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    If Frank can post a can, I can throw this out there (maybe?). Trying to sell home and need to get septic pumped for inspection. Honeydipping buddy of mine is pretty busy so trying to help. I've dug it up 3 times in past 20 years but before had a tractor to help. Today, by hand and with pick dug about 6" farther from tank than ever before. This plopped out. Have dug up and actually found most arrowheads on the surface after a rain in my driveway. Found a 3" black obsidian blade over by my pump house a couple of years ago. No gold tho-
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    The last nugget I found was west of Jungo, NV. It was on BLM land blanket claimed by Hycroft/Allied. I don't know the current situation but when I found this nugget Hycroft/Allied had no problem with people metal detecting on their claims as long as they were not being actively worked. There were quite a few old dig holes in the area where I found this beauty but fortunately for me the previous beepers missed this one. It was just under 1/2 oz and it looked way better than these photos indicate. Good luck out there!
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    Hey everyone, Me and Chris got out last weekend to do some prospecting on the outskirts of Goldfield, Nevada. We have been doing pretty well in this area, but there is also a lot of trash. We had to stick mostly to the sidebanks of the washes to get away from the trash. After digging a few huge holes for square nails, we got pretty tired fast...🥵 but pulled some nice gold out of the ground. Well until the next time, Dave
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    Finally got a decent size Nugget out here in Arizona! Couldn't of done it without Lowpoint, thanks Gary....for everything! 3.54 Grams
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    I decided to build a new critter with some materials I gathered last fall. A highly poisonous spider. His abdomen is a datura ferox pod. His body a datura inoxia pod. His head is two mescal beans. His legs are eight devil claws. His fangs are barrel cactus thorns. His eyes are clusters of goatheads. The mescal beans (New Mexico Mountain Laurel) contain cystine, a lethal alkaloid similar to nicotine. The datura ferox (Armored Datura) is loaded with scopolamine and the datura inoxia (Jimson Weed) has atropine. Just a little of any of these alkaloids will give a guy a dirt nap. So this rascal is truly venomous. There is only one of these spiders in existence. But there are spider eggs all over the work bench and I think a new swarm is going to hatch.
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    Do not get lured into the idea you have to go and spend 800.00 on new coils to find gold. Your 11" & 14" mono will find gold if you get over the gold. You have to be over gold before you have any chance at finding it. As for your vlf`s .... The Fisher Gold Bug II and the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 are likely going to be your top choices for specimen gold ( i have not used the Whites 24K so I do not have an opinion on it, regarding specimens) The edge on specimen gold will go to the Fisher gold bug II .
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    I purchased a new phone and took photos of the same specimen again. Big difference and it was done without the use of another app like Adobe Lightroom. Specimen is no longer for sale. Just wanted to show the difference in the photos.
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    Wait......Steve he told you 3400?? I just got it for 2400. Man he was going to rip you off dude!! I sent him my "Good faith" deposit of 2000 bucks and he said i could pay him the 400 after i received the detector. I did give him my bank account number and social security number just in case i couldn't pay the 400 bucks. Wow, what a great guy!! Cant wait to get it.
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    Terry rightly questioned whether the Gold SPOT™ was really any better than a regular treasure scoop. Well I already knew the answer to that question. You see for a year I have been working on the Gold SPOT™ design. I played with it I re-designed it, I proto-typed it 5 times. I wanted a design that would speed up nugget recovery and make it easier to keep the nugget in the scoop and not lose it. Remember, I'm the guy who had a catastrophic failure with the SAGA swing arm, and within days of release I recalled them all from the field. They just did not perform as they were supposed to. I went back to the drawing board and sunk thousands more dollars into re-designing and perfecting the SAGA™. I won't sell something unless I know it is a significant improvement over anything on the market. But just to show you what I already know, I decided to do a little impromptu video, an experiment. The video is unedited, except for the very end where I panned across an invoice with a customer's address on it that was sitting on the shipping table, I clipped that out. Watch the Gold SPOT™ in action and see what you think. Not to over-hype the Gold SPOT™ but one of the unique features of this scoop is that you can "HEAR" the gold. I know that sounds like an outrageous claim, but let me explain. When you get down to a small amount of dirt in a regular scoop along with a nugget and you agitate the scoop back and forth, the nugget does nothing but slide back and forth on the smooth bottom of the scoop. When you get down to a small amount of dirt in the Gold SPOT™ along with the nugget and you agitate the scoop the nugget rattles back and forth in the trough or channel clicking against the sides of the channel. Cool, right? I know we are getting quite a few Gold SPOTs™ out in the field and I would like to hear some feedback. Although if you are like me you are probably staying in out of the heat. -Doc
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    This is a custom .54 caliber built by forum member wet/dry washer. It was gifted to me a few months ago when he left for socal. He said he built it for cross stick shooting...and it is hefty with a capital H. He told me that it shot extremely well with just a patched .53 ball. I have not shot it and probably won't till the weather cools. ol' bob was an excellent machinist and made the majority of it himself, including the barrel. The silver needs a good polish...but this boomstick is a work of art.
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    My wife is a drone pilot. Yes these things have come along way and are pretty cool to see in action. My wife works for NDOM which is Nevada Division of Minerals, and they mostly use drones to locate hazards. Each season the dept. takes interns from the college out to address open holes that pose a danger to animals and people and they put a fence around them. It can be a lot of work locating every dangerous opening so the use of drones to fly over an area and map existing hazards has been amazing. They can land on their own, but they do not recharge themselves i can attest to this because we had just recharged the batteries in the photos from lovelock area when we realized by charging drone batteries we ran the car battery dead and we were good and stuck. No phone service of course and closest pavement was 20 miles away, and even then still far from any help. Thankfully we got a phone signal from the top of the mountain you see in the pictures and my buddy made it out to us, but after he got within a few miles of us he started going down the wrong road away from us. That's when the wife jumped into action and got the drone in the air, and was able to get my friends attention before we were left alone. Drones are cool this is how i felt when i saw my friends truck turn around. You know on a side note, i believe just over the last 3 years now they have been having drones races at the Reno Air Show, with some big money prizes .
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    That is a biface. It is the precursor to a tool. All percussion and just a roughed out shape. When a native quarried rock they would work the favorable pieces of stone into a biface at the quarry. Then they took the bifaces with them to work further. This allowed them to leave unusable pieces behind and only keep the shaped rock that was suitable for working. It is a "blank" that would be fashioned into a knife or an atlatl point. It looks like dacite. You can tell a finished tool from the pressure flaked edges. This piece is all percussion and too thick for a knife or atlatl point. They would have taken that piece and thinned it with percussion and then finished it with pressure flaking. You can see from the irregular percussion shaping that they just roughed it out and were going to build regular platforms to thin it. Most of what we call "scrapers" are actually bifaces. Not really a finished tool but the "blank" they made a finished tool from. They might have tossed it. That step fracture at the basal end would have made working the piece difficult. You see many bifaces that have been left unworked because of a chaotic fracture like that.
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    Wow... This is pretty wild! ...Cheers, Unc
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    Are we really doing this AGAIN? I usually never say much but come on guys! We all know how some of you feel about the current Administration and to be honest with you, most of us dont really care. Im sorry to come off like an A h.le but for crying out loud. I visit this great forum for the gold, coins, relics and great people. Not for the crap i can go watch on the news. Why some folks even post things that they know will cause an outright argument is beyond me. This forum has no room for political views and we have all proven that time and time again. Maybe some time we can all post stuff that we ALL enjoy to read and comment on.
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    I was toying with him earlier today. He was asking $3400.00 and free shipping. He wanted me to send him a good faith deposit to hold it.
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    His ip address is showing he's posted this ad from Dallas Texas. I also did a search and saw this exact same ad was posted in 2017 on Steve's forum...detectorprospector and was promptly deleted, I also saw all the ads that Slim mentioned. I guess I get to ban another Spammer with my Spam Bat!!
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    Im glad that thing is not alive! ACK! Here is my little creation I made last year from a seed pod out of the Az. desert.
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    After watching Bill with the Vanquish, I decided to get the 540. I went to an area that I have hit many times trying to find and pinpoint a homestead built in the early 1700's near Sleepy Hollow, NY. Yes, "that" Sleepy Hollow. I LOVE this machine! it compacts enough to backpack it, and telescopes out far enough for a man or woman 6'2" tall. Five tone breaks, Readout -9 to 40, Four modes - coin, jewelry, relic, custom. Auto noise cancel and ground balancing, waterproof 12" DD coil and included rain/salt-spray cover. The pole locks are fantastic, and adjusting the length of the upper arm and lower rod is a breeze. Controls are intuitive and easy to access in gloves. Very light, 2.8-lbs. So I'm swinging along in an area that I have taken other artifacts out of and I got a faint , soft, warble in my Bluetooth earplugs, with a 28-32, showing deeper than 10-inches on the meter. Got busy with my Grave Digger shovel, and found this piece of bronze cooking pot (3" x 1"), in the hole at 15"+ with my pinpointer! Man am I excited! I know I'm getting close!
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    It does...but so does good. I think these warfare tactics have been used for thousands of years, by everybody. Heck, the Romans hated the Carthaginians so badly...they even salted the ground to keep them from ever growing crops again. After leveling Carthage and enslaving their women of course.
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    Hasn't been much to update unfortunately. The Baja Bug project has taken over in the short term. Once it's up and driving I should be able to divert funds towards the airplane. I did make some improvements to the engine stand, to better handle the forces when the engine is full throttle. This engine makes a healthy amount of thrust and quite frankly...it's a bit spooky standing behind it. I'm holding off on running the engine again until after the Bug is painted, as it's parked right next to it and I don't want it blowing all my masking off the car.
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    News Flash! You are not allowed to say Black Powder anymore
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    Scorpion hunting with my toddler... He caught a fly and was going for another. Video.mov
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    Parabolic Lunar Collector One of the greatest kept secrets from modern society, which has been known for centuries, is that the light shining down from the Moon is actually cold. That is why on cold winter nights it is colder when the Moon is shining on the snow than when it is cloudy or when the Moon is not shining. The Moon’s higher path in the sky is one of several reasons as to why the polar regions are colder than the tropics. The advantage of cold Moonlight is that it is a tremendous source of useful cold energy. I have actually figured out a way to practically use this cold moonlight to air condition my home. The Parabolic Lunar Collectors that I constructed and carefully configured to always be shining on my home when the Moon is above the horizon have tremendously cooled my living space and greatly reduced my electric bills. I discovered that you can use the Parabolic Lunar Collector to directly counter the heat coming from when the Sun is shining. I started by purchasing sets of six parabolic mirror panels from a reputable dealer for each lunar collector. I repurposed two computer guided telescope stands to hold the mirrors. Then I carefully placed the mirror panels in a lunar flower blossom arrangement on the stands. I used a set of six parabolic triangular shaped mirrors in a flower petal array. Each mirror is 30 inches on a side and light weight. The entire Parabolic Lunar mirror assembly is seven and a half feet across. Using a light source I was able to precisely focus each of the mirrors working together onto a wall target for calibration. I use a store bought computerized tracking program that guides the motor on the Parabolic Lunar Collector main drive to follows the Moon through the sky and shine it directly into my home. The Moon is actually above the horizon as much in the daytime as it is at night. It took a lot of practice to figure out how to best shine the cold Moonlight onto my home in such a way that it provided the optimal chilling effect into my living quarters. The benefits have been immediate and significant. The inside of my home is actually chilling. The cold lasts for hours before it dissipates, even after the Moon has set. Parabolic Lunar Collector Parabolic Lunar Collector cooling the front of the house It took a bit of tweaking to determine the best placement of the Lunar light. I have found shining directly into the bay windows had by far the greatest air conditioning effect. I have since build several more and set them up to strike both floors and different portions of the house. Parabolic Lunar Collector 2 Parabolic Lunar Collector cooling the back of the house I live in Gilbert, Arizona a suburb of Phoenix where the temperature is above 100 degrees on average over 130 days a year. This April we had 15 days above 100 degrees and in May we had 21 days above 100 with several days reaching 110 to 112 degrees. Now the endless 110 degree days are here, yet my electric bills in my two story 3,500 square foot home are practically nothing. I have actually met the meter man on two occasions. He told me that of all the occupied homes in Gilbert mine is by far the lowest in a town of 300,000 residents. As proof I have included my real last two bills to show you that these are really my average bills and are not a fluke. My neighbor who has the precise floor plan and square footage of my home had a bill of over $900 last July. Admittedly he has 12 kids, but my family’s bill last July was only $107. $52.58 April electric bill and $58.14 May electric bill What I really love about the Parabolic Lunar Collector is that it is totally non polluting green energy and practically free to produce. I'm thinking about installing an ice skating rink for the back yard next. Cheers! billpeters
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    Sorry for the picture quality If I could do it over again I certainly would be this was about 1983 0r 4 and I didn't have a digital camera for sure. This picture is the results of a 1 month clean up of a trammel operation working on my friends ranch in El Alamo in Baja. It was working ground in a river area that the owners at the time 1872 or so did not let anyone even the Chinese work. It was forgotten over the years and much hard rock mining went on with tailing piles covering a lot of it. I was not part of this operation so was asked by both party's to be a whatever you call it , referee was the term used at the time The picture was taken on the land owner's kitchen table where they were graded by size. The owner's wife wanted the nuggets but had to grant the other s a premium for taking them. I got nothing and wanted nothing for any help I might have been to either of them. As a matter of interest the wife was a well educated business owner as well as a large ranch owner. They had let my wife and I camp , dredge, metal detect, dig quartz crystals on their lands which consisted of 1000,s of acres. The husband was a wild riding cowboy who loved the brush busting ranch life while his wife managed their hotel and other stuff in Ensenada. To follow upon this gold the wife went to a christmas party in Ensenada , she had the gold in her purse and put it in a bedroom at the party ! Sure ,it disappeared ! They later divorced and I lost track of them.I moved my rig to the west coast to run a pay to dig operation which is a story in itself and was there was GOLD. Pictures are the tromel operation and the gold.
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    Hello, I’m new to the forum. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that contributes to the discussion here. I can already tell that the resources and information on here will prove priceless as I prepare to journey into the gold districts of Arizona. Best of luck to us all!
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    Wow, just got news of this. He was such a fun guy. Had fun with him when he camped next to us at Rich Hill. Still have his Chili Verde recipe. Rest in Peace my friend -Johnno and Kat
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    I always thought the moon was made of lunar meteorites in cheese sauce or is that just on the dark side?
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    Got the air rifle back on Sunday. The head on the piston had broken off. They replaced the entire spring piston and serviced the rifle. No charge. I mounted the rail and the scope last night. Sighted it in this evening. Here are the results. 12 shots at 20 yards. 18.13 gr. JSB jumbo pellets. Here are the next 12 shots at the dot to the right. Same zero. That staple in the top right corner is 3/8" wide. So the rifle put 24 consecutive shots inside 1/2". I think they fixed it! I have 4000 more match pellets and I am going to do my best to wear this sucker out again.
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    Dan, Bob, Tom, Luke, Steve, Dave and Max, thanks for the birthday wishes, I did have to work today but that went smoothly and it's a good day!
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    I've been working my pocket for a few years now and have had 5000's scan my gold in quartz with less than spectacular results. GB2 sniffs out the smallest of specs and gives off slight tones where the gold is like a thin layer of spray paint on the quartz.
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    You are 100% right and when I think about some of the things I have done around mines and mining , especially in Mexico I still get a cold shiver , there is no rescue service down there ! One time I had heard a story about an old town site and mining area on a very remote ranch in Baja. I got access through a Mexican friend. This ranch was one of those places that they only come to town twice a year and was in the Indian part where no one goes without permission , the government even has signs just off the highways warning travelers and the soldiers do not go there either. I had my Samurai loaded with the proper gifts and took off following a hand drawn map.It was 2 track for about 20 miles and fairly open but I could see the MTs . I found the river crossing and that was the end of anything other than cattle trails to the foothills , eventually after back tracking a couple of times and another 20 miles I came to the ranch and it was still in the 1800,s ! I had introductions from the Bramadero (Sub governor) and the Delgado (The local boss or ruler of the whole area) my intro's were written in Spanish and it took awhile and much rapid Spanish between them to invite me to get out and stay a while. They were more INDIO than Mexican but very nice once we got the paperwork and "gifts" distributed . I was fed in the main house and bunked in the halve open shed that the few cowboys stayed in . They didn't know what was really going on but made me welcome and gave me a guy who looked about 14 for a guide to the Mine the next day. He would not ride with me but took his horse, I have very little Mexican and he had no English but understood enough to go up to the mine. We went up a wash to its head and then over a pass , there on the Mt side sat a well timbered adit, some old falling down stone buildings ,junk everywhere and nearby an old tear drop metal trailer set upon a stone foundation . Near it was a stone wall covering a dug out buried in the ground, both of them were locked with huge old padlocks. Being double curious and the trailer had a window in the back , it was covered with a metal cover like modern trailers have. I just had to see what was locked up in it! Stacking a pile of rocks up against the back too where I could pry it open and look in the window so I got it pried open and the glass was intact but very dirty so I got a rag and rubbed it hard and standing tiptoed on a pile of loose rocks I peered in of course it was dark since all the other opening was covered. As my eyes adjusted I realized I was looking at several cases of dynamite with the nitro running down the sides! And on a shelf above that was a pile of little cardboard boxes with caps . Trying to get down without shaking the trailer and get to my Sammy which was parked close by l looked over and saw my escort with an old piece of iron trying to get it in the hasp of the lock and pry it off ! Getting him to understand with sign of "BOOM" We headed back to the ranch. When I tried to get them to understand they just gave me me the mexican "schurg" of the shoulders "NADA". When I got back I contacted the Bramadero and told him what I had found. He said he would take care of it. WOW everything there was pristine and untouched by collectors but I had seen enough. No one knew how they had got that trailer up there but it looked like the 1930'S . That was my closest call. In my younger years I had got a job on a seismograph crew and was told that I would start as the "Shooters " helper, had to go to classes and get a license and every thing, well we used 60% dynamite , not the old sticks but sticks about 4" X 12 " long and 5 Lbs each , they had a cover that was threaded and you un-threaded the cover half way and screwed them together to get the charge you wanted and had special poles to put them down a drilled hole screwing on sections until you reached the weight called for that shot. Normally 175 Lbs , or 3 1/2 cases.We used electric caps with 250 or 500 feet of wire on a spool with the cap stored in the center of the spool and that was the last thing to be put it , the dynamite is self was safe to handle until you capped it. We even used it to heat a pot of coffee in the field. Once it was capped there was no screwing around especially when you where shoving 175 lbs down a hole full of water with wood poles . The wires are kept grounded as they are fed out and only after the charge was covered with enough mud it would not float then you unscrewed the poles from the charge by turning them counter-clockwise and the poles are disconnected as they rise , they have a half open hook in one end and a closed ring in the other and when brought to a 90* angle will unhook. When the charge was fired every had had to be under a steel panel that folded off the shooting truck and they all had a "Jones" safety plug that was plugged into the shooters control board , the plug was attached to your clothes,no plug no go off! . The dangers of this was some time the charge would be would get loose and float to the top of the hole , if you did not add enough cap wire to get the truck far enough from the hole you could have big problems from all the debris and the blast if you was to close. The company I worked for had lost an entire crew of 5 men when they shot too close. Fresh dynamite is relatively safe by itself, you can drop it , cut it burn it, run over it with a car, and it won't go off, get a cap around it and its dangerous, old stuff will go off at any time for any reason. so will caps, it don't make any difference if they are electric or fuse type, ANY cap that you find metal detecting should be considered live and dangerous Any dynamite that you find any where should be left alone and considered ready to explode. If it looks wet bend over and ------------.
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    I have been getting interested in drones and lately asked one of the new members of this forum about the possibility of using one to investigate horizontal mine tunnels. It turns out that I am far behind on this technology. The Nevada Mining Association not only uses drones but is working on the use of them in mine rescues. Flight in tunnels is one off the problems they are working to solve. There are autonomous drones in use right now that can perform just about any survey and surveillance task you can think off and once it is programed it evens comes back to its launch pad which is a box and automatically changes batteries and takes off to continue its tasks. It can tell you how much dirt in being removed from an excavation , monitor the stage of construction of a building or any thing else except fly where it can't get a GPS signal. I can't help but think of the possibilities with a metal detector hung on the bottom of it. There are several companies building them and have YOUTUBE videos of there operation (Costs are not mentioned) . Being an 18 year old today is as different for one my age living in the age of the Pyramids! I was 17 before we had a telephone in the house and now toddlers have cell phones.
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    Yeah Terry, good to hear you got the Vanquish 540. Nice find sounds like you are in a good zone. I love my 540 with the V-8 coil, just pulled a beat up 1930 wheat penny from my neighbors front yard, and she bagged me a 1911 barber dime from my front yard. She handles EMI well and is very using friendly basically just turn her on and swing! happy hunting Terry. ht
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    This old log cabin is in the mining area of South Pass Wyoming. Several years ago I was kind off pushing the season heading north so stopped at South Pass City to wait for the weather to warm up. There where some club claims in the area and a good free camp ground although there was a lot of snow still in places but it was thawing. While checking claims I came by this old cabin , it was on private property but just off a FS road, looks like someone was trying to save it there was others back in the trees. The creek I was wanting to to dredge with my little 3" had a slope side ways that disappeared under a bluff of rock for about 50' into a crack before it closed back into solid rock. It was to deep and too cold to Armstrong it in a very thin wet suit and no air , someday I promised myself !
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    https://www.bellevuerarecoins.com/couple-finds-10-million-worth-gold-coins/ Its old but there are new people on the forums who has not seen it. Max
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    I actually met Forest Fenn when I lived in Glorieta. There is a fellow there who is a collector of military weapons. He has a VERY extensive collection of guns. It is a private "museum" that is open by invitation only. I lived just up the road in a guest house. The owner knew the collector in a very personal way. We often "talked guns" as well as meteorites, gold and artifacts. He often said that he needed to introduce me to the "fellow down the road". Long story short we were both invited to an afternoon soiree at the gun museum. The collector was having an afternoon get together under the pines with wine and song. We arrived to find about a dozen well heeled collectors of neat stuff. One of them was Forest Fenn. I had never heard of him nor any of the others there. But they all were shrewd rascals that had a lot of interesting stories. I was the only native son in the bunch and I had a pocket full of Glorieta meteorites. So mixing was easy. None of them had much knowledge about the meteorites and they all had heard about them. Ruben Garcia et al had been shooting television shows and YouTube videos. So I had an opportunity to show off my rare stuff to them. The host was especially intrigued because he lived in the middle of the strewn field. After a few drinks and a tour of the incredible armory many of them reciprocated with stories of their own. These guys were big time hunters and collectors. Money. Travel. Private planes. International adventure. These were not Boy Scouts. It was a memorable evening. And I sold my very first meteorite there. When they started busting everyone in Santa Fe I recognized Forest Fenn's name from the party. I asked my former landlord about it and he confirmed that a couple of the guys at that gathering were under investigation. He told me that it was about eagle feathers and human bones they had supposedly purchased. He also said that all of this started after a high ranking BLM guy died. This fellow had been a collector extraordinaire and had an illegal collection worth millions. The BLM knew he was doing it but he had been there so long he was bullet proof. So they waited years until he died to expose his collection. This opened up a Pandora's box of deep connections in the artifact world. Which led to the investigation of Fenn et al. So that is the story from the other side of the tracks. I don't have any idea how accurate it is but I believe the elements of the tale run pretty close to the facts. There is a whole lot more to the story no doubt. As far as the treasure goes the story is the same. You can imagine whatever you want. If you like conspiracy it is there. If you like police drama you got it. If you focus on adventure you have hit the jackpot. That's what makes the Thrill of the Chase so great. It is all in there. Thousands of people have connected on many levels. It was a stunt as cool as Banksy could have pulled off. So bless Forest Finn the rich old pot hunting fossicker. I think he created a new type of art form. If I had his money I would bury a box of it just to drive people nuts.
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    So.... The other night when I was shooting the rifle it discharged as I closed the action. When I tried to cock it again the trigger connector would not engage the piston. The rifle is inoperable after about 3000 rounds. I called Air Venturi, the importer and distributor of Diana rifles. They said they will honor a lifetime warranty and sent me a shipping label. I packed up the rifle and sent it back for repair or replacement. The rep for Air Venturi told me they have more business than they can handle. Orders for Air rifles are twelve times higher than at any point in their history. They have hired 50 new people at three distribution centers and contracted a firm to handle their IT department. They have grown more in the last month than in the past 50 years. They said it would take 3-4 weeks to get the rifle back to me. They would expedite the repair as much as possible but things are crazy busy.
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    Thats what Ive been told all my life Dang it life just aint fair Mike C...
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    Bill on his You Tube channel, Nugget Shooter Journals has demonstrated how the new "G Spot™" Scoop works. Not sure why he hasn't posted the link yet. Hope he wasn't keeping it secret. Here it is: The section on the "G Spot™" starts at 6:10. Bill has already sold out of the first load I sent to him and I sent another box full of scoops off to him today. Doc
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    I'm no expert on this but from what I know, I don't believe so. You'd have to use aqua regia to dissolve the bar then precipitate the gold out using a reagent. That's what I've always done but perhaps the methods have changed since then.
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    If you would have asked me twenty years ago if there was going to be an occupation named drone pilot, I would have laughed. Who would have thunk it??? Pretty cool job. Next thing we'll be seeing are drones that use infrared or some other technology to locate gold nuggets. Just sit in your chair and toogle away..
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    Bytownite is a lot like labradorite. It has a spirit in it. Not really schiller but a luminescence. Some pieces show the labradorescence heavily. Some do not. Bytownite or golden labradorite is about a 6.5 or so. Mighty hard for feldspar. You can't scratch it with glass but you can get it to scratch on a file. It looks ike it formed in a gas pocket. I say this because of the cast surface. It is exactly like the bytownite crystals I am finding. And the shape is right. Those crystals fracture in cubes. But agate often has the same surface. It could certainly be agate. But it has good even clarity. The hardness is about the same. Bytownite has a conchoidal fracture as well as a blocky cleavage. Pressure will chip off a conchoidal flake. Impact will get it to spit along the feldspar planes. That is why your chunky shape has sides like that. Agate breaks conchoidally. It has no cleavage planes. So broken agates rarely have faces that align. But sometimes they form in flows and sides do align. So it is really tough to tell. Either way it is a nice rock. If it is agate it has great clarity. If it is bytownite it is a lot less common. Both are found in volcanic extrusive geology and can appear exactly like your rock.
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    Well I was going to comment before on the super nugget and the poor looking tire, but I have been in worse places with tires that look like that and always had spares or repairs . But for I would drive on rims for a nugget like that.
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    When law enforcement agencies use these tactics on American citizens it causes irreparable harm. The distrust from these murders are still evident in our communities. Yes it happens. Yes it has happened for a long time. I guess my point is that it is wrong and should never happen again. History would quit repeating itself if someone would listen.
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    Wow...that dude was a dirtbag. A traitor first, then he serves under a war criminal. As a 83 year old man, he gets a 34 yo retarded woman pregnant, who then has a mentally challenged baby that grows up being beaten by both her father and mother. Too bad nobody shot him during the war...could have saved the taxpayers $73 a dollars a month. Kirk's Raiders were notorious and not in a good way. A little more on them if you're bored. https://digitalheritage.org/2010/08/kirks-raiders/ Thanks for the interesting story Luke!
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    Since I barred anyone else from getting the one from Algeria, this one is all your's!!
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