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    So I sort of got a kick out of Mike Furness a couple of outings ago when he asked me, "So Doc, are you divorced?" I laughed and told him, "No far from it." But my wife Diana, has no interest in Gold Prospecting but she has never stood in my way to let me go out and look for the shiny. She knows I love this hobby. So anyway, just to update everyone on my marital status in case you were wondering. June 20th, my wife and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. I started dating her when she was 16, and married her a month after she turned 18. All our kids and grand children came over and fixed us a big meal on Sunday, along with a beautiful cake. We got gift cards, and a certificate for us all to have a family portrait when it gets cooler. I got the ol' girl a brand new car for our anniversary, a Telluride. I know this is personal stuff but all you guys are my extended family. So Mike, NO I AM NOT DIVORCED. LOL Doc and Diana
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    The topic was removed because it seems whenever there's a topic that gains interest there's always the very few that very well knows the rules of Bill's Nugget Shooters Forum feel they need to breaks those rules for whatever their reason is which ends up getting the topic removed, then all the members who were following the few rules we have here lose out because of those few rule breakers and not being able to voice their opinions. I have been working 6 to 7 days a week, at a minimum of least 10 hours a day for the past several months so I don't have the time to remove or edit out the offending posts and issue warnings to the offenders, who very well know who you are, so the only option I have left is to remove the entire topic. That being said, I wanted to post an explanation, so everyone have a great day, I have to go back to work!
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    Well done bro. A fine looking family Doc, may you have many more years to go with them. Got you beat by a little, 64 years with my bride and still going. Old Tom
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    I got a fireworks display in my scoop on July 5th when I found a 6g diamond cluster ring and a few other things.
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    Bob ... I do normally go and participate with the instruction end of things. The campfire sessions are the best though! Stories and lies, big gold and lies and more stories and lies! LOL!
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    Good Idea! You head it up.....Thanks. Remember to let Bill know where the unofficial beep-o-rama is going to be. Good times again thanks to you!!! Tom H.
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    Yes very sad....... I haven't hunted in close to 6 months.......But I got a new truck though . Im working harder and harder to get what my family I need to be successful at life. It's hard for everyone right now but we need to keep at it. We will all meet up somewhere someday.
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    Thanks for the really cool coin! Did you have these made? 1 oz of .999 copper. I really like it. I won this when Terry asked about a picture with Doc/Bill/Rob in it as to where it was and what year. I knew where it was....but guessed on the year and hit it! Time to go buy some lottery tickets. Tom H.
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    For sure. Just as they should. Defending oneself or one's family is an entirely different matter, than killing people who don't share a political opinion.
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    Great finds, they must have been useing the wood bits to drill fishing holes! Ha! Ha! Grubstake
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    $22 /lb sounds decent to me. I have to brave the herds and make a supply run this week. I may stop and get a lb or two, along with caps & 54 cal balls. That's probably more powder than I will shoot in a lifetime. It's a shame so many morons are ready to step right up and start killing their own countrymen.
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    Congrats to you and your wife Doc. Not many can say they were married for 50 yrs these days. 2 more years and we hit 40....holy cow! Tom H.
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    Here's a short video explaining what I haven't been able to. https://www.pbs.org/video/how-well-do-masks-work-ke2qje/ Stay safe everyone. Even you, yeah you.
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    Excellent video! I wish everyone would embrace this and just do it for the sake of others. Wearing a mask is not that uncomfortable. Now, wearing one of these for 8 hrs in black, turning 96 F-16s in Az in Sept during an ORI......thats UNCOMFORTABLE! Been there done that. Tom H
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    OK, I was finally bitten by the drone bug and amd almost done studying for my part 107 license. What a fantastic research tool and once mastered one can see the goldfields from a birds eye... I am amazed by the abilities of the DJI Mini and Mavic Air and the video quality. Now I can see over that next hill without humping my chubby self over it. COOL....
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    My one dog thinks they are manna from heaven. Loves to hunt them down and then "crunch crunch" Good protein I guess :) Tom
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    Hey, everyone! I just made a video that I think a lot of you will be interested in seeing. If anyone is interested in a copy of the results just let me know and I will post an image of them.
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    How strange! My opal from Ethiopia looks practically the same as the upper one in your post
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    Great answers. I think concensus is that it could be a septarian nodule. Thnaks to all. THis is a great forum!!
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    Not a meteorite. It is a heavily weathered septarian nodule.
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    Congrats to You and your bride , the years have treated you and your family well. I remember you well from my LV days when you were in the storage place. My bride and I are starting on our 59 year.
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    Max, I have been using a drone for 2 years now. The technology is improving on each new release. I just recently purchased the new DJI Mavic Air 2, and love it. Flight time is 30 minutes, has a 4k camera, its range is a few miles, ect. Im using it more and more on sending it out to scout out prospecting locations to hunt. I ran into another prospector out near Ivanpah Nevada, and he was about to hike up a steep hill to get to some interesting looking mine workings almost at the top of the hill. I told him, I will send the drone to scout it out. When the drone flew up there, the mine was completely caved in, and the guy was thankful for saving him a few hours of strenuous hiking. You can buy small cell phone repeaters to attach to the drone, so if your in a remote location, in a canyon, or hills that get no cell, you can send the drone straight up, to get above hills and mountains to get cell. Dave
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    All you need for a group consensus is a group. Why don't you work on that a bit and get back to us?
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    What's this "we" stuff? ... the folks that normally go ought to correspond and make it an " unofficial" shindig. Do you really need MINELAB there to have a good time? Of course, someone needs to inform Bill of the unofficial beep-o-rama.
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    Good to see you again buddy! Like you, I have not been out in a loooooooooooooooooong time. Things will change and we will be out in the field again. Tom H.
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    Do you see Chinese writings in this one?
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    What do you recommend for the coronavirus?
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    Sure! Lots of hair, scat and footprint castings are available on my website. There is also a section with alien artifacts and chunks of crashed spacecraft. I am also working on a collection of stone poodle turds and exploding Martian sandstone. Smart pills are only $5 for a bottle of 20! I also have a collection of rare artifacts like left handed smoke shifters and board stretchers. Bags of Spanish mortar. Powdered unicorn horns and fossilized hens teeth. All available at low, low prices! There is even a deep discount for Nugget Shooter members! Type GULLIBLE66 in the coupon code box for 50% off your first $100 purchase! Place your order today and I will include a 4 oz. bottle of Holy water infused with colloidal silver that is guaranteed to reverse balding and improve your sex life.
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    I just wanted to see how everyone who bought my book, likes it? If you haven't left a review on here, can you please post one, so I can get them up on my website. I would really appreciate it. I have a variety of shipping options on the website now. If anyone hasn't gotten a copy yet, please go to my website, check it out and consider getting a copy. https://goldseekerbooks.com/ Also I would like to know if any of my info from my book has lead anyone to new nuggets. If so, tell us all your story. Since I am Sidelined with a torn Achilles Tendon, I can't get out to detect, or work, so I have to live vicariously through all you fine fellows. - Reese
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    There are tons of claims out there that are invalid, I see them all the time. But when they appear valid to the hobbyists, chances are they'll stay off.
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    That probably why they call it REsearch Chris. One search rarely gives you the whole picture. I have spent many hours, days and months in dark dank records basements staring at microfiche machines before the public records were digitized. I spent two weeks in Prescott researching just one location near Cherry. I have to laugh sometimes when I hear complaints about how hard this type of research is. The work hasn't gotten much easier or different but being able to do it from the comfort of my office instead of traveling many miles each day to dig through county records sure makes it more comfortable and efficient.
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    Congratulations. Sounds like you are making progress Chris. Claim size reductions are properly accomplished as amendments to the original location. There is no need to make a new claim location to reduce a claim's size. In Maricopa County Claim Amendment records are grouped under "MINING CLAIM AND/OR LOCATION". You are probably better off to search for claim amendments by the claim name. Not all recordings are always categorized correctly in Maricopa. Sure would be a lot easier if they would just follow the law and organize their records by TRS. A word of caution regarding claim amendments. Claim amendments are most commonly the result of improperly filed claims at the BLM state office. The locator is sent a notice by the BLM to amend their claim or have their claim case file closed. Usually those notices will occur within the first three years of location. Once a notice to amend is received the claimant needs to stake the modified claim location on the ground, make a claim amendment with map if needed, record that amendment with the county and file a copy with the BLM state office. Usually they only have 30 days to accomplish all that. Most claimants just skip the staking and county recording. That's bad for the claim validity and stupid because the public has no other way of knowing where the claim is now located. Often you will reach a dead end with claim amendments. How you deal with that is problematic. The amended map filed at the BLM has no legal existence until the staking and county recording are accomplished. It may show what the claim owner intended but it legally amounts to nothing more than wishes and dreams. Without a public record and stakes the claim essentially is in limbo. The BLM won't recognize the validity of the original location but there is no legally required public record of the amended location. No stakes on the ground and no public record made means the amended claim has no definable location. If the location isn't definable then it isn't really a location at all is it? As you know I deal with this stuff daily. I'll help you with what I can but if locators and claimants don't maintain a public record there is nothing you or I can do to know where or if a valid claim exists. Welcome to my world.
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    Maybe he was hoping to hook an iron fish. 😅 https://www.bbc.com/news/health-32749629 Seriously..I don't think it's iron ore. Probably a piece of scrap iron that came from a wreck or fell off a barge.
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    RIP AZdigger.
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    To me it looks like a volcanic pumice, except the rock itself seems to be more of quarts. I wonder if it formed kind of like a geode in a bubble in volcanic rock with minerals leaking in and the softer volcanic rock eroded away and left that.
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    Stable leadership and clear messaging based on facts and science. Im sorry to say we are fresh out of that.
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    I found some photos on the hard drive. I think the are the same ones I posted on this thread long ago. Here is the blower from two sides. You can see the little welded frame and plywood base. And the duct adapter I made from a coffee can. Check out the plywood adapter. It is just the right thickness so the blower impeller rides in the blower housing. The throttle control is just a lawn mower throttle with a shortened control cable. Simple stuff. That hose is heavy duty dust collection hose. It is not as tough as food pipe but it is good. You can step on it and it comes back in shape pretty good. It will tear but not too easy. Duct tape will fix it good. If you are careful it will last for a long time. The third photo is the intake, or vacuum side. If you get your hand in there you will draw back a stump. And it will suck it right in there too. This unit is too big to drag around on a bucket. You can tap the vacuum side and duct it into a bucket lid or shop vac tank. You are limited in range though. I don't vacuum much anymore. I blow. With a bellows or a blower. Blow it clean after raking. Then sweep and speck up the gold. It is easier to work remote areas like that and you don't have to have a bunch of equipment. Not even a drywasher. I use the big blower drywasher on big piles and larger expanses of gravel. So this equipment is not really engineered to be a good vacuum. But... The horizontal shaft blower with a wheel engineered to convey abrasives will suck it up like a dry dredge and blow it right down a section of helical pipe and into a bucket. Or just out on the tailings pile. It wont suck it uphill very far. But it will move it 10-15 feet away from the diggings. And most of the gold will stay in the pipe and never get close to the end of the hose. Still, you see most of the gold as you are sucking it up. The nuggets will lag behind while everything else gets sucked into the pipe. So will the fine gold if you suck it up gradually and use a broom to help the gravel along. That is when I started blowing the material away from bedrock rather than trying to collect it. I saw the vacuum sucking up all the waste and the gold staying behind. I was concentrating the gravel with the vacuum just sucking it up. So I decided to blow instead of suck. I didn't need to handle the material and concentrate it any more. Just blow it in whatever direction I wanted. What is left on the bedrock is concentrates that can easily be swept up or vacuumed into a bucket. If you blow it away slowly and use a broom to loosen the gravel you don't loose much. Even piles of dirt that have been shoveled out of a hole can be concentrated with an air stream faster than running through a dry concentrator. I honestly don't think that the loss offsets the benefits of shoveling it all up, vacuuming and then running it through a machine unless you are in a real hotspot with lots of fine gold. In the area I generally work 90% of the gold is freckle size and above and blowing is the very best method of concentrating bedrock. Even using a small bellows and a garden rake you can tell pretty fast if the area is worth working. So there is my two bits on blowers and suckers. Hope it got you to thinking. Bob
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    The hard copy proofs showed up today. Wow what a feeling! Can't wait to get the rest of them here and sent out to everyone.
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