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    Boulder dash and I got out for a day and he just smoked me ! Lots of hard work in the new spots but it looks like I need to chose a different area Enjoy !! Boulderdash`s is on right Mine on the left ......
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    Got out Sunday for a few hours and managed to find some gold nuggets ! There were fresh dig holes in this remote spot but they left some pieces behind About three grams..Enjoy !
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    Managed to get down into the lower desert today after a lengthy period of painting my house and doing other catch-up projects. Ran across this fist'y dude crossing the dirt road ahead of me. By the time I fumbled around and found my camera it was up starting into the brush and dry grass. Once it caught site of me it coiled up and was ready for some serious business. Attitude-wise, it wasn't taking any S@#?!! from anyone, nor anything. It's a little hard to see in the photo's, as it is blending into the background very well. I let it be it's cantankerous-self and drove on over to a new( to me anyway) wash where I did manage to find this 1.02 Gram flat-pancake-shaped nugget. I was using my 14" Evo coil, which I haven't been using much of. Also managed to pull out about 15 chunks of old lead bullets;...a good sign that no one has been detecting up this particular wash.
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    Leverite and I set a goal on where to placer to. We hit that goal and decided to go home. We pulled another 1.6 Grams today!
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    Leverite and I came home with about 1.75 GRAMS of color today. Placered the hell out of an inside bend with more to go!! 2.5 feet of over burden on average. Hard work is paying off! The big nuggy is about 1.29 grams! VIDEOS TO COME!!
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    So I thought I'd post an update on what's been found since "The Best Day Ever". I've been back to this location a few times now and there's still gold there, but it's getting much harder to find. I went out there yesterday with the modded 4000 and the 11" Commander and picked up a couple more for just over half a gram. Happy Hunting !! Luke
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    I was detecting mid slope in an area with almost no trash. I got a semi-strong and mellow sounding hit near the base of a bush. I got excited and confident. 10” down this very heavy rock was pulled out. Looks like a ball of iron but very weak on the magnetic side. The ground was mild with no hot rocks. Any suggestions would be welcomed. And some gold from the last 5 trips. Brownie
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    Although this video is about 6 months Old, It was (almost) our first nugget found since we got to spend the day with him learning the ropes. Comment on the video, I'm going to start recording more videos as time goes on, so like, and subscribe and hopefully more color will come my way! Thanks A LOT!!!
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    Jim was a good friend and mentor to many of us, especially those of us who got involved in nuggetshooting in the pre-1990 era. In the late 1980's he would frequently visit us at the editorial offices of "Treasure" Magazine, where many happy hours were spent "talking gold.". He was rarely absent from GPAA Gold Shows in Southern California, Las Vegas, or Phoenix/Mesa. At one such Show he approached my booth, handed me a spectacular specimen of auriferous quartz, and asked me "Where do you think this was found in Southern California?. Studying it, I answered "[site A]". "Nope." "[site B?]." "Nope." "[site c?]" "Nope." I then asked, as he turning away "So where?" "Ain't tellin'" was his response. Then he added, "but I now know of 3 new places to try!" ,
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    Took my Lady friend out to South Cove for some fishing today .. FUN FUN , we kept 10 stripers and threes Large Mouth Bass......bite turned off a 9am.
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    My face is turning red. Thank you for the praise. It's easy to teach what you love.
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    And you thought your neihborhood was tough.
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    Just got back from a few days in the mountains bowfishing. My son got a bucket full of big bullfrogs and we had a great time. We did manage to shoot a few fish as well. Here he is with a whopper goldfish. What a neat target for a bow from a kayak! He cut that rascal up and caught two nice catfish with cut bait. And here is a nice Gila trout I managed to hit. He is about 20 inches long. I have fished for these trout in this lake for years. I have never caught one. But I was working along the bank looking for frogs and saw lots of nice fish down deep under the boat. At first I couldn't tell what they were. I watched them for several minutes and decided they were trout but I honestly could not tell what kind they were. There were many of them and they were all nice size. I started taking shots down deep and it took several shots to get the "drop" right. The fish were in about 3 feet of water and it is extremely tough to figure out your trajectory and make shots that deep. Not to mention trout are swimming around and turning all the time and can be tough targets. But after a couple hours and a dozen shots I finally managed to nail a pretty nice one. I couldn't believe it when I pulled him up and saw it was a Gila trout. He was bright sunset orange and yellow. What a hoot! I dressed him out immediately and buried him in ice. Battered and deep fried within 4 hours or so. Yuk man. I ate the skin and a big piece of meat just to say I ate it and fed the rest to the dog. He was a lot more fun to shoot than eat. The frog legs and catfish was excellent though so everyone was well fed. Thanks to my son. I spent the whole day getting a Gila trout and that was cool. But the toddler put the frog legs and catfish on the table. And he did it shooting (and fishing) off that kayak which is something I just can't get the hang of at all. So cheers to the offspring! He is a real fisherman!
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    Hey Guys!! I just released video 13 of my awesome Memorial Day Trip! I wish it was like this every time! Here is a direct link to watch it! Thanks for watching. let me know what you think Please!
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    I finished the last few details on the engine today. I fabricated braces for the dual Mikuni carb set up. I also got the wiring harness made. Only 8 wires! 4 of those are CHT probes. I love an engine that only needs 4 wires to run! I also started the test stand today... I actually started it over a year ago and got sidetracked. I did however, dig it out of the pile today and haul it to the workbench. I'm doing something a little different with my test stand. I've figured out a way to incorporate a dynometer into the stand. That should prove helpful when fine tuning carb jets and timing. I can see torque measurements from a test run immediately.
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    I purchased a GM1000 and it rebooted itself from time to time while using it. I contacted Minelab via email and got prompt replies with troubleshooting tips. After exhausting those I was told to send it back, being so new they would do a replacement. The day my detector arrived at their facility they shipped the new one. In the past I was lead to believe Minelabs customer service was lacking but that does not seem to be the case anymore. Thank you Minelabs!
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    osha approved stick!!! Someone has been watching I brake for bedrock videos.
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    Boulder Dash strikes again. Tom and I owe our first encounters with the metal detector to Mr. Dash. He has helped so many in the past it's time for a big 'Hurrah' for the guy. Well done my man. Old Tom
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    Sorry to hear the news. Thank you Sir for sharing all your knowledge. Dear Lord, Please take care of the wonderful and thoughtful man we in the prospecting community were so blessed to have and please ease the pain in the hearts of his family and friends. In Jesus name -Amen.
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    Took the rig out on my first long trip to Southern Oregon and joined my friend on his turkey hunt. Reallly impressed on how she ran... Can't wait till I can't try her out in the desert... if it ever quits raining here. Took the oppurtunity for a photo on a gas stop. That's Mt Shasta in the background.
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    Went fishing at Cottonwood Cove. I got 2 , but lost a couple , my Girl Friend got 2...This is the big one. No Scale...
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    It's great to have life long friends!!! My parents were friends with his parent before we were even born. That's a long time to be buddies. I remember the time we even went to hunter safety course together as kids, along with many hunting and fishing trips with our families. Now that we're older.... it's great when the stars and moon align to where we can hook up. They aligned and I was able to head to his cabin in Oregon and join him on his turkey hunt. He was able to fill his turkey tags, getting his last one a couple ours after I left to head home. Here are a couple that he connected with. We did do some swinging of the coils while there and he was able to find an old knozzle from when they washed the banks down on the year round creek behind his cabin back in the day. I did have fun behind the lens of the camera, but next year I think I'll spring for a liscense and tag of my own.
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    I too have been a victim Fred.... Got words for this, but family friendly forum and Skip would fire me
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    Well, after praying, cussing and generally getting irritated...the blasted thing is on the coil. You are correct Bill, if the coil is not exactly lined up it will not go on. I finally lost patience with the process, took a very deep breath (not easy for me these days) and.... started rotating the cover until the cover practically fell onto the coil... Why did I not do that first??? If any one else is having this problem....good luck! ps I really thing minelab could provide some direction, especially to fools like me and Nubies. fred
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    I wrangled an unsuspecting victim into helping today and got the engine mounted to the stand. It's looking like it will be ready to run by Saturday.
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    Hello again everyone! I have just ordered my first metal detector! I'm very excited !! So i bet you all are wondering what i got... After many hours of research and with the help from you all, I decided to go with the Equinox 800 I also purchased the EQX 06 DD coil, i'm pretty sure that was a good idea to add it. It will be here Thursday
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    Funny that you should mention that, as that is exactly what I did today. I worked my way up a small wash where that rattler had slithered out of, and then had crossed the road where I got the photos of it. I got about 4 to 5 chunks of lead targets first out of this hammered wash, and then got this nice signal up on the side bank about 18" above the actual low point of the wash. The nugget ( just .03 shy of 1-gram) was down about 5" and covered up with rocks that had been slammed up against the bank from a time when the wash had been really running and moving a lot of overburden ( I call it a "push",..or rock-pile-up). Also got a couple of photo's of a very sleepy Horned lizard,.that did not want to move, and completely ignored me as I detected over it's body;...check out it's coloration (camo). Gary
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    First and foremost welcome to the forum! First you say you'll take all answers,....but it's unlikely for you to get any actual answers...meaning facts, opinions on the other hand is what you will get from just photos because no one can positively ID or certify your rocks or meteorites from a photo/s.... ....and then you say this to someone who gave you an opinion, thus not making it conducive for any others to want to give you further opinions.IMHO Our members here are happy to help as much as they can, but when you don't like what you hear it not in your best interest to get upset with their opinions. So as an Administrator here I say thread lightly and don't wear your heart on your sleeve.
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    Garifox you should be completely confused and befuddled by now. If money is a concern start small... If you must have the newest, brightest toy; go BIG! When I started in 1980 I had visions of big nuggets and great wealth...my first detected nugget came after many vain and false starts...the size of a grain of rice!!! What a thrill, what a memory! I have done moderately well since, learned a lot and made many great friends. There in lies the real gold. good luck fred
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    The most dangerous thing in those photo`s is the foxtail grasses. Those darn things get in my boots, then into my socks, poke my feet etc. They can ruin a whole day of detecting! Nice nugget though !
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    Garik, Not wanting to bust your bubble...but just keep in mind that there are some people who it took years to find their first nugget, others not so long but still metal detecting for gold is said to be one of the hardest ways to find gold, and then there are people who have been doing this for a very long time and because they know how to do the proper research for new areas and know what to look for out in the field to hunt for gold and those guys are usually the ones who can possibly pay off their detectors, most never do. One of the best ways to find gold in the desert is to do your research find some small and fine gold in the dirt by testing and then bust your ass running all the material down to bedrock through a dry washer, you will still want a metal detector to help out doing this but start slow and get a good detector that will hit on small gold, the Gold Monster, GoldBug or White 24K, the PI detectors are nice for hitting deeper gold and shallow gold but I would work my way up to a PI....if you prove to yourself you can find gold to began with. So again I would start slow get a good VLF detector and if you find metal detecting is not what you hoped it would be you can still sell the detector for good price although it will still be less than what you paid for it and hopefully if you found any gold you will come out OK and not lose any money. I wish you the best of luck but I wanted you to look at the reality of this and go out and enjoy yourself in the beautiful desert more so than to get out there and be disappointed if you don't do as well as you hope you would.
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    Jim's interest in gold mining came about due to the stories told him by his grandfather, Joseph Vietti. "Grandpa Joe" frequently regaled young Jim with stories about the wild and wooly mining camps in "the old days" 50 (and more) years before Jim was born. I collect gold mining camp ghost town tokens, and when I learned that Joe turned from being a gold miner to being a saloon keeper in Delamar Nevada (The Pioneer Saloon} I put forth a considerable effort to locate a Pioneer Saloon token. When I presented it to Jim as a gift his gratitude was so great that you would have thought I had given him the Hope Diamond. As seen from the comments in this and other forums, Jim touched many lives. The Midas touch. HH Jim
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    R.I.P. Mr. Straight, I'll see ya on the other side.
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    I don`t think that the consumer should have to jerry-rig a brand new product for that price. The problem is that there is a large learning curve to drywashing. You can not just buy a new unit, and be successful without delay. I would imagine , most of the purchases are new to the hobby and they wont have a complaint because they do not even know there is a problem. The simplicity of the older boxes are much more user friendly.
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    Dude I wish you would of posted your question about the new 151s before you purchased.. Or you may have and I just missed it. As a highly experienced drywasher with many pounds of gold recovered with the the gray box 151 ( model before 151s) it was a incredibly reliable and high recovery machine with an average of 90% recovery. I currently own three 151 boxes due to there higher recovery over all other drywashers. Keene was making them right as all 3 machines are about the same when it comes to recovery. It should also be mentioned I do not pre classify ever as it's a huge waist of time, there is a screen on a drywasher for a reason. Now when the 151s came out I was able to use one in the field... The biggest problem for me was the new 151s was loosing high amounts of gold to my tailings as well as the tray not fitting and spilling all over the place. I tried every secret I knew to help recovery and was very disappointed in Keene trying to reinvent the wheel on something that was working so well. I feel like they made it all complex so people would think it was better and spend the extra $... that was not the case as it is junk in my professional opinion. It may be possible I just got a bad 151s box. But seeing how you have 5 trays with problems I'm leaning that 151s is a bust. Here's an option. Send your 5 crap trays back to them and have them send you 5 trays from the original design. And send 5 original design fans with adjustable weights. The 151s had a new fan and weight system in the one I used and I didn't care for it as I couldn't change the weight counter balance.
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    Your coil must have gained some weight from not being used much Mike C...
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    I sure respect that position Skip. I think we see it in much the same terms. We deal with it at opposite ends of the spectrum though. So here is my perspective on it... When I was a youngster just learning to hunt my father took me to a slaughter house where they were killing and butchering pigs. I saw what real horror was. Animals feel that every bit as keenly as humans do. Those pigs that were waiting knew exactly what was happening. They could see and hear it and they hunkered and trembled in fear often for hours before their death. There was no attempt to reduce pain or fear. I knew instinctively that if I ate that meat that I would be committing some sort of a minor "sin". What was happening was morally wrong. There was pain and horror of innocent animals at the hands of some humans which (I am told) are all in need of some salvation. All that bad stuff had to be going somewhere. I figured it was going into the bacon. I had already seen how they kill beef cattle and although it was not as bad it was still grim business. And half of the stuff they make from a cow is from parts that a hunter would leave in the field. I saw the stark contrast between a hunter harvesting an animal and how commercial meat was handled. I wanted to insure that my diet contained the least amount of terror, pain and horror as possible. So like everything else that has to be done right I had to do it myself. That is a big reason that I hunt. Most of the red meat that I eat comes from animals that don't even know they are dead yet. And most of the fish go to sleep in a box of ice. The guy that killed them loved and respected them. Their death was done ceremoniously, with honor and intent. Almost an act of worship in a holy place. They were not only food but the hunt made the hunter stronger and wiser. Each hunt is a spiritual and emotional journey as well as a physical one. And when I make a mistake and cause fear or pain I must see it. I must feel bad about it. I must walk and track until I get the job done or admit I cannot. I have to ask for forgiveness and make it right because I see the consequences of my actions as it is happening. And I try to learn from it. I figure that is just that much less crap I am going to have to deal with trying to get my heathen azz into heaven you know? My plan is to have a bunch of colorful fish and sleek deer at my judgement talking me up about what a groovy warrior I am. Otherwise I am afraid I will have a herd of horrified hogs hunkering in some awful nightmare situation witnessing for me. Just my two sheckles on it. https://nationaldeeralliance.com/presidents-blog/top-10-famous-quotes-for-deer-hunters A peculiar virtue in wildlife ethics is that the hunter ordinarily has no gallery to applaud or disapprove of his conduct. Whatever his acts, they are dictated by his own conscience, rather than by a mob of onlookers. It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of this fact." -Aldo Leopold
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    I would recommend the Sierra Club or the Wild Earth Guardians. They have a lot better claims than the GPAA and you get a sweet backpack with a $50 membership.
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    The rainy season here in central Brazil is over now and the big fires have started. Yesterday I turned off the pavement onto the dirt road that runs about 10 miles down the middle of the valley that has produced much gold in many years. Then after about four miles I saw a big black cloud of smoke start up so I turned around at the first gated road entrance. Within seconds I saw red flashing lights coming up behind me, yep the police were watching the road. They asked why I was running from them, I said i was running away from the smoke so I couldn't be accused of starting the fire. They said have a good day and waved me on. WHEW! Could have been different if they had seen my detecting equipment stored out of sight.
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    Rattlesnake Jim or snakejim here. Been a few years since I was on this forum. Just signed up yesterday! It's neat to see the folks that I knew long ago are still around. Best wishes to you folks!
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    Yay! Motorhome sold! Cheers, Unc
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    Hey Everyone, I have had multiple people ask me to post the video of the big nugget separately. Here it is!
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    Garik, purchase a year's membership first. Also, join the GPAA for year, too. After a year you will know if nuggetshooting is for you. HH jim
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    The desert in summertime is a killer if you're not well prepared and even then it can still be deadly, I agree that night time hunting is a very good idea if you're detecting in the summertime. One thing no one has mentioned is SNAKES, be sure to get a good pair of snake gaiters and or snake boots and wear them day or night in the desert, this is even more important when hunting at night, snakes are very active in the summer at night and are much harder to spot as well, also never stick your hands anywhere you can't see everything extremely clearly, better to stick the coil, your pick or a stick into an area when you can't see what's there than to get bitten on the hand by a snake trying to defend itself and never kill any snakes, you're in their home out there.
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    a thing to think about is...If you buy a detector from Bill , you also get instructions too...in my opinion it would be...GLOD monster for just GOLD OR Equinox 800 for general hunting, Talk to Bill about your choice on either machine...can't go wrong buying from a GREAT dealer.....my opinion.
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    A genuinely helpful person, seriously dedicated to educating and enlightening others about detecting for gold, great guy to talk to, one that will truly be missed. All the best, Lanny
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    Hi guys, I was in Bendigo that day and have been in the area for over a week now. They allow people to hunt for gold in their parks. Bendigo is a pretty big city and it is like having LSD as part of the greater city. They don't turn their parks into Monuments, National Recreation areas or State Parks which make them off limits to detecting. There is a follow up to that story. When you are in Australia prospecting in the parks or the forests (there is a difference) you need what is called a Miner's Right to keep the gold you find. There is some 'question' if you need to be looking for it or just take it if you weren't looking. The story now goes that they little girl who found the nugget and her dad did not have a Miner's Right (license) which only costs $20 for 10 years. It is unknown what is going to happen to them or the nugget based upon the law. On another story, about the same day up in Wedderburn which is northwest of Bendigo some was walking and found a 7.5 oz nugget. They didn't take it to the papers and they don't have the problem with a Miner's Right! I have a Miner's Right but I only have a couple of little nuggets which total to about 1g. I wish I had their problems! Mitchel
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    The word is out that Jim has passed away. I last saw and spoke with Jim a bit over a year ago. He spent several hours on both Saturday and Sunday in the ICMJ booth with me at the Pomona GPAA show. He was a good man and wrote many books on prospecting as well as many articles for the ICMJ. It is sad to see him go. I know I posted this picture before, but its my last one with Jim.
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    CBD with out THC is legal in all US states now. The only place there's a potential problem is Canada. CBD oil is legal there but only from Canadian suppliers. Technically, the hemp must be grown in Canada, processed into oil in Canada and distributed by Canadians. A licensed Canadian importer/distributor can bring it in with the right license. I know one CBD US company that ignored or didn't research the law that has had big shipments seized at the border and confiscated...Big loss for them. Canada legalized it solely for the benefit of Canadian agriculture and marketers. OK by me because there's a huge US market growing every month. I'm really enjoying helping others feel better and we had two major good results in our own family. My wife's step mom was diagnosed in Fall 2018 with stage 4 cancer throughout her body. Drs. started her on chemo immediately, and at the same time we began providing CBD oil to help her however it might. Six months later she's been given a clean bill of health, no cancer and she's been out of bed since February and doing well. One of Dodie's brothers has major diabetes and was diagnosed several months ago with major Macular Degeneration which apparently is a common effect of long term diabetes. He went back to his doctor very recently who told him there was no evidence of MD. The Doc was amazed, but we never put 2+2 together until we started researching it. Check it out! Cheers, Unc
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