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    Great day out hunting for gold. I almost didn’t dig up the nugget due to digging 3 bullet fragments in the same area. Even after the suspected nugget was in my scope it was covered with dirt and felt like another bullet fragments. I Can’t tell you the feeling wiping the dirt away and seeing a small area of gold.
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    I have a son that has O.D.D. (Oppositional Defiance Disorder) and it's very obvious to me that Will does as well, so I'm a bit sympathetic, the fact that he refuses this opportunity to be educated on what a real meteorite is and what is not a meteorite is very sad because he seems to be truly interested in meteorites. I've been allowing his topics to continue on the forum because I think it may be educational for others new to meteorites to maybe learn from his mistakes, so even though he refuses to be educated he may in a strange way help to educate others new to meteorites.
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    What do you say WillMeteor, ? would you really be open to getting a real meteorite for X-mas, well p.m. your address and i will send you something to compare with. HOHOHO!!! ht
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    Looks like olivine basalt to me, but virtually impossible to tell from photos.
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    Been a mighty fine week in the desert! I picked up a 12x8 Evo for the 4500, as I have been hunting a lot of rock strewn washes. The Commander 11" is my only other coil, and I was missing a lot of ground by not getting it in between rocks, and up under bushes. Very impressed with this coil so far. I have no doubt the Minelab coil would have found these, but I could never have gotten the round coil into the spots they were found. What really blows me away, is how stable the 12x8 runs, compared to the 11. With the 11, I had a lot of EMI, and false chirps from blades of grass. I usually ran the gain at 9-10, with the stabilizer as low as 7, to get a smooth threshold. With the 12x8, I can bump gain up to 12, and stabilizer 10. Sensitive Extra timing was marginal with the 11, and I often couldn't use it. It's very stable with the 12x8. I'm not the most experienced hand with this machine, but the difference was dramatic to me. Found a couple really cool specimine pieces! I'll be flogging this spot hard! Regards, Kyle
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    A good friend, and one of the best treasure hunting partners I've ever had, Andrew, recently took up yet another hobby creating Silver Coin Rings. I sent him a 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar, and here is the beautiful ring he created for me - Wow! Thank you Andrew!!!
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    That's awesome HT !!! I appreciate it . . . I was truly meaning it as a good gesture -n- in good faith. Kudos Sir Merry Christmas HT. . . PM me your address and the amount and I'll reimburse you the shipping cost. or I could meet up with you in Reno sometime. We are out that way often.
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    Engineered fill along the riverbank. The park was constructed in a flood prone area as a barrier for residential/commercial property. The fill used to restore the banks was a mixture of refractory waste, concrete rubble and milled asphalt. You know. The usual story. The standard case. Nothing special or out of the ordinary. A common fill material in a spot you would expect it to be. Probably in an older area of town that was destroyed by a flood years ago and restored as a flood control barrier on the riverbank. I bet there is an arc furnace within 50 miles of the park. Just guessing.
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    Yeah. It looks like Olivine basalt. There are craters just south of town that are just filled with the stuff. Many of the tiny "bombs" look just like that. I think it is probably peridot. I forgot exactly how that goes but I think the light green phase is peridot and the dark green Olivine. If I remember correctly it is all Olivine from space and peridot/Olivine in terrestrial rock.
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    It is not explosive. That is ridiculous. It pops when heated. Many rocks do that for very obvious reasons. You should learn about them. Meteorites won't pop by the way. For obvious reasons. You should learn about those too. It is not a shatter cone. It may be shattered because that is what they do with slag. They crush it into pieces IN A CRUSHER and use it as fill in roads, railroads, erosion control and to amend soil in fields. A shatter cone is a terrestrial rock. Not a meteorite. And not a crushed piece of slag. You should learn about words before you use them in a sentence. That way we dont have to tell you that you are wrong and explain what the words mean. You think it is a shatter cone because it is shattered and that is not how that works. The same with the meteorite. It looks like a meteorite to you so it is. You have no idea what a meteorite looks like or how to identify one. But a meteorite is what you want it to be so you pretend. Its kinda cute actually. Pretending is fun and in style these days. Everyone is pretending things are something other than they really are. So why not insist slag is a meteorite to a bunch of guys who know better? We love to sèe your posts Will! This is fun for us too! So please post more often and with more photos of your fantastic finds! We love it when guys with zero experience or knowledge monopolize the forum with photos of refractory waste. We live for some kid in red tennis shoes to tell us how stupid we all are. We dig that crap. You are awesome Will! This forum is yours to take in any direction you like! We just LOVE reading your posts! I am sure every forum member feels you have made it a better place to spend time! I honestly hope they allow you to post a terabyte of crap before someone finally pulls your plug.
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    Thanks for adding that Fred, I meant to and forgot. (that's a whole other problem).
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    Still for sale Still in box Shoulder isn't getting better
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    I did it! After a couple of tries... I now have a working locking flap lever! I made the lock slider longer and a tighter fit around the handle tube. I also added another guide pin and replaced the loose linkage rods with welded ones. That really tightened the assembly up. It locks @ 0 degrees, 22 degrees and 50 degrees. It still needs to be fully welded, but it is all in place and it is nice and firm.
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    If you're hunting gold and don't dig every target, you're leaving gold behind. Congratulations on that gorgeous nugget !!
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    So I would like to join but I’d be kind of curious where the claims are and how many. Some clubs don’t like to give exact coordinates and some do it doesn’t matter to me but I just like to know “something” before joining
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    I'd be willing to bet that the difference between 19kHz and 45kHz, GB Pro and Gm1000 respectively, is the main reason for your observations. Congrats on the nugget !! Hopefully there will be many more. Luke
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