,..... Sure glad this "ISN'T" one of those "Way-To-present, AND Way-to-frequent" Leftest, ...Rightest, ...Political, ....Opinionated, ...Extreemest,...Conspiracy Theoryest Bull Sh.... posts that persist on this forum these days;... I'ts gotten to where it's not even worth posting a picture on here any more,....But, for the sake of what gold has been found lately I'll post a couple just to keep the subject on track. The last photo (of the vile of gold) is what I have accumulated thus far by panning-out concentrates at home. So far I have only 2.15 grams of: specks, flakes, slivers, some wire gold, safety pin head size nuggets, sub-pickers, and a couple actual pickers. I'ts been way-too frig'n HOT even up here to go out much. Keep er-Safe out there....... Gary
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    My finds for April/May, then the engine in my prospecting rig went Tango/Uniform.
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    Last time I was out was in mid May. Got these with the gold monster up Truck wash. Sure hope we get some monsoons this year! Tom H.
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    Well after seeing Bobs last post about his scorpion/wood that was copper plated.......it got me thinking. This is probably more of a post to pass on to your plating friend to help her out. So.............. I took one of my seed pods that looks like a reptile, and decided to plate it. First thing I did was spray it with black lacquer a couple of times to seal it up. After that I put on robbers. What robbers do is keep the points from building up. I use thin safety wire just because that is what im used to. Any wire will work. After that I painted it with conductive paint. I used the really expensive stuff on this. Im working on a cheaper paint right now......waiting for the components to come in. As you can see, the wire builds up, but the point you are protecting do not. This part was in copper for about 2 hours. All in all im happy with it! Points are nice and sharp and all areas plated. When I heat up the nickel tank, I will plate the beak and feet. Will post some more pics when it is done. Tom H.
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    I guess that you haven't been out in a while either Andy. It's so hot down here that all I do is go food shopping and put out out the garbage each week. Come cooler weather watch out man I'm going all in. I'm feeling a lot better and I start my Stem Cell Therapy for my knees next week. Sherri, Young Tom's wife, is making a miraculous recovery from her bout with Cancer. After operations, bone grafts, feeding tubes, Radiation, Chemo etc., etc. She is healed of that dreaded scourge. Tom took great care of her for all that time and coaxed her along all through it. He might be a little crazy at times but he makes a heck of a Soul Mate. I was pretty crazy at his age also. I guess he learned some of it from me. We'll get out now as soon as it gets cooler and he gets some free time for himself. I don't dare go alone as I might just fall in one of those holes that I dig. See you out there Andy........... Old Tom
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    I get a kick out of this every time I run across it in google earth.
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    short story of high grader at the May Lundy A High Grader’s trip down the mountain After leaving the tram station, opportunities began to present themselves for taking high grade ore from the ore wagons before arriving down to the mill site. The high grader has to concern himself with discovery of this ore at any time so devious plans need to be in order to be successful. In the canyon he can be seen for a long time and he has the same situation with discovery on the face of the mountain coming down alongside Lake Lundy. The May Lundy Mine lies in the Homer mining district on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Prospected during the 1860 the Comstock rush, the lodes were not discovered until 1879. Located at about 11,000 feet the ore was brought down to the canyon floor via tram and then ore carts to the valley below. Author on trail above Lake Lundy After receiving the ore from the tram and the wagon loaded, the high banker proceeded down the grade. At the entrance to the canyon a 90° turn to the east brought you out on the face of the mountain for the 1.5-mile descent to the lake below. At this point the cart is visible to the valley and just a straightforward march down the hill without opportunities to “displace” some high-grade gold. Mined gold is very much like a fingerprint in that it is very distinctive to its location. An Assay office can tell where the gold came from by just looking at it. Many “lost mine” claims were sold with high graded gold with potential buyer’s unaware of the scam only until they went to the Assay office. High grade ore, El Dorado county, Calif. So now the high grader is left with a dilemma, how to steal the gold from the wagon and be able to cash in on it without being caught with known gold from the May Lundy. Right where the trail comes out of the canyon there is a level bench overlooking the waterfall dropping to the valley below. In the shade of aspen trees, a fire is built in a secluded kiln and coaxed into an extremely hot state. A bed of borax is heated with some crushed high-grade ore. As the mixture melts, the gold is separated from the rock and gathers in the borax forming a “button” of gold. After cooling, the borax, now looking like black glass, is chipped away leaving nearly pure gold and is now in a state that is untraceable back to the mine. This story is all speculation on the high-graders part. We just found a pile of melted borax with quartz / granite alongside the trail as described above on our hike and I am just postulating on the happenstance of it being there. I will be smelting these samples down to see what was in them. Hope you enjoyed the journey.
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    Bob ... I do normally go and participate with the instruction end of things. The campfire sessions are the best though! Stories and lies, big gold and lies and more stories and lies! LOL!
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    Well he got pneumonia at one point and later COPD. Eventually he was on oxygen almost all of the time. They only gave him a couple years to live since it is a progressive disease. He researched stem cells and thought he'd give it a shot. It is fairly expensive. But 5 years later he is still going. He still needs oxygen part of the time, but not as much as he used to. So It seems to have helped some. If anything, it has definitely stopped it getting worse. (which isn't supposed to happen)
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    Me! I'm the automated assembly line. Only 1700 more to assemble. I can't keep up with orders. Your dealers should have more this week if you have been waiting. I have not seen any field reports from people who have purchased the Swing Assist Guide Arm. I would love to hear some news. Thanks gang! Doc
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    Hey, everyone! I just made a video that I think a lot of you will be interested in seeing. If anyone is interested in a copy of the results just let me know and I will post an image of them.
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    It doesn't take long in human years for EVERYTHING to change in every situation. Mother Earth is STILL SUPREME COMMANDER of ALL that is and was. RIP Reg, sorry to hear another long time member of the detecting community is gone. Life seems to get "thinner" the older one gets. Hapy Huntn All.
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    Here's one I've watched a couple times. These guys have been moderately successful over the years.
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    About 24 hours ago I was abducted by strange alien beings and probed by a seven foot robot with eight arms made of gold and with deep seeking capabilities. I was taken from my home in a beam of golden light. The details are very unclear. I remember bright lights and a group of dark skinned aliens with gold nuggets on chains. The leader explained that he was from the planet Jamaica and his assistants were from planet Pakistan and planet Lebanon in the Middle Eastern galaxy. Where there is much gold. There were dark skinned nurses wearing masks with beautiful black eyes that were not aliens. They were from my home planet whose recent odd orbit suggests it might be a moon of planet Russia. They took me into a room on a stretcher where a giant seven foot robot with eight arms did unspeakable things to my body. The aliens observed the process while the darkest skinned alien from planet Jamaica made four small incisions in my abdomen with a gold scalpel. They communicated with each other in a series of clicks and grunts in a language I could not decipher. But I understood them in a strange telepathic way. Throughout the entire ordeal I had a strange sense of peace. I was not afraid. I knew these aliens meant no harm to me. They were there to help me. And the giant eight armed robot was their trusted helper. He reminded me of Ganesh and when I said his name one of the aliens from the Asian galaxy giggled a little. I awoke to find the alien from planet Jamaica showing me pictures from inside my body on his Ipad. They had repaired a hole in my abdomen and installed a piece of solid gold space mesh created on some moon of Johnson and Johnson. I felt a lot of pain and was a bit weak but the dark skinned one assured me it was normal and would soon pass. The dark eyed beauties in masks from the new moon of Russia comforted me and brought me crackers and cranberry juice. They spoke in an earthly language that I was familiar with but could not completely decipher. I was still very groggy and in a little pain so they gave me medicine from the poppy fields of planet New Zealand. They helped me stand and walk. They were very kind. After I walked with them a bit I was able to pee again and they contacted my son who was very concerned. He came and took me back to my home planet in his space shuttle. We talked for a while about the experience and soon I was in my bed. I woke in a bit of pain and realized that it was not a dream. There were four incisions in my belly all a perfect 8mm. In length made with a super sharp golden instrument that was obviously not of this world. The bulge in my side was gone and it felt thicker and reinforced. My abdomen was sore from the work of the giant robot but the dark eyed inhabitants from the new moon of Russia had supplied me with plenty of magic pills. Im up and walking around with no problem now. Things will be back to normal in a day or three. I have a deep lingering respect for these aliens and their giant robot friend who helped me. And I feel a sense of kinship and even love for the dark eyed beauties in masks from the new moon of Russia. Despite the harrowing ordeal they meant no harm and helped cure me. God bless these aliens that have come to the new moon of Russia to help its inhabitants. And much thanks to the eight armed robot Ganesh that made it possible.
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    Only one for me. But the boys have had me busy chasing coins and relics so only one gold trip really.
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    Next the offending members will be addressed, all I can say it is disrespectful and yes breaking the rules. If you show up one day and can't get in you know why, nuff said. Soooooo if you fellers decide to flare up again, C-Ya. Like Skip said there are several and you know who you are? Dang ya get a nice place to play that is free if ya want and ya go and start breaking the windows out. sheeeeese
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    Beach Day with the Minelab Vanquish 540. It was a beautiful morning for the 70-minute ride to Jones Beach, with only two traffic jams on the Whitestone Bridge, and them merging onto the Long Island Expressway. We decided on Beach #4, and I hooked up with two other experienced beach detectorists, Joe and Anthony. I started off in “Coin Mode” with my sensitivity at about ¾ strength, detecting the dry sand as I walked out toward the water. I notched out the Corona and Heineken bottle caps, and managed to find three-quarters, two-dimes, two-nickels, and three-pennies on the way out to the water. All were six-inches in depth or less. I hunted the wet sand for about 15-minutes with no signals, and switched to “Jewelry Mode,” kicking the sensitivity up to max. My first Saltwater hit was faint but repeatable and coming up as an “8” on the readout. It was a nickel, about 10” deep. My next target screamed, coming up at “24” and was a #4 lead sinker, about a foot in the wet sand, resting on the hardpack. You can see from the coins I recovered -- none shallower than 8” in depth, that they have been lost for some time. With the sensitivity maxed out, I experienced almost no false signals and no EMI at all. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. I thought I would have to adjust it in the black sand depressions and bowls, but not even the salt water washing over the coil caused it to false. Unfortunately, my video glasses failed so my brilliant commentary and terrific recovery shots have been lost to history. Next week I’ll borrow a Go-Pro and get some shots of the machine working. I have to say, the Vanquish 540 is a very capable metal detector in the dirt and in saltwater! Affordable, light, easy to use, and built on a collapsible frame that is easy to pack and go. So far, Two Thumbs Way Up!!
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    It has nothing to do with Minelab, this is my decision not to host a large gathering until all this crap is over with.
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    Good Idea! You head it up.....Thanks. Remember to let Bill know where the unofficial beep-o-rama is going to be. Good times again thanks to you!!! Tom H.
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    Yes very sad....... I haven't hunted in close to 6 months.......But I got a new truck though . Im working harder and harder to get what my family I need to be successful at life. It's hard for everyone right now but we need to keep at it. We will all meet up somewhere someday.
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    Found the perfect hat for detecting
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    Well at least someone's been productive in 'quarantine'. Congrats Mitchel !!
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    That Stem Cell Therapy is good stuff. It really is a miracle. I've seen what it had done for my dad's lungs. Awesome!! And you know I'm play'n about that son of yours. Young Tom has a heart of gold. It doesn't surprise me one bit. I am sure Sherri is in good hands. Hope you see both out there soon! Andyy
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    Old Tom - you still give me hope. When I'm out hiking at night trying to cheat the sun, I start huffing and puffing, and then remember Old Tom wouldn't stop. So neither will I. Too bad your good habits didn't wear off on that crazy son of yours. Oh well. Time to have another kid!! You keep going, Old Tom! Oh yeah, Luke, …. I typically prefer to watch youtube videos on how to finding gold. No gold, here. Noooope. Andyy
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    Happy Birthday Sir Thomas. This calls for a Cabo Wabo Bro. When you get to Az. I'll have one ready for you. Old Tom
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    Is it too late to get a 2021 Ford Bronco from Andrew for a great price ?
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    Yall are brutal hahaha ha! I'm bummed to see there won't be an outting this fall but I definitely respect your decision Bill. Crazy times we live in right now. Hopefully when the smoke clears we can all sit around that fire and tell horror stories from year 2020.
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    Good news; Lila Schwenk 5:34 PM (1 minute ago) to me Thanks so much for getting back to me. We just heard from him! He called us after he just got back a a being in the hills panning. We hadn’t heard from him for a month and a half which is very very unlike him. He said he just lost track of time. I bawled him out a little but was so happy to hear his voice.... I did let him know to think of his loved ones who care about him when we can’t reach him for such a long time. He is a very caring person so that’s why were sure something was wrong with him. Thanks again for your help. Lila Sent from my iPhone
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    So speaking about out in the sticks, this is where my wife and i were last year when we found out the hard way about charging drone batteries while in the field. We were stuck for a couple days, before my buddy could find us, even then thankfully the drone had enough power to fly out to our rescue truck and guide him to us. You can get some great views with the drones, and show you what's around the corner, happy flying everyone.
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    Here is what she says... This is the good stuff. This is what she uses for everything else. She tells me graphite and India ink for detailed surfaces that don't need sealing. Graphite and white glue for wood and porous material. Graphite and naphtha for plastics works good. But she prefers the pre mixed formula for all her work. She does a lot of stone setting and rings. Medallions and such. Not so much plating but electroforming. I think that spray is probably just graphite and naphtha from the looks of it. But that is just an assumption. Here is a link to the Safer Solutions copper paint. https://www.safer-solutions.com/safer-solutions.com/US_Sales.html And I found the spray lube on Amazon. I bet you can get it at the auto parts store. https://www.amazon.com/CRC-Graphite-Lube-Aerosol-Black/dp/B007I9XUD0 Hope that helps. It is all new to me.
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    Quite frankly!!!! I enjoy a 'beep-o-rama' by myself. . . With son out of college and out making a life for himself... it's pretty much how I roll these days.
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    Don't get too wrapped around the axle. Dang....ain't heard that from when I was a kid in the 70's! Tom H.
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    Thanks for the really cool coin! Did you have these made? 1 oz of .999 copper. I really like it. I won this when Terry asked about a picture with Doc/Bill/Rob in it as to where it was and what year. I knew where it was....but guessed on the year and hit it! Time to go buy some lottery tickets. Tom H.
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    Thank you!!! Very much appreciated! I took today and tomorrow off work to relax. My daughter's birthday is tomorrow so my celebration is short lived.... but all the better! I am really missing you fellas and waiting to get out!
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