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    Went back to a wash with a small stretch of ragged bedrock today, where I had found a .3 gram picked with the GPX last week. I scraped and scuffed, and got just a hint of a break in the threshold. I fiddled around with a screwdriver, broke out a couple little chunks of bedrock, and found this tiny little speck. Once I got it in the scoop, it was nice and loud. For anyone wondering if the Equinox can keep up with the Gold monster, on this target, I'd say yes. Back at it tomorrow! Regards, Kyle
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    Wife and I was out on the claim on NYD for some nice relaxing prospecting. She was swinging her GB 2 working the main trail into the claim as we have never really worked it. She was happy for awhile with her boot tacks and other treasures, me, I got frustrated and drove back to the house to get my pan. Did 2 quick pans from a nice spot up on one bank and got this little flood gold roller. When I say I drove back to the house it is just one mile from the claim. Nice to be close.
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    Is there going to be one !? Heres some gold from there in 2012
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    Looks like the weekend of the 21st of March will be the dates as I try to do this outing around or close to the 23rd when we lost my wife Barb in 2013 may she RIP. Likely in the same general area....
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    bob, where can I get one of those tags, I'll see if I can get one for the bumper of the forum so we can get rid of all the politics on the forum?
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    Hi Luke. There are existing laws that govern where people can drive. I suggest people follow the law.
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    numbers are a post register mail number on native soil. maybe you can order online at custom license plates at north mall in Phoenix Arizona. me didn't copy right it. it works any where on mother earth. cost me sixty dollars for four, have three kids and ten grandkids, two turned 18, so will be ordering more. by the way, happy new year.
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    Likely will be the weekend of the 21st of March
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    I've started this topic as a place for anyone to post reference materials, historical books, maps, topos, mining documents, etc. I'll start it off with this book recommend by Steve A.K.A. El Dorado...."Tertiary Deposits of the Sierra Nevada of California" This is in a PDF file, it can be read online or downloaded. http://books.google.com/books?id=cpYNAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=THE+TERTIARY+GRAVELS+OF+THE+SIERRA+NEVADA+OF+CALIFORNIA&cd=1#v=onepage&q&f=false
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    These days i even survive b 52 stratofortress bombardment its been one expirience that man remmember for a life. From that day i know i am wery lucky man deff on one ear but still wery happy :-) PS for gun lovers riffle i am armed its Serbian M76 7,9mm x4 optics in combat situation under heavy mortar fire on me i have hits on 700 800m! One good riffle
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    Bill, you say in the same general area. Does that mean LSD because on Adams other thread they are all talking of going to Quartzsite and then you say around March 21. Old Tom
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    Ant hill aluminum pour.
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    Indeed. One ridge away from the American River and the Gold Discovery Site. Smack dab on top of the Melones Fault and the motherlode.
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    What's the significance of the large number? Shouldn't it just be the symbol for infinity, or something along those lines?
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    I'm in Quartzite now !! Let's Detect !!!!!!
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    I'll meet up with you guys. Outing or not.
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    Green River Formation has world class specimens, but too young for trilobites or there are none in the deposit.
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    True enough, Luke. This is the second time the Equinox has batted cleanup for the 4500. Last time was a .7 gram piece with the GPX, went back with the Equinox the next day, and pulled out 3 little pickers about 6" away. The two machines pair nicely. Regards, Kyle
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    Nice looking area. And, it is close and has gold. Sweet! Tom H.
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    Nice piece 👍 Sensative machine.
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    Congrats !! Using one detector to find a spot and then going back with another can be very rewarding. Now you have some 'insight' on what to listen for when using the EQ800 for gold. Nice work. Luke
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    What flames? Why should anything be on fire? Your statement suggests that those who disagree with you shouldn't have the right to say so. If you are concerned with Bill's edict, then why do you seem to be where the 'disrespect' is taking place? I don't think Bill needs your help. I for one, agree with much of what 'Bob' says. But make no mistake, I have my own opinions too. What I find terribly disturbing is that a number of otherwise intelligent, good natured people, have allowed themselves to be tricked into thinking things that can easily be proven wrong. All because they chose to support one side over the other. Neither 'side' has a monopoly on wisdom or is completely right or wrong. The loudest amongst them, allow themselves to be 'triggered' by the extremists on the other side. Most people don't want the extremes. They want fairness and strong dialogue which promotes compromise for the greater good. All good Americans should look for the things we still have in common before the divide is unrepairable. IMO.
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    I like the good old days when you could see the USA in your Chevrolet. Closing 1300 miles of off road trails is what I would call "severely limiting". I like Alternative 1: No Action except for additional steps to prevent large scale fires. All other proposals, imho, are just expensive human made experiments that will probably cause unforeseen problems down the road. In other words, let nature take it's course. Maybe teach the people who thought all this crap up how to code.... Approximately 150 miles of existing non-system roads would be reconstructed or improved as part of project implementation. Road decommissioning would occur on approximately 200 miles of existing system roads on the Coconino and Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests and approximately 290 miles of roads on the Tonto National Forest. Up to 800 miles of unauthorized roads on all three forests could be decommissioned under this alternative. Improve approximately 150 miles of existing non-system roads and construct approximately 350 miles of temporary roads for haul access; decommission when treatments are completed. Relocate and reconstruct existing open roads adversely affecting water quality and natural resources, or of concern to human safety. Mechanically thin trees and/or implement prescribed fire on approximately 952,330 acres. o Mechanically thin trees and implement prescribed fire on approximately 1,260 acres in the Long Valley Experimental Forest (in coordination with the Rocky Mountain Research Station). Implement prescribed fire alone on approximately 45,290 acres. Mechanically thin and/or implement prescribed fire on approximately 68,360 acres of Mexican spotted owl (MSO) protected activity centers (PACs), approximately 128,800 acres of MSO recovery habitat, and approximately 500,940 acres of northern goshawk habitat. Mechanically thin trees and/or implement prescribed fire to restore approximately 40,760 acres of grasslands and meadows (includes 21,550 acres of grassland cover type). Conduct facilitative operations (thin and/or burn) on up to 157,270 acres of non-target cover types to support treatments in target cover types. Planting, burning, and other activities to encourage reforestation on approximately 69,360 acres of understocked areas that were previously forested. Restore hydrologic function and vegetation on approximately 9,570 acres of meadows. Restore function in up to 470 miles of riparian streams and intermittent and ephemeral stream channels (non-riparian). Restore up to 360 miles of stream habitat for threatened, endangered, and sensitive aquatic species. Construct up to 200 miles of protective barriers around springs, aspen, Bebb’s willows, and bigtooth maples, as needed for restoration.
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    The closure of the trail does not mean the area is closed. It just means you cannot take a vehicle on that trail. When youlook at the trails that will be closed you will find they do not generally limit access. They are in areas where "off roaders" have created a network of trails. They close all trails except one. So in some places you could close a hundred miles of trail and still take the one designated trail with no inconvenience at all. I used to think trail closures were all bad. But when they proposed closures in my area I got involved. I looked at the closure map and identified the trails that were to be closed. After I educated myself on exactly what was happening I realized that I had nothing to gripe about. I don't know that area and I don't have any idea if our oppressive and corrupt government overlords are removing legal access to large swaths of land. But before we decry every road closure as evil and a plot by environmentalists to lock up our land we should look at the map and familiarize ourself with the area. Then if we have logical gripes about closing a trail we can make a coherent argument. I see a whole lot of irreversible damage being done on public land in my area. There are trails all over the hills and up every steep slope. Hundreds of individual trails can cross a single 50 acre spot. There are thousands of ATV and UTV and four wheelers, buggy, bikes and motorcycles in the desert near my house every day.it is absolute insanity. So sometimes closures are good management. In the cases I am familiar with I have supported them. I have never heard of a road closure that has restricted access to any area around here. It may force a guy to lace up his boots and walk another mile. And some guys who can't walk might not be able to get there in a vehicle. But we have to manage the land despite the inconvenience it may cause people. We can't allow a guy to blaze new trails to the top of every peak because he can't climb them. And we can't continue to allow vehicle access to every acre that has a trail through it. Just my two cents. I try to make my opinions on trail closures mile by mile.
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