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  1. This is a blog I wrote back in october of 2011 Last week fed ex stopped by the shop with a box for me, aahh yes my Sandy has arrived!! Come to poppa my lil’ friend!! In the previous weeks leading up to this purchase I was pondering how little time I have to hone my detecting skills, between home and work there just wasn’t any time left for detecting, meanwhile reading in the forums about Terry in New York just killing it up there with his beach detector. Now I don’t know how he ended up stuck up in NY but being from Arizona that’s just got to be brutal. What I do know is that Terry knows lem
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  2. December 27, 2013 From the diary of the Mad Prospector Man time can get away from a feller and you turn around to find years have passed before you get around to “getting right back” to a potential gold bearing spot and 9 years sure can change the look of the landscape. So I was driving about 3 miles back to the fork in the road where I took the wrong turn to get headed in the right direction. The area was slowly becoming more familiar as we drove, but allot had changed. The roads were very overgrown and somehow my memory was playing some tricks on me. Now back on track Joyce and I wer
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  3. Many years ago when I was still quite green at the nugget shooting game I made my first real find. I already had found some nuggets near my home, but they were only coming in mostly ones and twos. Every now and then I'd find several in one area, but not often. So I decided to hit the books and find a better spot and after some reading decided on the Quartzsite area Due to it's history for gold nuggets. So packing up the truck and loading up Ben my loyal companion of the 4 legged variety we hit the road, Ben has since fallen to old age and I sure miss the old boy. Quartzsite is located in west
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  4. Frank, SGTFDA, and I get out in the fields together a good bit. I'd call what we do scouting more than prospecting. That's because you're expected to work at finding locatable minerals when prospecting, and rarely do we find any. This story is about one of those scouting trips. We were in the Bulldog Wash area northeast of Apache Junction, AZ, near Superstition Mountain. Frank had gotten the gate code and we were looking for somewhere closer to find some gold... or anything else we found interesting. By interesting, I don't know if what happened qualifies. We did find a desert tortoise i
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  5. This blog is a test to try recreate problems BedRock Bob is having while working on his posts. I’m using the following: Microsoft Office Word 2007 PhotoBucket Text Body 1: This section represents text and any included image links. The image is a screen shot of PhotoBucket’s Library/Albums (Items A & B below) page. Mouse over the thumbnail image and a little ‘gear’ (Item 1) appears in the upper right corner of the image. When you mouse over the gear this opens the dialog box seen below containing the options share, copy, etc. Click on the ‘Get Links’ (Item 2) option. This opens the PhotoB
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  6. It was August of 1998 and I was driving the back roads of Western Arizona with my trusty mutt DJ in my 1978 Forest Service green 4WD Ford F150 truck. I finally had a week off and planned to spend it prospecting for new nugget hunting turf since pickings were beginning to get a little lean nearer to home. I had just gotten my hands on a brand new shiny Minelab SD 2100 to use for the week and I was pumped to score some gold nuggets to add to the poke. We were in route to an area I found information on while clearing out an old rental trailer a fellow had died in at the trailer park I manage. He
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