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    Yeah, looks like a mess of shell fossils to me too. I thought maybe you had a bit of crinoid in the one, but looking closer I think it’s some shells that just happened to line up.
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    From a glance they look like they could be shells of some sort or fossils. I personally would love to see one cut open or even maybe try to scrape away the rock around one to get a piece out. Either way it definetly looks like a couple of interesting stones.
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    Welcome Nathan, You will learn a lot about meteorite characteristics here if you look over the many different posts of suspected meteorites. However, only about 1/500 newbie posts are an actual meteorite. Your rock is a fairly common obsidian-like terrestrial stone, either as a natural obsidian or a common byproduct of man-made slag. Both will normally have many impurities and be somewhat magnetic. Slag byproduct is everywhere across the US and gets mixed in with fill dirt to level ground and occasional larger pieces wind up in people's yards after winter cinders are put down on roads to add traction in snow country. Eventually they get noticed after a rain has washed them off and the Sun shines on them. How your stone ended up where you found it is anybody's guess. It has no characteristics of a meteorite and nothing similar to rocks from the Moon or Mars. It contains standard silicon black glass with impurities. It is still a cool rock though. Thanks for sharing it. Below is pic of an obsidian rock for comparison. Blessings, billpeters
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    digging down deeper for the good stuff .
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    Funny how a few finds like that make you think about a place differently.
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    This story is of a friend of mine, "Bob Ellithorpe" an equipment operator in Colorado. The rock is on display in the Denver Museum of Natural History and I have personally seen it on display http://pagosasprings.com/the-summitville-141-oz-gold-boulder/
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