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    Well, its been a while..but, myself and some friends were finally able to get over some gold! Went back to Road wash. to hit it again after about a year of letting the rains move some stuff around. Road wash didnt give up anything, but......Golden diaper wash did! Went back to a trib James found about 7 grams in, and I had gotten 3 grams after him. Stuff was moved around and I was able to get another gram out of it. I get almost to the top and Luke comes over from hunting another parallel trib that did not give up anything. I told him to go up in front of me and hit the rest but he didnt want to take my "new" ground and said he would just detect over the wash I had come up.....Well........he spanked my butt!!! I missed some. And he got the most with 2 grams. Either due to my smaller coil, He had a 15" and really good ears, or going too fast or im just a retard Anyway.... He hit a nice one about a foot downstream from one I had to chip out 8 inches of bedrock to get to. I just plain missed that other one. DOH!. But it was all for the good. Scott was able to score a little guy with his SDC he got from Bill also. Luke gave him a lot of great pointers on using it. All in all it was a fantastic day out in the hills with friends, finding gold and helping each other. YAH~~~ Tom H.
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    Went off today with my new camo hat (thank you Bill) and found my 2nd nugget for 2019. Did some research, got lost again, proved real life looks nothing like google earth (but I will still use it) and somehow came up with some gold. Once again it was at the end of a half day so I will definitely be back✌🏻✌🏻. And I will be wearing my new hat and the same underwear. Brownie
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    I mentioned finding gold in the meteor forum so here it is. My brother and I hiked into an area that both of us had marked on our GPS. We covered lots of ground and I gave up on the area and was heading to the truck. I met up with my brother and he showed me a small nugget he had found. I guess the brought my motivation back up and I detected every little gully on the way out. My first nugget was the big one and the rest were within 100 feet. This was an excellent day in the hills and might have even have two more meteorites for the collection. I said might because I still have my doubts. AJ
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    I like to Knapp rock for relaxation and it is just plain enjoyable .
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    I know I totally stole the word "dink/dinkster" from @adam and @boulder dash. It is the perfect adjective to describe the nuggets Ive found though. So here is the pic of the dinkster I found today with Leverite.
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    Heres some yella stuff from Montana, bigger nugget is 19.5 grams. Also some specimens that were dug out of a vein in an old timers saddle, where they took the outcropping, but missed the gold just off to the side.
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    last season finds from 4 different locations, 2 in Idaho & 2 in Montana, all with the Monster...…...
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    Hey low point I got out this weekend so I will post what I got .
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    Dad and I went around to see John tonight. He is doing well (as well as he can) He was talking to us a lot and is being very well taken care of. Doing therapy every day and they are starting to talk about discharging him to go home. Keep him in your prayers and thoughts please. Hes a great guy and has helped many of us out through the years. Tom H.
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    Hello everyone, It has been several years since I have posted on this forum, or done any detecting for that matter. Went through some pretty trying times in life but have come through better than I ever imagined, so I'm back to detecting again. Some of you may remember me, and for those who don't me.....HELLO nice to meet you!!! Went out with DOC this past weekend with my new GM1000 and had a blast. Found one little dink, but spending the day with my buddy Doc was worth more than any amount of gold. . I have not been up-to-date with all the current (or older) clubs, so I am open to any suggestions. I will primarily be hunting the Mojave Desert areas of California, but plan to make several trips per year to different areas of Arizona. Looking to join clubs NOT like the GPAA. I've been there, done that, won't do it again....lol. So, I am all ears folks. Tell me your best suggestions for clubs to join. Thank you.
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    I would keep the GM1000 and also get the 4500. Sell the Eureka. The PI will be good for deep ground and the monster for shallow ground and small nugs. Tom H.
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    One of my neighbors wanted a point made for a pendent for his wife so i made this one last night from Mexican royal velvet obsidian.
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    Never let the skunk win! It's been awhile with the rain and storm season that started last November-April. Again my little Joey DD coil at my old patch but this time in the drainage ditch that water runs off to the lake. On the left is 2.0gr, the other is 1.8gr. On it I experminted a little by cleaning it with vinegar Same old tooth brush on both but one I used the vinegar (right) the other just water.
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    I had the day off today. My home is being remodeled so it is dirty, dusty and workers banging around. It was also a cold rainy day. I wanted to get out of the house so I decided to drive the 10 minutes to Arizona State University to check out their meteorite display and see what was new. While there I bumped into Dr. Garvie who was just beginning a tour of the meteorite vault for some grad students. Dr. Garvie remembered me from some of my meteorite finds I have brought to their open houses in the past and invited me in with the students! It was one hour I won't soon forget. I'll attach some pictures.
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    Great times! Thanks for the invite Tom! Luke is the man for giving me some much needed pointers... I would not have gotten gold without him literally telling me "thats a target"...
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    Here’s as good as it’s gonna get Morlock.
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    Here are pictures to go with the story: I will post the ending as soon as I have it finished. (The only thing slowing me down is time.) Mountain scenery and that beautiful blue alpine sky. We grow tall mountains around here. The time of year when the bees get busy. Some of the ways the water moves around. All shut down getting ready for the move. Speed-panning wonder! This bedrock is heading uphill at an insane angle. My son trying a little high-banking, but he zeroed in that spot and quickly went back to detecting (just because a spot looks good, doesn't mean it is😉). This bedrock has a great chance of hiding something . . . My robust, torquey blue mule. That diesel engine is just starting to get broke in (million mile Cummins wonders). My son cutting his teeth on the Minelab GPX 5000 (I hope his wife still likes me as he has a wonderful case of the fever!😋). Look what the Gold Racer sniffed out: small and chunky! Some of the meat to go with the smaller potatoes. I think this picture says it all about the clichés about gold and rainbows. All the best, Lanny
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    Leverite and I were afraid we were going to get the stanky skunk today. We each pulled a piece out of the ground and managed to avoid it!
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    Here are some found this year in south west Arizona.
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    Dad and I met up with Dave yesterday for a day in the hills detecting. We wound up kind of exploring the first half of the day so we didnt get much detecting in. Went to the Big Reef Mill to look around and then visited some cool mines. Was good to get out and exercise both me and the 4x4 Can anyone guess what all the little lights are? No gold but we did clean up the desert in some washes that have not been hit in a LONG time. Real old 22 short shells with a half moon firing pin indent. Tom H.
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    I would say if gold has been found there before then yes it's a good place to hunt, if it hasn't been hunted to death but even then there always seem to be a missed nugget or two in most areas, what the history is in an area is your best friend and the only way to make friends with that history is research!
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    SMH; I do not understand your comments or questions...It may be that English is not your first language or you may be way to smart for me. Either way, I want to exchange thoughts if I could only understand... Bob, will figure it out for me-I hope.... fred
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    It sure was a good day. Thanks for the invite Tom and thanks for leaving some gold to be found.... I was happy to 'pay it forward' with regards to helping a guy out with his shiny new toy. Someone, not so long ago, did the same for me and everything changed after that. It's fun finding gold, but when other people see you find gold, it's just that much better. Everyone learns something in the process. Thanks again Tom !! Luke
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    Ernest Hemingway wrote “The Old Man and the Sea” while living in Cuba about a poor fisherman, named Santiago, who has a string of bad luck fishing for his livelihood. On his 84th day he set out deep into the Gulf Stream of Mexico and finally hooked a world record marlin. Twenty years ago I set out to find a new fall in Arizona. I interviewed dozens of people miles apart who all independently triangulated to the same location. I spend 52 days over the years combing that area in ever widening, carefully searched grids to no avail. Finally, reviewing weather radar data, others located the strewnfield 15 miles away and began recovering stones. I changed course and continued searching for another 14 days over the new strewnfield and still have found nothing. No one has ever found the main mass, but now I think I have identified a reasonably small grid for a detailed search. I figure my highest probability of success of my grid will be in days 3 to 6 with a maximum of 18 days to complete a fully extended search area. Santiago found his success when he persevered to the end. I intend to do the same, even if it takes 84 days. Cheers! billpeters
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    Golden Bonanza Days, Part 4: My son and I kept at it, swinging the coils, gathering the signals, and depositing them in the pans. In retrospect, I adopted this “speed-panning” system a couple of years ago while working a target-rich area, and now I use it regularly if a spot proves good for continuing gold production; I no longer waste time isolating each and every target captured in the scoop.On a related note, (in the fall of the year, or early spring) when the days are short, I don’t have much of an option to sort and sift targets as I have to quickly cover as much ground as possible to avoid the dark and the cold. So, every target goes from the scoop straight into the plastic pans. This approach allows me to maximize my time on site, which means that sometimes I’ll pan by flashlight or take the pans back to camp to process the next day. So, when I’m detecting alone, it’s an efficient time saver, but when I have someone to pan for me, I can maximize even more time!To elaborate a bit more on the speed-detecting/speed-panning process, we weren’t ripping across the bedrock in race mode, we were carefully investigating every bump or whisper that broke the threshold. The only element of speed involved was how quickly we were able to collect and dump targets without having to isolate them.A couple of times while swinging the coil, I heard multiple targets in one sweep (this happened to my son as well). Exciting stuff indeed when there’s more than one nugget in that coil pass! The best we did on that outing was three nuggets in one sweep. (Tip: I always use a super-magnet on an extendable wand to quickly eliminate ferrous trash, which saves even more time wasted on individual target isolation.)To get back to my gold tale, my wife came walking carefully toward me cradling a gold pan, and what a smile! This is a good sign, and man you should have seen the nice nuggets, their gold colour sharply contrasted against the deep-green. Over the two days, she repeated this ritual numerous times. As I was using the small sniper coil on the Gold Racer, and having chosen a more traditional section of bedrock (a softer one the machines were able to work easier), the nuggets in my pans were smaller, nothing much over two grams, with the exception of on five-gram piece that startled me. However, my son’s pan had lots of beefy pieces, but nothing over seven grams. After my son finished working his sloped cliff (that’s exactly what it was), he wandered down to detect the south end of the excavation where there were two pools of water, separated from each other by a ridge of hard bedrock. So, I jumped his claim by wandering over to his cliff-face honey-hole to detect for leftovers. Using my Gold Racer, I reached up as far as I could to swing the coil across a sort of rounded knob, one that bumped out slightly from the bedrock slope. That nasty little spot held a signal!Well, this caused me lots of problems because now I had to see what the signal was. After pinpointing a small area just above the knob, I left the detector at the bottom and clawed my way up, barely hanging on by the tips of my boots. I saw a small V in the bedrock that held rusted, cemented material. (With ancient, intact material like this, it’s a great sign that gold may be present.) Swinging the pick, I would get a couple of shots in, but then the pounding motion would jar me loose from the precarious knob, and I’d undertake a controlled, downward crash. I did this over and over again, until at last I broke out a chunk of bedrock with rusty, cemented material attached.So, that’s how I recovered a lonely 1.5gram nugget my son had missed. I kept at my crazy stretching to detect tactic, and coupled it with my sketchy footing routine until I’d captured six more small nuggets (from a gram to half a gram in weight). All of the were nuggets trapped in similar, small depressions. (I had to use a sledge and chisel to break out some targets, as some were cemented in, while others were jammed tight in cracks.) On a related note, I lost track of how many bruises I collected (I felt them all though for the next few days), and I probably left enough hide from my arms to do a skin graft! The crazy things we do for gold . . . As I was closing my gold bottle, my son gave a shout from the south end of the cut, and with my climbing days over, off I went to see what he’d discovered.To be continued:All the best,Lanny
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    Man, that's a good looking piece bro. Same hat, wash the undies. Old Tom
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    Where do I chase the gold? Here's a few pictures, taken over the years, of one of the rugged areas where I chase the gold. And of course, the first picture, and the last picture, that's why I'm in those mountains; moreover, that's why I write the stories . . . All the best, Lanny
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    Some of the same gold prettied up when we got back home. All the best, Lanny
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    Dollar coin in the picture for scale, full-size wide-bottom gold pan. Picture taken in the field before any cleaning of the gold (that's why the iron-staining as that gold sat next to and with the natural iron for untold eons). The geologist on site said the gold comes from an ancient channel around 60,000,000 years old. What a party my son, my wife (she did the panning of our scoops of dirt so we didn't have to slow down to isolate targets) and I had getting all of that gold with the detectors over two days. (I'll post the story on my thread.) All the best, Lanny
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    This is a graphite nodule from a Canyon Diablo meteorite where the graphite turned to diamond during the impact.
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    We've had wind and we've had rain in sunny southern California. It has supplied enough energy to move some targets up for my Equinox 800 from Bill. I wish one of them was gold but that was last month. There is a half ounce silver ring there and a silver amber ring. The others just are 'rings!' I'm still hoping to get more. Mitchel
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    OK, Yes this is a gold forum and has been for like 20 years now, you post the same question at least once a year Here is some Gold Monster 1000 and GP 3500 gold with a few GPZ 7000 bits included, just more into educating than showing off these days Sorry for the crappy phone photo, but camera in truck and I am too lazy to go get it, most all from 2018 with a few from 2019 so far thrown in..... Many of the actual finds are at my YouTube channel in my YouTube crap
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    Fred, I was detecting in another area that day and found this on the way out at the end of the day. I had a 3 hour drive home so unfortunately I didn't have the time to swing. I was literally only there long enough to snap a few pics and off I went. But it looked good, and after a little research today found that gold has been found within a half mile of this area, so hoping for a good outcome once the 4500 gets here. 😁
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    Good morning, Kyle. Yes, it is very easy to get addicted to this hobby. I first started on these forums, and detecting, probably 8 or 9 years ago. Bought a 5000 from Rob Allison with a crap load of accessories, used it for almost a year and got frustrated and sold it. After that I bought a Eureka Gold (same situation), then a X-Terra 705 Gold Pack (same situation), then a Whites GMT (same situation), then a SE Pro (same situation), then a Gold Bug Pro (same situation), then a Gold Bug 2 (same situation), then ANOTHER 5000 and kept that one until I went through my divorce 4 years ago and had to sell it. So, after all the times I got frustrated for not finding anything, here I am the owner of a Gold Monster, a Eureka Gold, with a 4500 due to be delivered on Tuesday! It is hard to go away and stay gone. This time, even if I get frustrated, I'm NOT selling off the detectors though. I always come back to the hobby so why have to start over every time? I WAS a little concerned with the whole modding thing because of warranty service and all, but only considered it after watching some of Woody's YouTube videos. My problem has always been, and still is, getting in the right place to get the coil over gold. Plus, sometimes I just get fed up with digging up bullets and aluminum foil and just throw in the towel for the day. I know digging trash is part of the game, but it really blows my mind when I find bullets, aluminum foil, pellets from pellet guns, paper staples and such after hiking 2 or 3 miles into nowhere to hunt. I just need to really put some effort into learning where to look for gold. I guess at this point a modded detector would just help me find more trash...lol.
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    Time. That pan was 90 minutes worth. I planned to go back today and spend close to a week but truck got towed to the garage yesterday. I'm sitting here packed and pacing waiting for the mechanic to call.. On a side note, I ran into old Saul last week. He's doing good, real good in fact. I urged him to get back on this forum, we all miss his commentary.
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    We were out in the Wickenburg area this weekend and I stumbled across a very large rattler hiding in the bushes. He was tame and warned me of his position. Keep your peepers peeping and your beepers beeping. Also saw 3 striped tail (I believe) scorpions. Wear your gloves and be careful when you are doing a "50/50" scoop trying to find your target. That is all Folks! 20190309_124436.mp4
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    I find Seasoned's Obvious Skew a delectable delight in the field of meteorites. Few others give us such an exquisite opportunity to tempt the palate. He teases us first with a quick view and sensual aroma of his main meteorite skew cooked to bubbly perfection to tickle our taste senses. You could tell right away by its texture, swirls, and iridescent coloration that is is going to feast to remember. But then he backtracks by presenting us his word salad appetizer as a tasty first treat. And now the gathering awaits with eager anticipation the full experience of the main skew seasoned by his best presentation. May the food critics be accurate, but kind. Cheers! billpeters
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    Fred, I think I can translate his native tongue into English. It has been a long time since I have conversed in Nebulous Doublespeak but I think I can give you the general idea. I think he is saying his seasoning tastes better than the seasoning of the accepted meteoritic community (Nacho Cheese is a classic and tough to beat). He evidently has one of those mets that the idiots in the met community can't recognize. It has all the characteristics of a brand new classification but none of the characteristics of any known meteorite. As a consequence posting a photo is useless because no one could recognize it anyway. Solid evidence of a rare find indeed! He has purchased some $300 textbooks and most people don't do that. I figure he is probably buying new from the University Bookstore rather than the used textbooks offered online. Actors in lab coats are telling him his rocks are not from space. Other than that I cant make heads or tails of it either. Maybe he will enlighten us further?
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    i never worry about them nor do I wear snake chaps and yes I do use headphones most of the time- IMO Think snake=See snake-so quit worrying about them and enjoy the hunt -Lions and Tigers and Bears-Oh my Mike C...
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    This is a scorpion that my friend Adam gold plated a few years back. The business is since closed. A reminder of good times seeing gold flow out the door by the pounds....
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    I am becoming suspicious that someone is trying to pass counterfeits to you. Not an expert, but the thing looks like it was struck with a hammer and a mold today. This would make the second counterfeit batch you posted. You really do need to take these to a different forum.
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    Golden Bonanza Days, Part 3: This section continues with the description of the cut and some of the detecting conditions.(I have been stunned sometimes by the gold I’ve found doing this bedrock examination or scouring process; It was a learning curve to stop the temptation to follow my eyes, but relying on the detector’s brain instead has been a tactic that has paid well.However, at other times when the bedrock was extremely hot or littered with highly reactive rocks, I’ve put the detectors away to rely on the slow process of sniping by using scrapers and crevicing tools to feel out the hidden gold traps. Of course, this tactic is used in areas where I’ve already been finding nice gold, and where all of a sudden with a bedrock composition/mineralization change or a sudden plague of hot-rocks tight on bedrock, I have to switch gears to look for the gold with the age-old, yet proven, process of sniping and panning. [I have a story about this as well for a later date.]The area my son was working was not an easy spot to detect. He was swinging his coil on that aforementioned steeply rising iron-hard slope of bedrock-wall, all while trying to keep his footing secure in order to gather targets, and yes he slipped more than once [as I did when I checked it later after he’d finished], so it was definitely a sketchy place to work. We both had a few scares, but the gold was there for the getting, so we were game.That wall of bedrock held all kinds of little traps [we even had to do hammer and chisel work to free nuggets], and those traps held wonderful gold. The hardness of the bedrock made trying to reduce it with machinery economically unfeasible for the placer miners as the damage to profit margin ratio would no support the cost of repairs involved; moreover, the miners recovered incredible gold regardless of what they had to leave behind as that ancient dinosaur channel that bedded the entire cut paid off exceptionally well.So, in summary, the composition of the cut was undulating bedrock with a variety of low spots, crevices, water-filled traps, small yet intact areas of ancient stream-run, large gutters, warped and twisted bedrock, contact zones of bedrock with varying compositions of hardness, terraced ledges, etc., plus a steeply sloping wall of invincible bedrock riddled with small gold traps.)To be continued:All the best,Lanny
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    Great advice but don't waste your time detecting my dig holes as you won't find s....
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    Jim, when you sold me your autographed copy of your book many years ago, it lit a fire in me to get serious about metal detecting for nuggets, and I've done well because of your unselfish wish to help me understand how to detect for nuggets. As well, I'd say you've achieved your goal to educate others in the pursuit of gold, to teach them how it's done. I have a great respect for teachers; I have a great respect for you for your years of professional service as a teacher, and as someone so willing to help others in a truly kind way. All the best, Lanny
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    I see ones, that need some love, pop up regularly over here. I flipped through CL this morning out of curiosity and found a few below $1500. Of course, that does mean hours of repairs and buying a few parts...I enjoy that part of it though. Gives me a chance to put the stamp of Dave on it.
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    I am getting better, starting to take some home. We left a few nuggets out there for breeding stock.
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    I could have swore that it had been a Gold Forum (at one time),....ya know where you post pictures of real gold nuggets that you have actually found,....and not you tube crap. Guess no one likes posting any more, so I'll throw these on just for kicks-n-giggles. Had to move a few boulders "down-deep" on bedrock to get these. Gary
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    Thank you to everyone for the warm welcomes, and welcome backs. I see a lot of names that I recognize here which is great. Glad to see that a lot of you are still around and active on this forum. I also see a lot of new names, which is very good as well because that means that our hobby is growing and becoming more addictive... LOL. Looking forward to interacting with everyone.
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