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    One of the best kept secrets of the aficionados of the meteorite world is the incredible culinary delight to barbecue by meteorite. It was back in August 1993 during the Perseid Meteor Shower that I was first tasted the succulent savory flavor of a barbecue by meteorite. World renowned amateur astronomer, Gerry Rattley, led thirty of us from the East Valley Astronomy Club to an abandoned cattle ranch in a pine forest penned by gnarled wooden fencing deep in the remote Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix, Arizona to view the Perseid Meteor Showers and taste the most amazing barbecue by meteorite I could have ever imagined. Gerry’s observing skills and knowledge set him apart from the average amateur. He was the first person in the world to see all 110 Messier astronomy observing objects in one night in what has now become an annual event called the Messier Marathon in late March. Worldwide annually now a half million others try to match his observing prowess. Then he became the first amateur to prove that asteroids had moons when he observed and timed an asteroid and its small moon occulting a bright star even before NASA even believed asteroids had moons. Gerry was finally the first person to discover the cooking properties of fresh meteorites. He knew exactly what was in store for us this night more than we could have ever realized. Earlier that evening Gerry had set up a super tall wood bonfire complete with kindling with a cooler full of top steaks, ribs, and shish kebabs off to the side. He had figured out in advance the exact spot where the incoming meteor would land to place the bonfire. He was like an old sage fishing buddy who always knew the best spots to reel in the biggest bass. The Perseid Meteors were expected to put on their best display of the century that year as Comet Swift-Tuttle, which produces the shower, had just passed by Earth in its once every 133 year orbit laying down a stream of new meteoritic particles guaranteeing a storm to be remembered with one special out-of-this-world treat. The meteors began right on cue flying out like spokes in all directions but pointing always backwards to the source radiant in the Constellation Perseus. Finally, just after midnight, a spectacular Perseid fireball came absolutely straight towards us exactly out of the center of the radiant shining like the full Moon. The meteor grew three-dimensionally and exploded in a great flash. The desert lit up all around us. It then dimmed to a flaming brand, but it kept on coming finally developing an arc just before it hit. Gerry yelled, “Incoming!” and we all ducked. It exploded smack dab in the middle of the bonfire instantly setting it ablaze. Barbeque by Metreorite video 2020.mp4 Suddenly, the most amazing aroma I had ever smelled swept over us. It was a rich, sweet, woody carbon smell emanating from the center of the bonfire. Gerry quickly set up the grill on the bonfire, which had burned down quickly, with the meteorite embers in its center and put the steaks, ribs, and shish kebabs on the fire. A great feast was had by all. I later discovered myself that only very fresh carbonaceous meteorites are good for cooking after I had found my first fresh carbon Tagish Lake Meteorite in the Yukon Territory of northern Canada in 2001. The smell of the first meteorite was so amazing that I learned to find them by my nose. I tossed some of the smaller ones I had found into my campfire and enjoyed a fabulous cookout. There have been over 500 scientific papers written up about what the Tagish Lake Meteorite teaches us about the origin of our solar system, but not a single one yet describes its sensual aroma or its culinary cooking properties. It takes a certain type of fresh meteorite to get the best flavor. Irons meteorites and most stoney meteorites are far too sulfurous and smelly, like rotten eggs, to be used for cooking. The sweet smell of a fresh fallen carboniferous meteorite though sends the taste buds into ecstasy. Random sporadic carbon meteorites are far too unreliable to know where they will land to set up a barbecue pit. But the special class of carbons that are found in the cometary dust of the largest annual meteor showers are amazing. You need to locate the shower sky radiant and set up your bonfire in a remote area where the largest meteor will come exactly out of the center of that radiant to hit your target. Like the the master teacher Gerry Rattley, I have learned where to set up the next bonfire for my own Barbecue by Meteorite feast. You are all welcome to join me this coming August for the Perseid Meteor Shower deep in the heart of the Superstition Mountains for the best barbecue you will ever have. Let’s enjoy some good eats this summer! RSVPs welcome, billpeters
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    Thanks a lot guys for the b-day wishes. This year has been a real trial for me with the cancer and other stuff. Lost forty pounds and in and out of the hospital, Chemo, Radiation, gall bladder, blood clots, overmedicated and such. I am much better and am over the hump. Got out with Tom and Luke a couple of times and really enjoyed it. They got gold but I'm still a little slow. Old Tom
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    We've had an outing in Rye Patch for each of the last 5 years. We stayed at the cabins and the club owned by the Humboldt River Homeowners Association. We still have club members that said they could make it happen again in 2020. It has always been one of my favorite outings anywhere even when WSPA didn't have any club claims there. Open ground is abundant and the gold while harder to get is unique and prized. Mitchel
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    We had one heck of a mess to clean up and we had to get all current members to vote so we could move ahead which has now been done. As of now we only have 3 claims left due to the previous powers that were not filing properly and losing the rest. We are currently rebuilding and adding new claims as we begin to finally move forward after the first of the year. Anyone having claims that would like to contact us for the club to use thus becoming a member and able to use club claims and have membership are welcome as well. Our purpose is to educate folks about mining as well as to help fight for our right to mine by working with other organizations doing the same and by pulling together we make a difference. There are currently a good pile of very good claims we will be adding and we are continuously working to acquire more. The more that step up and join with or without a claim to add the better and this is a totally NON PROFIT Corporation and all our efforts are focused of keeping our right to mine intact and find some gold while doing it... Cheers Bill, President of WSPA
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    Hello All, The WSPA is once again going to rebuild and I am the new President with Denny Miller as VP and the cool part is many of the original members are still on board and ready to grow the club and claim holdings. We now have a public forum up here https://wspa.invisionzone.com/ where you can ask questions and learn about the club. Not much there yet as we are still trying to get our ducks in a row. We are currently working hard to get new claims into the club again and claim owners are welcome to contact us to see what we offer if you allow the club to have access to your claims. There is no longer a member cap either and we are free to grow to help spread our message and educate the public about mining and how to prospect as well as how to locate and hold a claim legally. There is a lot more to us and if interested in being a part of something soon to be very special check us out and feel free to ask any questions!
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    Looking to learn all I can from this forum. Newbie to this but have picked up some awesome finds. Missouri rockhounds.
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    Happy Birthday Mitchel. Have a tall one and get out and get a nuggie. Old Tom
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    I think it's the rare Superstition Mountain Pine that actually imparts that one of a kind flavor.
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    Happy Birthday Mitchel, You know I have a cold one for you when you hit Quartzite !!!!
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    Happy Birthday Mitchel, I hope you have a great day!
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    Hapy Birthday Mitch.
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    Happy Day After Birthday ... its a great time of year to be detecting. I hope you got out and found a big one. Mitchel
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    Happy Birthday Old Tom!!!
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    Happy Birthday Old Tom !!
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    Happy birthday OT. May this year be full of joy and nuggets, John.
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    Happy B Day Tom sr Mike C...
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    I need some space in a cube to ship my opinions in a vacuum. They weigh almost nothing but are still to heavy for some to bear. Please reserve a spot on the next ship to Toadlena for a cubit of angst, 10 varas of silver and my horned mule Agamemnon. I will secure our passage with shiny objects and pure gypsum sand when my dirgible lands in Enumclaw.
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    Here is where you can sign up now folks... https://wspa.invisionzone.com/subscriptions/
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    Good price and a good detector for shallow gold and definitely useful as a niche detector along the lines of the Monster 1000 and Nox 800 (gold mode) with small coil IMO. In bedrock, Yavapai schist etc, it will produce. May not detect quite as deep as the other two, but very user friendly, turn on and go, light weight, Fisher durable, And, uses a single 9 volt battery.
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    It's my understanding that the extraordinary flavor added to the meat from a barbecue by meteorite is from the extra carcinogenic properties added to the meat, the only other way I have found to even come close to that taste short of the proper timing to have the correct type of meteorite land in your bonfire is to add several carats of high quality diamonds to your coals 15 minutes prior to grilling your steaks but the taste still isn't quite the same but as close as you can get otherwise!
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