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    Tom that is one fine looking skunk you got there!
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    I had two copies but one was destroyed by a prospector friend I lent it to. The copies I have owned are made of inexpensive paper bound with a plastic GBC type coil. They won't survive much handling. Once the bind fails the book pretty much becomes a stack of paper. Stacks of paper don't survive for long in the field. I've seen a few copies over the years put out for sale by local libraries. I wish I had bought them but I can't read two at once and I was , for a long time, convinced that Jim was indestructible. He is missed by many.
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    Mike I wouldn't expect a response, this member/seller hasn't been on the forum since 1 day after posting this ad.
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    I don't think that they will think you might steal it but since it is a paperback it could easily get damaged if not handled carefully and it so hard to get it replaced and I know that many of us who own a copy wouldn't sell it no matter how much they could get for a copy unless they own more than one copy, also many copies are personally signed by Jim and that makes it more a treasure since he is no longer with us.
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    Thanks guys. The area definitely need more exploring.... Good luck guys!
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    Living local to some great California history, once in a while you luck upon some very cool stuff. I live within a few miles of the California Gold Discovery Park and also have a claim nearby. But, it was when visiting a Facebook page about the local history that I came into contact with the person who owns the land where James Marshall had his blacksmith shop. I contacted him to see if I could obtain a square nail from the area and he invited me over to take a look. I came away with this pestle that was pulled from the area of the foundation by the owner years earlier. His kids were playing with it and broke it and he just set it aside.
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    It might be some type of pyroxene. Just a guess. But there are NO green meteorites.
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    I agree that they are from some ant, bee, spider etc. aluminum or lead pour. They were probably left in the ground after the main pour was pulled out. These underground tunnels that insects dig have off branches all over the place. They got broken off when the main pour was roughly pulled out and left behind. Old Tom
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