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  1. I started working more hours and haven't had much time for the Bug lately, but I finished the front winch bumper yesterday. I also got all 5 tires mounted in preparation for rolling it outside, and turning it around to start work on the back. The bumper turned out well. Nice and strong and will hold the 5000lb winch perfectly. I added a ring to the bottom of the skid for either an anchor point, or a place to clip the cable in double line winching. It's a strong enough winch I shouldn't have to resort to that very often. I pressed out all the ball joints and pressed in the new ones. I have new tie rods to install. I will cut up the sway bar and drive them into the tie rods to strengthen them.
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  2. If you know someone that has a rock saw and polishing equipment you might want to have it slabbed and polished. They can turn out great and be worth something or it could be a dud...
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